Best Energy Drink Powders for Concentration [Simple Guide]

Whether you’re a student struggling to finish your assignments or a working person to meet your deadlines, keeping yourself focused can be difficult. Here is where caffeine can be of great benefit.

Caffeine and concentration go hand in hand. Nothing works better than an energy drink powder for increasing your mental focus and keeping you alert. These powdered energy drinks are best to increase cognitive and physical functions.

You might be thinking I am joking, right? Nope, I am not joking. Keep reading on to figure out how energy drink powders help in alerting the mind and focusing.

The best energy drink powders for concentration are Zipfizz Energy, G-Fuel Energy, and Advocare Spark. These have just the right ingredients to keep you tied to whatever you need to do.

Let’s check them out further.

Do energy drink powders help in concentration?

Yes! Energy drink powders help you concentrate better as long as the caffeine content is at tolerant levels.

These drinks are usually marketed as energy-boosting beverages that can help elevate your mental performance. These drinks come in different flavors.

Since energy drinks have caffeine and sugar, they can both help you stay awake and more alert. I usually prefer caffeine during the day when I am exhausted and I have to get my work done, which is usually a serving a day.

However, you should know that consuming caffeine over the limits has its health hazards, therefore, there are limitations set that you should follow.

While energy drinks may assist you in increasing your focus and concentration, a short nap would do wonders too, as lack of sleep can result in impairing your capacity to remember knowledge or concentration.

Do energy drink powders keep you awake?

Yes! Energy drink powders may help you keep awake. This is mostly due to the caffeine in the drink as it works by blocking adenosine receptors which give out feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

Energy drinks tend to improve your brain functions that can impact memory, concentration and reduce mental fatigue.

This study shows, how energy drinks can help keep you awake and increase your athletic performance. While you’re being affected by caffeine and being kept awake, your concentrations levels are likely to increase throughout the day.

There’s no doubt that caffeine does a fantastic job in improving mental alertness and focus, you just need to figure out the right amount that works for you.

What to Look for in Energy Drink Powders for Concentration

Energy drinks have core ingredients such as caffeine and sugar, and others such as taurine and vitamins. These help in boosting your mental health and building up your focus to perform better.

Let’s dive into the details on each ingredient:


Tea leaves contain caffeine.

Caffeine is one of the core ingredients included in an energy drink. It is found in tea leaves, cocoa beans, and coffee. This ingredient is a stimulating agent which stimulates the brain and central nervous system to perform better.

Caffeine has a great influence on keeping you awake and concentrated by blocking adenosine receptors, which suppress the feeling of fatigue. This impact can be greatly helpful in keeping you concentrated on anything you have to do.

But there are limitations, as is with everything.

According to the FDA, a healthy individual can consume no more than 400mg of caffeine daily.

Although caffeine can cause its own crash, it is better to be aware of what your intake limit is. If caffeine is over consumed, it can have some side effects such as :

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia

You should be cautious and read the nutritional label before consuming anything, so it’s in moderation and within limits too.

Here’s a helpful video explaining the effects of caffeine on the brain:

A video on how caffeine keeps us awake


Sugar can be dangerous for your health.

Sugar is another core ingredient included in most energy drinks. Similar to caffeine, it has its health risks if consumed in excess.

It can give quite a boost but will lead to a sugar crash once the effects of caffeine wear off. According to the AHA, the daily limit for men is 36g, for women, is 25g, and for children under 6 years is 19g.

Some long term effects of sugar overdose are:

  • Aging
  • Weight Gain
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Jitters
  • Cravings

Therefore, it is advised to stay within the limits given by the authorities to avoid potential health hazards. The good news is there are a lot more brands that are deviating from using this in their formula making you void of the risk entirely.


Vitamins can come in capsule form.

Vitamins are essential macronutrients that eventually help in regulating body functions. Energy drinks do contain some vitamins, this is an effort to provide you with some nutritional value.

Energy drinks often have Taurine and Vitamin B12 as essential amino acids.

Taurine is known as an amino acid that has antioxidant properties which help in regulating body functions. It is found in fish, meat, and milk, if you’re avoiding these items, energy drinks are surely a plus for you.

B-Vitamin like Biotin and Riboflavin work well with caffeine. They help convert the food in your body into energy by cell metabolism. It also improves brain function and nerve functions.

Energy drinks and Cognitive Performance

Energy drinks are very helpful for improving cognitive performance. The cognitive performance includes our daily perception, memory, motor skills, attention, language as well as spatial and visual processing.

We have to perform these cognitive tasks daily and if we lack concentration it would be very difficult to carry out these tasks. It’s usually because we are dependent upon cognitive performance to carry our daily tasks.

Here caffeine provides us the boost for our cognitive functions to perform better.

This study has proven that energy drink powders do really increase a person’s cognitive performance.

Do energy drink powders increase your memory?

Yes! Energy drinks do help with memory. There are a select few energy drinks that include vitamins that aid with memory. These are vitamins B6 and B12.

If you lack concentration you might not be able to remember things as clearly as you can when focused.

There have also been studies on caffeine which tells that it shows promising results in older persons to overcome the normal memory impairment that is related to age factors.

That being said, you should not solely rely on energy drink powders for improving memory, there are other tactics such as having 6 to 7 soaked almonds daily in the morning. It proved to preserve memory longer by boosting alertness, others can be daily exercises or power naps.

Can energy drink powders help me concentrate while studying?

Energy drinks can help you concentrate more when studying by improving your focus. It has caffeine that blocks off adenosine receptors and suppresses feelings like tiredness and drowsiness, hence making you more concentrated and focused.

Drinking energy drinks has been demonstrated to improve cognitive abilities, helping you to perform more in less time.

If you’re a student and looking to boost your mechanism then energy drinks can be a great partner, But keep in mind that energy drinks are not miracle portions to help you ace your exams. It is better to keep track of your intake, to avoid overdosing.

As much as energy drinks can help you focus more, a power nap can be beneficial too. You need to be aware of your body needs and tolerances before grabbing an energy drink powder

However, it’s better to opt for energy drinks only when you need that extra boost, otherwise go for some exercise, jogging, or yoga.

How often should you consume energy drinks?

Energy drink powders are not meal replacements. They don’t have higher nutritional value and thus should be consumed only when you’re in dire need of a mechanism boost.

It’s all dependant on individual preferences and their body tolerance to caffeine. However, most energy drink powders are formulated to facilitate a single serving a day, two at most.

These drinks have caffeine which can be helpful in keeping you awake and concentrated for a longer period of time. However, you should be wary of your intake if you’re consuming it daily to avoid potential health hazards.

With that said, it’s suggested you have only 1 drink a day to stay within the limits given by FDA and AHA. If the drink has got less than 100mg per serving, you can opt for one more later on.

Drinking energy drinks daily is safe until consumed in moderation. But it can prove to be fatal if your body becomes tolerant to caffeine and you keep on increasing your dose to feel more effects.

Can energy drinks help me concentrate when driving?

Yes! Energy drinks are made in such a way that can provide you focus and concentration while driving. If you’re exhausted and have to drive a long way back, don’t worry energy drinks have got your back.

The caffeine in energy drinks enters your bloodstream within 10 minutes and blocks off adenosine. After about 20 to 30 minutes you can feel the peak effects of caffeine. These effects tend to last about 2 to 5 hours.

The caffeine in energy drinks keeps you alert and attentive. It reduces the time of exhaustion and maintains performance in sleep-deprived situations.

Note that is important to be wary of your consumption to avoid any caffeine crases and sugar crashes.

Benefits of Energy Drink Powders

Energy drinks have a lot of benefits.

Sometimes when you don’t have a choice, opting for energy drinks is not a bad idea. Powder energy drinks have their own benefits:

  • Powdered energy drinks have caffeine and sugar which can make you feel energized and more concentrated.
  • Powdered energy drinks mostly come in sachets but are available in tubs too, so it’s convenient to carry them if you’re planning a hike and want to avoid extra weight.
  • These drinks don’t only come in handy, they are super affordable and not like Starbucks whose one drink can alone cost you $5.
  • Good thing you can mix these powders with any of your favorite juice and drinks and have an extra enhanced flavor.
  • Powdered energy drinks come in a variety of flavors that you can choose from. They have fruity, mint, or bald-themed flavors.
  • These drinks can keep you going for more than 4 hours, that’s enough time to meet those deadlines.
  • Powdered energy drinks also improve your mood, relieve your stress, and help your cognitive functions to perform better.

Best Energy Drink Powders for Concentration.

The best energy drink powders are the ones with a suitable amount of caffeine and sugar to provide you with just enough boost that you need and with vitamins that aid this function. Other factors include its price and availability.

Here are my best picks for you to look into:

Zipfizz Energy

Zipfizz energy has 100mg of caffeine the lowest among its peers. This is a good amount for both a boost and focus. If you feel like you’re lacking throughout the day, another serving will keep you within the safe limitations of caffeine.

It is sugar-free but has 20 calories. If you’re wary about weight gain, this may not be the best choice.

It comes in small tubes which are for$37.99 a little over $1. The good thing is it has 14 different flavors that you can opt from.

To know more about Zipfizz energy, check this article out.

G-Fuel Energy

G-Fuel is a great powdered drink with a moderate amount of caffeine, up to 150mg per serving. This is about an average amount for most energy drinks, although an additional serving could put you too close to the limit.

This amount is sufficient enough on its own so a second serving won’t be necessary. It is also sugar-free as well as calorie-free, so no you don’t have to worry about sugar crashes.

It is available in tubs and sachets, starting from $35.99 for tub and $2 per sachet.

The best point is that G-fuel has 40 flavors that you can choose from.!

Have a look at this article for more on G-Fuel.

Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark is a great energy drink with 120mg of caffeine per serving. Just enough boost that you might need and between G-Fuel and Zipfizz’s amount. It is available in tubs and sachets and is also sugar-free.

There are two downfalls in this drink: it has 45 calories, and that it only has 10 flavors to choose from which can be difficult if you’re picky.

Its single serving sachet costs around $2 and the tub costs around $54.99 with 42 servings. Their tub is a lot more pricey than the usual with not that many servings.

To know more about Advocare Spark, check this out.


The best energy drinks for providing you with concentration are the ones with a moderate amount of caffeine, so you have the perfect balance of boost and focus. And to keep you within the daily limit.

They should come in handy and be available within your reach. In terms of pricing, investing in energy drink powders is not a bad idea.

From what I’ve analyzed, the best energy drink powders for concentration are Zipfizz Energy, G-Fuel Energy, and Advocare Spark.

These energy drinks are mostly sugar-free, so no sugar crashes, they have a moderate amount of caffeine, enough for a healthy adult to consume on a daily basis if desired.

With this, I hope all your queries are answered and now you can pick the best ones for you!

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