Best Energy Drink Powders for Diabetics (Are they ok?)

Being diabetic or simply watching your sugar intake can be a real challenge. But energy drinks, especially the powdered variations, are pitching in their sugar-free options that may just be your future go-to beverage.

Diabetes, for starters, means that our body is not producing the intended insulin it needs to create energy from Glucose. It also has two major types, type 1 and type 2, which may affect people of all ages.

So what are the ideal ED brands for Diabetics? I personally think that there are at least three brands that you may want to check out. These are Gamersupps GG, Advocare Spark, and Rogue Energy.

So if you want to know what makes EDs a viable option for diabetics, you may want to stick around and read along.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Are energy drinks safe for Diabetics?

Yes, diabetics can consume energy drinks! However, they must strictly choose sugar-free options since the most popular EDs are known to have high sugar contents.

Caffeine is also another ingredient that must be closely monitored since studies show that it can cause high or low sugar levels which vary depending on its content per serving. It’s also worth mentioning that the FDA has stated that individuals should not consume more than 400mg of caffeine on a daily basis, while researches reveal that you should ideally consume just 200 mg.

Meanwhile, this article shows that energy drinks enable a good response to your blood sugar levels that may be needed in order to avoid a possible sugar crash.

What happens when a diabetic drinks an energy drink?

According to this study conducted in 2018, if a diabetic consumes energy drinks they can cause a spike in their blood sugar as some of the most popular ones contain high amounts of carbohydrates and caffeine.

Always take time to read the ingredients, especially if you’re diabetic as exceeding your sugar, carbs, or caffeine limit even accidentally can be potentially very dangerous.

Is it safe for a diabetic to consume caffeine?

Yes, caffeine is most definitely safe for diabetics! As previously mentioned, it also pays to drink it moderately given that it can easily manipulate your blood sugar levels.

Additionally, too much caffeine can raise the stress hormone which is Cortisol. High levels of Cortisol can make you insulin resistant. Studies also revealed that caffeine enables diabetics to lower the risk of cognitive dysfunction.

Below is also a table of the pros and cons of caffeine intake for diabetics

Contains antioxidantsOnly contains small amounts of nutrients (Magnesium)
Lowers risk of type 2 diabetesMay affect the body’s insulin sensitivity
May lower Blood Sugar Levels during physical activitiesIncrease risk for hypoglycemia/ sugar crash
Clearing up caffeine wholly from your bloodstream can take up to 10 hours.

Is caffeine bad for type 2 diabetes?

Yes, caffeine can be bad for type 2 diabetics. Studies have displayed that if a person with type 2 diabetes consumes caffeine it can reduce insulin sensitivity and increase blood sugar levels.

However, if you’re not diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, caffeine can help lower the risk of developing it.

Is it safe for a diabetic to consume sugar?

Generally, diabetics can consume a strict amount of sugar. However, sugar and diabetes are a deadly duo since they can trigger various permanent and even life-threatening diseases.

For a healthy person, the preferred quantity of sugar is 50 grams. But I highly suggest that diabetics should consult with their attending physicians first before consuming any sugars.

Surpassing the sugar intake recommended by your doctor can potentially lead to dehydration that may escalate to a diabetic coma or even death

Too much sugar can be dangerous.

Is it safe for a diabetic to consume taurine?

Yes, it’s safe for a diabetic to consume taurine. Taurine and energy drinks are typically associated with another since this amino acid is one of the major constituents of energy drinks.

Taurine is not only safe for diabetic people but also has therapeutic impacts that may elevate their current conditions. It also helps support nerve growth, lowering blood pressure and calming the nervous system.

Taurine and caffeine are frequently used to supply energy that assists you to stay focused. The body also improves in the presence of this nutrient while decreasing the risks of triggering other disorders in the long run.

How do Artificial Sweeteners Affect Diabetics?

The key to diabetics’ ability to drink energy drinks, or to consume other products in general, are artificial sweeteners. These sugar substitutes do not raise blood sugar levels while still possessing the sweet sensation their table counterparts are known for.

However, artificial sweeteners can cause a slight rise in insulin levels. And since they don’t have any effects on your blood sugar levels, you may begin to consume more than the appropriate amount, thus developing sugar dependence and even addiction.

So while these substitutes are ideal for daily usage, discipline must still be observed at all times in order to prevent its abuse. You can also view this video to know more about Artificial sweeteners:

Getting to know artificial sweeteners.

What drinks should a diabetic avoid?

Beverages containing a large amount of sugar, carbohydrates, and caffeine are a big no-no if you’re diabetic. It is always wise to opt for sugar and carb-free drinks.

Below is a list of beverages that a diabetic must not consume at any cost:

  • Fruit juices
  • Regular sodas
  • Energy drinks containing sugar

You must also be aware of diet sodas. As per a study in 2015 drinking too much diet soda can result in metabolic syndrome. This includes these conditions:

  • High cholestrol levels
  • high levels of triglycerides
  • increased weight gain
  • high blood sugar levels
  • Increased blood pressure

Best Energy Drink Powders for Diabetics

Now that you’re all caught up, you know that a lot must still be considered before making your purchase.

While in my opinion, you should seek professional help before deciding, your body is also one of the things you must consider before anything else. I suggest sticking to a brand your body can accept and fully adjust to.

I also think that powdered energy drinks are your safest bet when it comes to choosing the best ED for you since it gives you more control over what you will consume for every serving.

And so far, here’s what I think will suit those who have diabetes.

Advocare Spark Energy Drink

Advocare Spark is a sugar-free drink. One sachet is mixed with at least 8 fl. oz of water which provides a fair amount of 120 mg of caffeine.

You can buy a 42-serving bulk pack from Amazon for $69.95. A serving of Advocare Spark Energy provides a wide pool of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that enable you to benefit more from just drinking their products.

This product also boasts 10 flavors you may want to explore and have either one or two versions be your go-to beverages. So if you’re looking for a great ED with mobility and high nutritional value, Advocare Spark may just be for you.

Rogue Energy

If you’re looking for a powdered energy drink that can support you during your downtime and physical activities, the brand you’re missing may just be Rogue Energy.

This brand is proudly carbohydrate, calorie, and sugar-free which is highly beneficial for diabetics since your body will focus more on collecting energy. It does have a slightly higher caffeine content against its competitors with 175 mg of caffeine, so drinking it moderately is a big plus to you.

It also has a fair list of flavors consisting of Dragon fruit Mango, Grape popsicle, Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Kiwi, and Green Apple. A tub of Rogue energy costs $32.99 which could last for 30 servings or more, depending on your consumption.

Versatility is a big game-changer for powdered energy drinks, consuming Rogue energy may just prove why!

Gamersupps GG

Gamersupps GG is dubbed as the leader in gaming energy. This product is beneficial for a diabetic since it’s a sugar-free, calorie-free, and carb-free powdered energy drink.

A serving of Gamersupps contains 100 mg of caffeine, which in my opinion is decent in general. This product also utilizes acesulfame K, erythritol, and sucralose as its sugar substitutes.

Moreover, it doesn’t disappoint with its nootropic ingredients that cater to all bodily necessities while emphasizing the importance of eye health. A tub of Gamersupps containing 100 servings costs only $35.99 on their official website.

Still skeptical about powdered EDs? I highly suggest starting slow with some of the well-known and trusted energy drinks brands and see if it works for you.


It is completely fine for a diabetic to consume energy drinks as long as it doesn’t contain high levels of sugar, caffeine, and calories. Needless to say, energy drinks, in general, should be consumed in a moderate amount.

There are two major types of diabetes and both have different ways of dealing with the ailment, especially with their food consumption. Unlike the average person, what they eat and drink are closely monitored as it may greatly affect their overall health.

The presence of Taurine is good for fighting diabetes. Artificial sweeteners don’t directly cause your blood sugar level to spike but of course, they can be threatening if consumed excessively.

While there are countless brands that claim to be good for your health even as a diabetic, I personally think that Advocare Spark, Rogue, and Gamersupps GG are the best brands for you and your health.

Diabetes is a complicated disease, so knowing how to look for the appropriate product must be your top priority. While energy drinks provide some benefits and positive effects to diabetics, it’s still important to regulate what you drink.