Best Energy Drink Powders for a Night Shift (Must read!)

Staying up for work, studying, or other activities is a complicated task. Keeping yourself awake is a strenuous challenge that may end everything in vain as those waves of sleepiness and fatigue may make it more difficult for you to be productive.

If you need something that will keep focused throughout the night, then I highly suggest trying powdered energy drinks. Not only does this beverage provide caffeine to keep you awake, it also brings vitamins and minerals that your body can utilize during such hard labor.

Personally, Mixt Energy, Celsius On-The-Go, and Rogue Energy are the best suited ED powders, in my opinion, for a night shift. If you’re gearing up for an all-nighter, then I suggest reading along to prepare!

How can you get energy while working on a night shift?

According to a study, you can stay alert is through exposure to bright light. Your body can be tricked during the night into an attentive state by disclosure to brightness.

You can also trick your brain into efficiently functioning at night by:

  • Taking a nap either before your shift starts or during the break or even at both times prevents fatigue.
  • Lessening frequent rotational shifts.
  • Consume caffeine as your shift starts.
  • Consume small portions of food during your shift
  • Improve sleeptime schedule, especially for the newbies

Can you depend upon energy drinks for a night shift?

Yes, you can depend upon energy drinks for a night shift as they are known to provide energy when you’re too tired to function. They are a good stimulant for your brain and can be useful for improving your output by enhancing your mental and physical performance.

Although some researchers conclude that energy drinks are not the healthiest choice due to large amounts of sugar and caffeine, it all boils to how much you consume on a daily basis.

Personally, anything you consume beyond its suggested amount per day is inherently bad for your health. Thus, how much energy drink you ingest will be the deciding factor for any outcome.

What to look for while choosing an energy drink?

There are four things that I highly suggest to consider in choosing your energy drink:

  1. Caffeine content
  2. Sugar content
  3. Other ingredients
  4. Price


Caffeine is an organic stimulant that is usually found in tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc. It’s one of the main constituents of energy drinks which provides them with energy-boosting characteristics.

As per FDA, a healthy adult may safely consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day, but your caffeine tolerance can widely affect your daily amount of consumption. I suggest watching how much caffeine a brand has per serving while choosing your next go-to drink in order to avoid developing complications, caffeine tolerance, and caffeine addiction.

Can help you lose weight or prevent gaining it through thermogenesis. Increases your blood pressure temporarily, which may trigger heart diseases.
Assists in staying alert and focused. May cause dental problems.
May decrease the threat of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s by 28-60%.Higher doses of caffeine may lead to nervousness and anxiety.
Reduces the risk of depression by 13%.May rebound fatigue after exiting your system.
This table displays the pros and cons of caffeine.


How much sugar is good for you?

Sugar is not the most important ingredient in energy drinks, but a lot of popular drinks use it to enhance the taste of their beverage. I highly suggest choosing an energy drink that contains little to no sugar to avoid these side effects:

  • Increases the threat of diabetes type 2 and heart diseases.
  • Can cause problems for the liver.
  • Makes you gain weight.
  • Dental problems.
  • High sugar intake can raise the risk of certain types of cancer.

Moreover, the AHA has recommended that women should only consume 25 grams of sugar per day while men’s are capped at 36 grams. Luckily, a number of brands are also switching to artificial sweeteners that are deemed as the safer option when compared to their counterpart in the form of table sugars.

Other ingredients

Apart from caffeine and sugar energy drinks also contain other components such as B vitamins, taurine, and guarana that have their health benefits. Moreover, these ingredients enable energy drinks to assist their users as they elevate both your mental and physical performances.

The combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and even electrolytes are signs that your energy drink of choice is more than just a tool to help you perform well during the night shift, but also helps you realize that your body is well taken care of, as long as you don’t abuse your consumption.

However, some energy drinks may also include preservatives and artificial flavorings that may trigger various illnesses and allergic reactions. As such, I personally recommend talking to your doctor and seeing if the ingredients and supplement section of an energy drink contains such components.

You can also view this Youtube video to familiarize yourself with the lesser-known ingredients of a typical energy drink:

How do you need if energy drinks are good for you?


If you are a daily consumer of energy drinks, then it’s personally wise to stick to the brands that are supposedly cost-effective.

If you want to learn more on energy drinks that won’t hurt your bank account or wallet, then I highly suggest picking powdered energy drinks. This variation is offered at a lesser price since they extracted water from their ingredients list.

Powdered energy drinks are also cost-effective than their canned counterparts when shipped to and from various places since they are lighter in comparison. All in all, the powdered versions enable you to enjoy and energize yourself without taking a huge chunk out of your budget.

What is the best energy drinks for a night shift?

Powdered energy drinks are the way to go!

Picking the best-powdered energy drink in the market may be a difficult task since there are tons to choose from, but I managed to trim your list down to three contenders that will truly serve their purpose. These brands have proven their prowess in various fields and will surely help you in your night shift journey.

Mixt Energy

Mixt Energy is created to keep gamers focused while boosting their energy and elevating their ability to process information. Their formula doesn’t include calories, carbs, fats, and sugar which also enables you to have a good body composition despite staying up all night.

It carries 166 mg of caffeine anhydrous, which is dried caffeine and is more concentrated than the regular one. Considering the recommended daily intake by FDA, the caffeine amount in this mix is safe although it may not be suitable for people with low caffeine tolerance.

Furthermore, it contains Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 in small quantities that are said to be crucial for your immune system.

A total of 60 servings cost $32.99 on Mixt Energy’s official website. You may also read this article to know more about this amazing product!

Celsius On-The-Go

If you’re looking for an energy drink that can be your buddy day or night, then Celsius On-The-Go may just be your best pick.

One serving of Celsius On-The-Go holds 200 mg of caffeine, which may not be suitable for individuals with low caffeine tolerance. It also includes 10 calories, 2 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 grams of sugar in one serving.

Celsius On-The-Go doesn’t also contain gluten, preservatives, artificial flavorings, and colors. A 14-serving pack of Celsius On-The-Go totals only $16.63.

You may also want to check this article out and get to know this product and its prowess!

Rogue Energy

Rogue Energy is also a product with no carbohydrates, sugar, calories, and fats. The amount of caffeine depends upon the different flavors of the mix you will purchase:

Rogue Hydration0 mg
Rogue Shake130 mg
Rogue Energy175 mg
Rogue Extreme300 mg
This table shows information about one serving of Rogue.

For a night shift, I think it’s best to consume 130mg to 175 mg of caffeine to provide energy safely. I would suggest staying away from Rogue Extreme as 300 mg could be a cause of concern for several problems from a high dose of caffeine.

Furthermore, by drinking Rogue Energy you will not encounter any sugar crashes, thus enabling you to work efficiently throughout the night.

A tub of 30 servings of Rogue Energy costs only $32.99 on their official website. Also, consider reading this article to answer your questions about this product.


The night shift can be a tedious task, that’s why it’s essential to know what you may need to do beforehand and afterward in order to assure your health won’t deteriorate. Also, the ideal beverage to keep on your desk at all times must have the right amount of caffeine that rids your body of fatigue and sleeplessness, while not causing insomnia.

Practically, powdered energy drinks are a better option than their canned counterparts as they are cheaper and enable you to choose how much you can drink per serving without destroying your budget. It’s also important to note that your body also needs vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and even electrolytes to sustain your body throughout the night, which can be given by a powdered energy drink.

However, it’s also worthy to mention that you must be disciplined in ingesting such products as too much can lead to certain disorders, just like with other food and beverages.

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