Best Energy Powders to Wake up (Perfect Drill)

If you’re a student with tight schedules, you might feel sleep-deprived often. This can happen due to pulling an all-nighter for your studies which is often inevitable.

If you’re working long hours or the night shift, then you might have a similar problem.

Thankfully, you can turn to energy drink powders for waking you up. These drinks can set you free from everyday morning laziness.

There are quite a few in the market so I’ve looked into all of these and hand-picked the most effective ones.

The best energy drink powders to wake you up are Celsius On-the-Go, Razorwire Energy, Rogue Energy, G-Fuel Energy, and Zipfizz Energy. These have the right amount of ingredients to keep you up and running throughout.

It isn’t that simple though, Read on to see what made these drinks qualify.

Do energy drinks help you wake up?

Yes! Energy drinks have high amounts of caffeine and sugar which boost your metabolism and help you wake up. It can boost your concentration, which can be beneficial for work or intense study routines.

A study showed that 200mg of caffeine reduced the effects of sleepiness for an hour or two, thus preventing incidents for early morning drivers.

Another study states that caffeine improves learning ability for a short period of time and it does not work on long-term learning, thus confirming that caffeine is a mild stimulant.

Moreover, energy drinks are said to contain many energy-boosting ingredients such as taurine, sodium, and vitamins which improve athletic performance. It is advised to go through the nutritional label just to be wary of what you are consuming.

However, the effects of energy drinks are short-lived, getting proper sleep, having a nutritional diet, daily exercises will enhance your cognitive functions.

How do energy drinks work in keeping you awake?

The caffeine in energy drinks works by blocking off adenosine receptors which in turn blocks off all the feeling of tiredness.

After consuming an energy drink it takes about 10-15 minutes for caffeine to enter your bloodstream. Its peak concentration can be seen around 45 minutes after entering the bloodstream. At this time you will become quite focused and alert to function throughout the day.

The effects of caffeine wear off after about 5 to 6 hours, and it takes around 12 hours for caffeine to exit your bloodstream and 24 hours to exit your body entirely.

The sole purpose of energy drinks is to provide a boost to your machine through caffeine. After consuming one, you will feel alert and active for about 2-5 hours.

Is drinking energy drink powder in the morning okay?

Well, the answer can be quoted as a NO as energy drinks are not meal replacements, and they might have severe side effects if you have low caffeine tolerance.

There are many studies that blame caffeine for dehydration and high blood levels if you have low caffeine tolerance.

In the morning, your cortisol levels are higher than normal. At this time you should avoid any energy drinks and wait for another hour or so. In the meantime, have a healthy breakfast that can help you go throughout the day if you have tight schedules.

I would suggest, that don’t have energy drinks on empty stomach and try having them alongside or after your breakfast.

What to Look for When Buying Energy Drinks to Wake You Up

There are several conditions you have to look for before choosing the right energy drink that can help you get off that fatigued feeling.

You should look for:

  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Flavor
  • Price

These ingredients and considerations are part and parcel of what makes an energy drink worth choosing. This considers the boost and benefit, as well as the availability.

Let’s dive into the details.

Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Coffee contains caffeine.

Caffeine is the core ingredient of an energy drink that provides an instant boost. It is found in coffee, tea leaves, and cocoa beans.

Caffeine is a stimulating agent which stimulates the brain and central nervous system of our body. It works by blocking off the adenosine receptors from attaching so that you don’t feel drowsy.

According to the FDA, a healthy individual should have no more than 400mg of caffeine daily.

However, caffeine has its side effects if ingested past the limits, it’s better to stay wary of your limits to avoid potential health effects such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety, and restlessness.

Sugar in Energy Drinks

Sugar is a common inclusion in energy drinks.

Sugar is a common ingredient found in many energy drinks around the world, it’s used as a sweetener mainly but it gives a quick boost too.

Sugar does not have any health benefits and can cause a sugar crash after the effects of caffeine wears off. You can opt for zero-sugar drinks if you’re avoiding gaining any weight.

The AHA has recommended the daily maximum dose for men to be 37g, for women to be 25g and for children to be 19g.

It’s better to keep tabs on your limits as overdosing on sugar has its complications such as:

  • Brain fog
  • Heart Problem
  • Tooth Decay
  • Cravings

However, if you don’t feel like opting for sugar-free drinks, then there are many drinks with artificial sweeteners that can be a better option from sugar.

Flavors of Energy Drinks

To most, the flavor is a really important factor. In everything we consume, we’d like to make sure that it’s enjoyable. And with a variation to try in case we get sick of the current one.

Some brands have a good variety of flavors like G-Fuel, but some have as few as 7 options. These are often in fruit flavors with the exception of specialty ones.

If you’re picky, the variation will definitely benefit you. If you’re not, then you’ll find a favorite in no time.

Price of Energy Drinks

Price is something all of us worry about. You wouldn’t want to put a hole in your pocket for simply buying an energy drink.

It’s quite simple to choose the correct quality for your drinks to match your budget. What you got to note are the ingredients these drinks contain and how your body reacts to such ingredients.

Often, energy drink brands follow an average price point, with some exceeding with additional servings.

How often should you consume energy drinks?

As I said before energy drinks are no meal replacement, so it’s better to consume them when you need that extra boost of energy to kick start your morning and get your work done.

It all depends on an individuals’ preferences and tolerances. However, a majority of energy drinks are formulated for a single serving a day, or two at most.

With that, it suggested you have 1 energy drink per day to stay within the limits advised by the authorities. If the drink has less than 100mg of caffeine per serving, you can opt for another one later on.

Note that energy drinks are in no way beneficial to indulge in your regular diet, as they have no nutritional value and may show long-term health effects, so try to use them only when necessary.

Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks

Even energy drinks have their downfall

Here’s a quick list of what energy drinks can get you:


  • Increases mental and physical performance
  • Elevates mood
  • Delays fatigue
  • Rehydrates
  • More concentration
  • Alertness


  • Palpitations
  • Migraine
  • Lack of concentration
  • Heart disease
  • Insomnia
  • Sugar crashes
  • Anxiety

These are only to mention a few, they mostly occur depending on your body’s caffeine tolerance. Here is a video that can give you more insight into the benefits of energy drinks:

Watch this video for more information.

Best Energy Drink Powder to Wake You Up

Choosing an energy drink that can help you wake up involves a lot of factors such as caffeine content, sugar content, flavors, and pricing.

Powdered energy drinks are very convenient to carry and are available in sachets, and tubs. They range in a variety of flavors and are about $1 to $2 per sachet.

The good thing is you can mix these powders into any of your favorite drinks to match up the flavor.

Here are my recommendations for the best energy drink powders to wake you up:

Celsius On-the-Go

Celsius in a stick pouch with its nutritional label.

Celsius is a great energy drink with 200mg of caffeine per serving, which is a great amount to boost your morning for that work schedule ahead.

It is a sugar-free drink with about 10 calories. It’s not as many calories to contribute to weight gain, but enough to be converted into energy.

The downside is that it only has 9 flavors to choose from, which are limiting options if you’re very picky. Celsius comes in stick sachets within a pack, holding 14 servings for $16.63 which is a little over $1 per sachet.

I’d advise you to go for this drink only if you feel extremely drowsy and sleep-deprived as this amount of caffeine is a pretty good amount for boosting the mechanism.

If you want to know more about Celsius On-the-Go, check this out.

Razorwire Energy

Sachet of Razorwire in raspberry flavor.

Razorwire is another powdered energy drink with a little less caffeine than Celsius. It has 150mg of caffeine per serving. This is a good amount of caffeine for a lasting boost. It’s a lot less than Celsius but with higher caffeine tolerance, you could do with another half serving.

Razorwire is also sugar-free and comes in sachets with about 5 different flavors, which again are limiting but more than the normal two or three flavored drinks. You can get 6 sachets of Razorwire for about $8. It has 5g per serving.

Here’s more on Razorwire.

Rogue Energy

Rogue energy in 5 flavors.

Rogue Energy is another great energy drink with around 175mg of caffeine per serving, which is somewhat more than Razorwire if you’re looking for an extra boost.

Rogue is also sugar-free but contains 5 calories, which pretty much won’t affect your weight goal.

The good thing is Rogue has a total of 13 different flavors that you can choose from. It can be bought in sachets and tubs. A pack of 5 sachets can cost you $10, that is $2 per sachet a little expensive. The tubs come in 40 serving for about $32.99.

You can check this article on Rogue Energy for more insight.

G-Fuel Energy

G-fuel in a tub of Strawberry Shortcake flavor.

G-Fuel has about 150mg of caffeine per serving just like Razorwire and is endorsed by a lot of big names like Pewdiepie. This amount is a good amount which half a serving can also be beneficial.

This great powdered energy drink is sugar-free and calorie-free. It’s available in tubs and sachets. The good thing is it has over 40 flavors that you can opt for, the most on this list. If you’re picky with your flavors, then G-Fuel is definitely for you.

The tubs are around $35.99 and the sachets are $2, a little on the costly side.

Check this out for more on G-Fuel.

Zipfizz Energy

Zipfizz comes in cute little tubes.

Zipfizz has the lowest caffeine content among its peers, about 100mg per serving. This drink is perfect for you if you’re a newbie and don’t know how your body will react to caffeine.

In addition, you can opt for another serving at most, which will give you a total of 200mg of caffeine, well within the daily limit.

It is also sugar-free just like others and has 14 different flavors, with a fruity theme. But the downfall is that it has 20 calories, which is a pretty big deal if you’re weight conscious.

It comes in a pack of tubes with a total of 20 servings for $37.99, which is about $2 per serving.

You can dive into more of Zipfizz here.


Energy drinks are fueled with caffeine and sugar, some are good for taste others provide the exact boost that you want. It is important to keep the given limits in mind and your consumption in hand.

Energy drinks are great beverages for energy-boosting but should be used only when necessary. The best energy drinks are the ones with a moderate amount of caffeine and sugar, and which comes in handy.

With all the detail, you’ll see how the best energy drink to wake you up are, Celsius On-the-Go, Razorwire, Rogue Energy, G-Fuel Energy, and Zipfizz Energy.

With this, I hope you can make a spontaneous decision of which drink to choose to wake you up!

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