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Buy X-Gamer Canada (Undeniable Truth)

Summary: X-Gamer is a powdered focus and energy matrix that is non-carbonated, includes zero added sugar, and contains a 27 Multi-Vitamin Complex to help protect your body.

It also contains Nootropic Amino Acids to help sharpen your mind.

Whether you enjoy video games or not, by now, we all know about X-Gamer.

It has been mentioned frequently in recent discussions regarding energy drinks, and with good reason.

In recent years, the e-Sports sector has seen explosive growth in popularity, particularly among young adults and teenagers, and the energy drink industry.

X-Gamer is an effective and innovative focus and energy formula designed specifically for enthusiasts, and semi-professional gamers.

Multivitamins and nootropics, in my opinion, are needless and inconclusive elements in X-Gamer.

Due to its low sugar nutrition content, it is healthier than other drinks; however, due to its 200 mg of caffeine, you shouldn’t consume more than one serving daily or do so daily.

Without further ado, let’s begin the review of X-Gamer and see whether it is indeed worthwhile to purchase.

X-Gamer Brand

The X-Gamer energy drink is one of the cornerstones of the gaming industry. Players who take this dietary supplement report feeling more robust and more focused while competing.

With the help of X-Gamer, you can push your limits during the day or at night.

I imagine its colorful, playful quality also contributed to its fame.

Additionally, it contains several substances that improve your performance and focus.

Knowing that X-Gamer won’t make you feel bad allows you to unwind.

However, you should exercise caution and keep your caffeine consumption to no more than two doses per day, or perhaps just one serving, if you are not used to swallowing large amounts of the substance.

Nutritional Facts Of X-Gamer Canada

As seen in the list below, sucralose is used as the sweetener in the sugar-free beverage X-Gamer.

If you want to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, I suggest you consider switching to X-Gamer Energy Drink.

NutrientsAmount Per
Serving (10g)
Energy31 calories
Vitamin E3.2mg
Vitamin B60.6mcg
Vitamin B126.8mcg
Pantothenic Acid2.4mg
Nutritional Facts Of X-Gamer Canada


Every 10g serving of X-Gamer, which is equal to one sachet, contains a total of 129 calories.

Do you need to worry about this quantity, or is it generally alright?

To put things into perspective, a full-grown adult should consume 2500 calories for men and 2000 calories for women per day.

Only 4-5% of that amount would be represented by a single 10g sachet of X-Gamer.

Of all, the term “calorie” is only a general phrase used to describe the amount of energy found in food.

Calorie content can be found in proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates alike.

However, if you take in more calories than you burn, the excess is turned into fat.

It’s crucial to keep X-Gamer intake to a minimum for gamers who live primarily sedentary lifestyles because, if you’re not careful, one sachet may quickly turn into three or five in a matter of hours.


X-Gamer has a total fat content of 0.02g

Between 44 and 77 grams of fat per day are advised.

A 10g portion of X-Gamer has only 0.04% to 0.02% of the recommended daily fat allowance.

Therefore, based on this information, it is clear that X-Gamer contains little to no fat, implying it won’t significantly harm your health, if at all.

Additionally, X-Gamer has unsaturated fats rather than saturated fats, which are thought to be healthier fats.

Added Sugar

Blocks of sugar.
So sweet!

Thankfully, the added sugar in X-Gamer is only 0.2g, much below the harmful level.

Nearly all energy drinks and supplements add sugar to make them more palatable.

The daily recommended sugar intake for a healthy, full-grown adult recommended sugar intake is 24g for women and 36g for men.

X-Gamer contains 0.5 to 0.8% of the daily recommended amount of added sugar.

Therefore, consuming just one or two sachets of X-Gamer will not result in a sugar overdose.

Whether you consume X-Gamer or not, you should still monitor your daily sugar intake because the adverse effects can be fatal:

  1. Obesity
  2. High cholesterol
  3. Alzheimer’s
  4. Heart disease
  5. Diabetes
  6. Depression

Ingredients In X-Gamer Canada

X-Gamer is an energy “supplement” as opposed to regular energy drinks because it comes in a powder that you may mix with water or any other beverage of your choice.

It has active components like vitamins, taurine, and caffeine.

The supplement is available in more than 20 flavors and contains “nootropic amino,” including L-tyrosine and L-carnitine, which are said to improve mental and cognitive function.

The full ingredient list for X-Gamer is shown in the following table.

  1. Taurine
  2. Caffeine
  3. Dextrose Monohydrate
  4. Vitamin and Minerals Complex
  5. Maltodextrin
  6. Malic acid
  7. Citric acid
  8. Ascorbic acid
  9. Flavorings
  10. Sweetener (sucralose)
  11. L-carnitine
  12. L-tyrosine


Taurine is a chemical compound related to other amino acids and is necessary for numerous metabolic processes in the body.

It is well known that taurine has antioxidant effects.

Long-term taurine supplementation may impact the body, although these consequences are not yet recognized.

Taurine has been investigated for its possible function in controlling numerous clinical disorders and enhancing exercise performance due to its abundance in the body, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics, and its role in energy production.

Taurine supplements are increasingly routinely taken by athletes trying to improve performance.

There are conflicting results regarding how taking taurine improves post-workout recovery and lessens muscle damage.


Image of Seafood.
Seafood is the best source of vitamins

The vitamin complex in one serving of X-Gamer comprises over 27 vitamins, including vitamins E, C, K1, B1, B2, B6, B9, and B12, as well as potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium.

I will explain the functions of each of the vitamins above and minerals in your body, as well as the rationale behind their inclusion in the supplement.

Types Of VitaminsFunctions
Vitamin CIncreases system protection, improves brain function, enhances vision, and prevents the development of cancer.
Vitamin EAs an antioxidant, its primary function is to scavenge loose electrons, or “free radicals,” which can harm cells.
Vitamin K-1It aids in producing several proteins required for blood clotting and bone growth.
Vitamin B-6The body’s cells can communicate with one another and use metabolic processes to transform the energy found in carbs, lipids, and proteins into a form that can be used by the body.
Vitamin B-12Aids in the metabolism of amino acids, the breakdown of lipids and carbs, the development of the brain, and the immune system.
Vitamin B-3It supports DNA synthesis, brain and neurological function, lipid and protein metabolism, and the production of new red blood cells.
Vitamin B-2Important coenzyme components are involved in cell development, energy production, and the metabolism of lipids, steroids, and drugs.
Vitamin B-1Our bodies need it in order to use carbohydrates correctly. Additionally, it supports healthy nerve performance.
Vitamin B-9It participates in protein metabolism and aids in the formation of DNA and RNA.
It is crucial in the breakdown of homocysteine.
Types of vitamins and their function

L-tyrosine and L-carnitine

Only 0.7g of protein is present in a single 10g serving of X-Gamer. L-tyrosine and L-carnitine, two amino acids that assist cognitive function, are the primary forms of this substance.

You definitely won’t get enough protein from this supplement to meet the recommended daily allowance for a healthy full-grown adult.

Still, those amino acids are provided to increase alertness, not to provide sustenance.

Caffeine In X-Gamer Canada

Image of coffee beans; a source of caffeine.
Coffee Beans!

In many energy drinks, like X-Gamer, caffeine is a common ingredient.

The amount of caffeine in one 10g sachet of X-Gamer is 200mg.

Caffeine should not be consumed in amounts greater than 400 mg per day.

With that said, I advise against ingesting more than two sachets each day unless you are sure you won’t be consuming any other caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee.

To avoid overdosing or building a tolerance to caffeine, it is best to limit your intake to one cup, especially if you don’t drink much of it.

Among the side effects of a caffeine overdose are, but are not limited to:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Headaches
  3. Insomnia
  4. Restlessness
  5. Rapid/abnormal heart rhythm
  6. Dehydration
  7. Anxiety

The more frequently you ingest caffeine, the less of its effects you will notice because of caffeine tolerance.

Children, pregnant women, and anyone with underlying medical issues shouldn’t eat the product because it includes caffeine.

Although not part of a product’s nutrition facts, I believe offering a quick description brief of it here is crucial.

But don’t worry, I will thoroughly investigate the contents, and caffeine will undoubtedly be included.

Flavors Of X-Gamer

There are many different flavors available at X-Gamers.

  1. Sun Beam
  2. Bluenitro
  3. Razzberry
  4. Mega Mango
  5. Black Metal Berry
  6. Nuke Fusion
  7. Horus
  8. Hyper Berries
  9. Dr. Beast
  10. Sour Cherry Twist
  11. Cape Town
  12. King of Banana
  13. Powercrush
  14. Hydrastorm
  15. Nightshade
  16. Zomberry

You must have felt sick after seeing all those different flavors.

Do not fear; I will address a few of them below. The ones I’ve tried and either loved or didn’t like are listed here.

For instance, think about the Fuzzberry and Zomberry flavors.

Their flavor is berry-inspired. Each one’s potency differs, though.

You can even select their banana flavor, which will remind you of the flavor of the sweets you used to eat as a child.

It gives me joy and nostalgic feelings.

Due to its resemblance to bitter grapefruit, the flavor of nightshade is the least pleasant to me of all of them.

Jorge Manzano Navarro reviewed:”I am very satisfied with what I have bought, taste, quality and quantity of Gamer energy drink

Where To Buy X-Gamer Canada

X-Gamer Canada can easily be bought through X-Gamer’s official website.

They are explicitly shipping to specific locations in Canada.

It is not available on Amazon, yet.

Price Of X-Gamer Canada

Price of X-Gamer Canada.
Price of X-Gamer Canada

A 600g (60 servings) container of X-Gamer energy drink costs roughly 399 KR.

The prices, however, and the shipping charge, may vary from store to store.

It may total 619 kr with the cost of online delivery.

In addition, X-Gamer offers X-Shotz, which has three sachets of the same flavor.

If you want to try them all, you might have to spend a lot on each taste.

Famous Energy Powder Drinks

GG Gamer Supps

Image of GG Gamer Supps.
GG Gamer Supps has low caffeine content

A powdered energy drink called GG Gamer Supps is available in tubs or as individual sachets.

If you’re a serious gamer, you may be aware of the company’s commitment to enhancing players’ focus and reflexes.

This is so that you can go through intense and exhilarating sessions thanks to the energy drink’s organic caffeine, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, CoQ10, and other micronutrients.

With 100mg of caffeine, it can help you stay up and prepared for anything you have planned for the day.


Image of NAU energy powdered drink.
NAU is caffeine and sugar-free

You might want to try an NAU energy drink if you need an energy boost.

You get a boost without caffeine or sugar because of the nitrifying ingredients it contains, including vitamins.

It comprises preservative substances such as an anti-caking agent and an acid regulator.

These are designed to keep the pH level of your beverage stable and prevent clumping of the powder from extending the shelf life of your product.

Maltodextrin and other natural colorants are added to preserve the quality of your drink so that you can continue to enjoy and afford it for extended periods.


  • The main ingredient in X-Gamer that gives you an advantage is caffeine. Although there is a healthy amount of caffeine, I suggest you only consume one serving daily.
  • For a long game session, one serving of X-Gamer is typically sufficient to provide you with a notable improvement in performance and attentiveness.
  • A multivitamin complex and nootropics are also included, which are suitable for your memory and general brain health.
  • More than one meal can give you headaches and worsen your performance. On the other hand, if you limit yourself to one serving, you can perform at your peak.
  • It is easy to purchase on their website and Amazon. It isn’t that expensive considering its size, which is about 600g; but, if you are price careful, it may look expensive.

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