Best Zero-Calorie Energy Drink Powders (Zero Sugar Crash)

If you are an athlete, a fitness freak, gym enthusiast, or simply health-conscious, a zero-calorie diet is often part of your bodily maintenance.

Throughout physical activities, however, boosting drinks are often high in calories. In this instance, a calorie-free powdered energy drink might suffice.

The best ones I’ve found for best calorie-free energy drink powders are Rogue Energy, Mixt Energy, and Gamersupps GG Energy.

Powdered energy drinks are often pumped with a number of ingredients namely caffeine, sugar, calories, and vitamins that may be beneficial for your health in limited amounts.

Fortunately, many brands such as the ones mentioned now have made propositions for such purposes and produced sugar-free and calorie-free drinks.

Read on to figure out how zero-calorie energy drinks are beneficial and what can these best picks can offer.

What are zero-calorie energy drinks?

By their names, you can surmise that these drinks are ones that have no calories at all, yet they are a good alternative to boost your mechanism and make you feel energized and alert.

Calories are often acquired through the meals you eat and are easily present in other drinks you may be consuming. To have a drink free of them lessens your caloric intake.

These powdered drinks are great options if you’re on a diet, have a strict meal plan, or have a consistent workout routine.

What to look for in a zero-calorie drink?

If your main aim is something zero-calorie, then the first thing you should look out for is the number of calories, then comes the caffeine content and the artificial sweeteners used in it.

It’s better to look for sugar-free options, as well as ones with a good handful of vitamins to make sure you’re not only boosted by nutrified. Let’s look into each of this one by one.

Calories in Energy Drinks

Calories are often frowned upon in any dietary conversations, but it is simply the measurement of the energy you get from food.

Although with your intake of calories in many meals, an excess amount can lead your body to store up fat and lead to weight gain.

In addition, a few energy drinks contain a lot of sugar which eventually leads to high caloric content in just a single serving. The daily calorie intake recommended ranges from 2000 for women to 2500 for men. And these limitations are often exceeded.

Too much caloric intake can lead to health complications such as risks of cancer, obesity, and diabetes. This is why opting for something that is calorie-free can be a good choice.

Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Caffeine gives you an instant boost.

Caffeine is an ingredient present in cocoa beans, coffee, and tea leaves. It is a natural stimulating agent of the brain and central nervous system.

This works by blocking off the adenosine receptors, suppressing the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness. This gives your body a boost and helps you focus and concentrate more. It also helps you improve your athletic performance. But be cautious.

According to the FDA, a healthy adult can consume no more than 400mg of caffeine daily.

Although beneficial, it’s important not to pass this limit as it will result in a caffeine overdose which in fact has its own health side effects such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Abnormal heart Rhythm
  • Anxiety
  • Dehydration

It is better to consume these energy drinks in moderation to avoid such health risks.

Artificial Sweeteners in Energy Drinks

Zero-calorie drinks prefer using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar because of the caloric content.

Sugar contains a relatively high caloric content, so being a calorie-free energy drink containing sugar that is high in calories defeats the purpose. That’s why artificial sweeteners are the replacement.

These sweeteners are 300 to 700 times sweeter than sugar so a huge inclusion won’t be necessary for the formula.

Energy drinks mostly use sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame k, both of which have been declared safe for human consumption by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Are zero-calorie energy drinks safe?

Yes! These drinks are safe as long as they’re consumed in moderation.

As mentioned, although calories are simply a unit of measure, they can easily be consumed in excess. And that can lead to health risks. In that case, calorie-free drinks are not only safe, but they’re good for you.

If you’re a fitness freak or are physically active and are looking to avoid weight gain, your best picks are zero-calorie energy drink powders.

Beyond that, if you want to avoid any calorie-induced health complications at all, drinks that are void of calories are a go-to.

Will zero-calorie energy drinks help you lose weight?

No, they won’t. Energy drinks aren’t formulated for this purpose.

Losing weight depends on diet and exercise.

Zero-calorie energy drinks won’t actually make you lose weight. However, it can help you not gain any more.

In extension, the role they place in your weight loss journey is by supplying you with energy in your workouts and whenever you feel low during your diet.

The caffeine in zero-calorie energy boosts your energy levels and metabolism, improving your performance and concentration. Energy drinks are also packed with sodium which regulates our thirst mechanism forcing us to drink more water to prevent dehydration while exercising.

Therefore, grabbing a zero-calorie energy drink right before an exercise session may help you burn all those extra calories that you took in but it won’t play into it directly.

Remember, zero-calorie food replacements won’t help in any weight loss unless accompanied by a proper diet and exercise.

Do zero-calorie energy drinks make you gain weight?

Weight gain can be moderated through exercise.

No, they won’t make you gain weight. As stated by the name, these drinks are calorie-free. And to top that, the brands choose artificial sweeteners to replace sugar.

Gaining weight can be totally dependent on an individual, their preferences, and a number of other factors such as nutritional intake, genetics, and lifestyle management.

Beyond these factors, you can rest assured that a calorie-free energy drink won’t contribute to this.

Are zero-sugar energy drinks bad for your health?

No, powdered energy drinks are not bad for you if consumed in moderation.

They can provide as much as energy like the normal energy drink due to caffeine content, just with no calories.

Artificial sweeteners help you avoid a sugar crash that happens due to the power-packed energy drinks. As they have no sugar, you wouldn’t have to worry about long-term effects either.

As with everything, consumption is your responsibility. and its goodness relies on your regulation of it.

Energy drinks are formulated specifically to meet the standards of a single serving a day, two at the most. This means that there are ingredients in their formula that are within limitations. And these limitations are ones you should always keep watch of.

You should keep a tab on your intake and look out for a consultant’s advice if you’re suffering from any medical conditions.

You can check out this video to know more about the effect of energy drinks on your body:

A video on the effects of energy drinks.

Are zero-calorie energy drinks keto-friendly?

Yes, they definitely are!

Keto often includes greens and eggs.

Keto is a popular low-carb diet with benefits such as weight loss and reduced blood sugar levels.

Zero-calorie energy drinks don’t usually contain sugar or carbohydrates making them keto-friendly, so their consumption won’t harm any of your attempts at a keto diet.

However, a keto diet goes beyond just calories so it’s best to know the ingredients in the energy drinks you wish to consume.

Best Zero-Calorie Energy Drink Powders

With the discussion on the negative and positive effects of a calorie-free energy drink, I have sorted out the three best picks for you to choose from.

BrandsArtificial SweetenersPrice
Rogue EnergySucralose$32.99
Mixt EnergySucralose$29.99
Gamersuppss GGErythritol, Sucralose & Acesulfame
An overview of zero-calorie energy drinks’ price and artificial sweeteners used

These drinks are zero-calorie, with a suitable amount of caffeine. To top that off, they are pocket-friendly too. let’s check them out one by one.

Rogue Energy

Rogue Energy in packets of different flavors.

Rogue Energy is a zero-calorie drink with about 13 flavors to choose from. It has 175mg of caffeine. This is a good amount of boost for any task you may want to finish while still avoiding weight gain.

If you’re looking to exercise, this caffeine content can aid you with lasting physical activities for an extended period of time.

It has also replaced sugar with artificial sweeteners namely Sucralose which is also calorie-free.

Rogue is available in tubs and sachets, ranging from $32.99 for a tub of 30 servings to a little over $1 for a single sachet.

Check this article out for more information on Rogue Energy.

Mixt Energy

A tub of Mixt Energy drink powder.

Mixt Energy is another great zero-calorie energy drink that contains sucralose. You’ll be rid of calories in sweetness and in the whole formula itself.

It has a caffeine content of 165mg per serving, enough to give a gym enthusiast a boost.

Mixt energy has 9 flavors available and is available in tubs at the price of $29.99. Here’s a handy article for more on Mixt.

Gamersupps GG

A sachet of Gamersupps GG energy drink powder with 2 servings.

Gamersupps GG is the final pick in this list which is, of course, a zero-calorie energy drink with zero sugar, using quite a few artificial sweeteners namely erythritol, sucralose, and acesulfame k.

It has 100mg of caffeine, which isn’t the most but you can opt for another serving that won’t push you off the daily limit of 400mg. It has a total of 7 different flavors which can be difficult to choose from if you are picky.

In terms of pricing and availability, it comes in tubs and sachets. Its tubs of 60 servings cost $29.99, and for 100 servings it costs $35.99 making it the cheapest drink on the list with $0.35 per sachet.

If you want to know more about Gamersupps GG, check out this article.


Zero-calorie energy drinks are the ones with a suitable amount of caffeine and can come in handy. This exclusion of ingredients is beneficial if you don’t want to gain weight and are looking for a boost.

With the discussion, the best zero-calorie energy drink powders to choose from, Rogue Energy, Mixt Energy, and Gamersupps GG. All of these are zero in calories with a decent amount of caffeine.

Zero-calorie energy drinks are not harmful to the health but it is better to have them in moderation and keep a tab on your intake. And remember, these do not help you lose weight.

With this, I hope you can pick your best zero-calorie energy drink!

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