Best Energy Drink Powders For Golf (Must Try)

Golf is all about strategies and planning. It demands energy for concentration and focus.

Being a golfer means you’ll be exposed to a lot of walking on the court during the game, as well as a lot of concentration to form a good strategy. You should be healthy enough to last for hours in this high-performing state.

Here we’ll dive into the details of what I’ve found out to be the best energy drink powders for playing golf: G-Fuel, Advocare Spark, Zipfizz Energy, and Rogue Energy. These will have you killing the game from the tee box.

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at what it is in powdered energy drinks that can help you maintain your focus and concentration for strategic planning.

How do you keep your energy level up in golf?

Well, besides a good rush of adrenaline in anticipation, powdered energy drinks can give you a hand at that.

Golf is an energy-demanding sport. You will be walking for miles which will eventually drain your energy, all the while your brain is running for information.

Powdered energy drinks are good for giving you the mechanism boost you need to have proper strategic planning. It helps you remain focused and boosted through your game.

Energy drink powders are also a great catch for athletes who have to travel. They come in handy sachets and are very convenient to carry. Some even contain electrolytes and minerals to help replenish you.

What do energy drink powders do to your body?

Energy drinks have two most important ingredients: Caffeine and Sugar. The other ingredients include calories, sodium, carbohydrates, and B vitamins.

These two main ingredients typically give you the boost you need to plan strategies and improve your physical performance. This boost lasts around 2-3 hours as most caffeine does, but this depends on the amount and your body’s reception of it.

Caffeine also increases the production of dopamine in your body released in the brain which affects your mood. You’re not only boosted and concentrated but feeling altogether good.

As for sugar, glucose is a simple sugar derived from sugar cane. The body converts much of the food you eat into glucose, which is then directly converted by the body into energy for basic body functions and activity.

Usually, the effects start with caffeine entering your bloodstream within 10 minutes of consumption. It increases the production of adrenaline which increases the heart rate, blood pressure and builds up awareness.

In the next 15-45 minutes the caffeine levels are at the peak in the bloodstream hence you will feel more concentrated and alert.

Here’s a video that can expound further on what energy drinks do to your body:

A video explaining the effects of energy drinks

Besides all the boosted goodness, the flipside of consumption can often lead to a sugar crash which can lead you to feel fatigued and sluggish.

To avoid this, you may want to choose a drink with less or no sugar at all.

You should also watch out for becoming too reliant on caffeine for an extended period of time as caffeine withdrawal can occur once you stop all of a sudden. This may occur after 12 to 24 hours of consumption.

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms include headaches, irritability, and even constipation. After the effects of caffeine wear off your mood is worse than before. The production of adrenaline also decreases which lowers the heart rate and awareness.

In small doses caffeine and sugar are fine and their benefits are short-lived. But if you take them for a prolonged period or in large quantities it has its health effects.

Overall, powdered energy drinks are of great use and can be very effective if consumed within their recommended intake and with the wariness of their effects. All of this makes sure you’re in your A game no matter what.

What should you look for in an energy drink powder?

As stated above, energy drink powders have four main ingredients: caffeine, sugar, sodium, and B-Vitamins.

When selecting a suitable energy drink powder you may need to evaluate the presence of these, their availability, and the price that they are available in so let’s hop on over and take a look at all of that.


Caffeine is found in coffee beans and cocoa.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant in the brain and central nervous system. You can easily find these in coffee beans, tea leaves, and cocoa. It is the most important energy-boosting Ingredient in energy drink powders.

According to the FDA, a healthy adult can consume up to 400mg of caffeine daily. Although I do not encourage you to touch too close on this limit.

Every individual has different tolerances to caffeine so it is important to keep a tab on your daily intake of caffeine and pay close attention to how your body reacts.

What I find works for me plays about 100mg to 250mg of caffeine, and that’s because my body is used to it. This amount can be both beneficial and harmful to you if you’re not aware of how your body receives caffeine.

It’s important to recognize this because caffeine overconsumption can lead to an overdose. This can lead to side effects on your health such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestives issues
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Addiction
  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urination

It is important to know what works best for you and not overdose on caffeine.


Sugar can be bad for you even if it provides you quick energy.

Sugar can provide you quick energy but it may lead to a sugar crash and you wouldn’t want that on your court.

The AHA has provided the daily limit of sugar that a healthy adult can consume. For men, it’s 37.5 g, For women, it’s 25g and for children under age 6, it’s 19g. These recommendations are for the total of your food and drinks included per day.

It’s better to keep your consumption within the given limit. I suggest you look out for energy drink powders that have less sugar or no sugar at all.


Golf requires a lot of stamina as you have to walk around the court for a long time to play your part. During this time you might want to rehydrate and get all those electrolytes back that you lost while sweating.

Sodium helps the body muscles work properly and keep the fluids level in balance. It increases the rate of absorption in the small intestine and retention that helps you stay hydrated.


Vitamins are essential nutrients needed for an athlete. It is required in small quantities for proper mechanism functioning.

These often include:

  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Inositol
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Biotin
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride

Energy drinks have a small quantity of B Vitamins that is enough to help in providing you a variety of benefits such as a boosted metabolism and an increase in cognitive function.


Choosing an energy drink can feel like putting a hole through your pocket

Pricing is something that is concerning most of the time for any kind of consumer. Despite the availability of finances, we still want a good deal no matter what. Choosing the right energy drink is simple if you know where to look.

Similarly, looking for a drink on a budget doesn’t mean you’d have to compromise on quality or quantity. Check out the table below for the prices of what I’ve deemed the best energy drink powders for holders:

BrandsCaffeine ServingPrice
G-Fuel150mg 30$35.99
Advocare Spark 120mg 42$54.99
Zipfizz100mg 20$37.99
Rogue Energy 175mg 30$16.63
A general overview of my best picks for energy drinks powder

As you can see, there’s a wide variety in these so let’s go ahead and just into the details.

Best Energy Drink Powders For Golfers

I have gathered some info for you about the energy drink powders that can help you focus and concentrate on your full potential while playing golf. I’ve got you with all the information down to the price so keep reading.

G Fuel Energy

G-Fuel is a good bet for golf due to its caffeine content, with the bump of calories as well. Not to mention the variety of flavors to choose from.

G Fuel energy powder in Strawberry Shortcake

This powdered energy drink is sugar-free with a caffeine content of 150mg. I personally find this a perfect amount well between my preference of 100mg to 250mg.

This powdered energy drink comes with over 20 different flavors in sachets and tubs. It is also endorsed by PewPieDie so you already know what all the hype is about.

Although G Fuel is sugar-free, it has 25 calories per serving which can be manageable if you keep a tab in your calories intake. However, if you’re strict on calories, you might want to leave this one out.

A tub of G Fuel costs about $35.99 on their own website, but $29.99 on eCommerce sites like Amazon or Walmart. For 40 servings, that’s about less than $1 per serving.

If you’re curious about its other details. hop on over this article and read about it.

Advocare Spark

Though lesser, Advocare offers a good amount of boosting caffeine with a considerably higher caloric content that’ll surely fuel you enough for a wild turkey.

Advocare Spark comes in sachets.

Advocare spark is an energy drink powder, often taken as a vitamin and amino acid supplement. It’s sugar-free, with a total of 120mg of caffeine. This is a relatively good amount that’s low enough to not touch too close to the limit, but high enough for a considerable boost.

Advocare has 10 different flavors and it comes in stick pouches. But the deal is it has 45 calories per serving, almost twice as much as G-Fuel.

In terms of the price, Advocare’s single sachets cost $2, and its 42 servings in a tub run at $54.99. This is relatively more pricey with over $1 per serving.

Anything else you might want to know is right here in this article.

ZipFizz Energy

Zipfiss is amongst the lowest caffeine content but its tube packaging makes it a great carry-on for any on-the-go boosting. It’s got the calories to make up for it, too.

Zipfizz comes in a lot of fun flavors

ZipFizz is a powdered energy drink that comes in tubes. It has around 14 different flavors and contains 20 calories.

ZipFizz is sugar-free just like Advocare Spark and has a total of 100mg of caffeine. Check out this article for a deeper dive into its other nutrients.

ZipFizz comes in a pack of tubes with a total of 20 servings for $37.99. That’s about $2 per serving which is the most expensive one so far.

In my opinion, this price is way above average than other energy drinks. But besides that, its calories and caffeine content are a considerable amount for a boost on the court.

Rogue Energy

Rogue is packaged in bright colors.

Rogue is another energy drink with a good read of ingredients. Its caffeine varies per flavor, from 0 up to 300mg, although its average product contains a total of 175mg of caffeine, the highest amount of caffeine in energy drinks that I have listed.

I think this variation in caffeine content is a great deal and offers you an option of which works for you best. Although I wouldn’t suggest opting for the 300mg one as that is too close to the limit.

It has 5 calories in each serving, and a total of 13 flavors to choose from.

A tub of Rogue Energy costs around $32.99 for 30 servings. That’s about $1 per serving which is not bad for its variety of flavor and caffeine options.

If you’re curious about its ingredients, here’s an article I got for you with all the details you need to know.


Now all has been stated, from the delicious details about G-Fuel, ZipFizz, Rogue Energy, and Advocare spark, and down to their not-so-favorable ones.

Every energy drink is packed with ingredients like caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates, and a wide variety of vitamins. These nutrients vary in quantities more or less.

It’s also best to be wary of their caffeine content, and their sugar inclusions as these can greatly impact your health.

A drink with high caffeine amount can be beneficial for boosting your stamina and make your mind more alert but not too much that can lead to caffeine overdose and worsen its withdrawals.

In terms of flavor, availability, and price you have a greater variation for it. Being a golfer, energy drink powders in sachets can be your best bet.

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