Can Energy Drink Powders Make You Angry? (Truth Revealed)

Many Americans rely on caffeine for boosting alertness and energy level.

A fine example would be energy drinks which are usually advertised as beverages that boost energy and also improve physical and mental performance.

Unfortunately, like most things on Earth, it also comes with risks and complications when consumed unhealthily. With that said, it is best to limit your consumption to avoid adverse effects.

In brief, overconsumption of energy drink powders may cause mood swings resulting in stronger emotions like anger which can lead to aggressiveness.

Let’s decipher the potential reasons why energy drinks may cause anger or aggression. Read through up to the end!

Do Energy Drinks Cause Anger Issues?

Unfortunately, energy drinks can cause anger issues if consumed in large quantities.

Caffeine, one of the main components in energy powder drinks may trigger mood fluctuations when ingested in large quantities.

According to a Korean Youth Risk Behavior Web Survey, energy drink intake is associated with depressive mood, sleep dissatisfaction and suicidal ideation. Also, this survey suggests that mental health problems are more prominent in junk food consumers.

Moreover, this study suggests that energy drink intake is detrimental and is heavily associated with mood changes especially when consumed long-term.

Still, do not be put off by this discovery. As long as you consume energy mixes in moderation and you’re relatively healthy, you shouldn’t worry about mood fluctuations or anger issues caused by energy drinks.

Can Caffeine Cause Anger Issues?

The short answer is YES if you took too much caffeine.

You should realize caffeine is a powerful stimulant. It does not only give you energy and boosts your alertness but also triggers anxiety symptoms.

Too much caffeine can trigger anxiety symptoms which makes you feel agitated in situations that usually do not affect you.

That said, it is a wise idea to track your caffeine consumption to avoid intoxication and mood swings. And of course, reap the benefits of caffeine!

This video explains the link between caffeine and anger. Watch it!

Why does caffeine make you angry?

Can Energy Drinks Cause Mania?

Yes, drinking too many energy drinks can induce mania.

Energy drinks, in general, contain a high level of caffeine, which can, unfortunately, induce psychotic relapse. It was revealed in a clinical observation of patients with bipolar disorder the intake of energy drinks prior to manic or depressive relapse.

Despite the lower amount of caffeine in energy drink powders, we can all assume it can cause mania if consumed in large amounts. Although it would be a better choice compared to liquid energy drinks.

What Are Mood Swings?

A mood swing is a change in one’s emotional state that occurs suddenly or intensely. A person’s mood might swiftly shift from cheerful and enthusiastic to unhappy, impatient, or angry.

Some factors that frequently trigger mood fluctuations are:

  • stress
  • not getting enough sleep
  • change in lifestyle
  • too much traveling
  • unhealthy diet 
  • hormonal issues
  • allergies
  • medications

Mood swings that are frequent and severe, on the other hand, may suggest an underlying problem.

If you feel like your mood fluctuations are getting too much to handle, here are a few ways to deal with it:

  • Seek medical help.
  • Exercise.
  • Meditate.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Find support.

What Can Make You Angry?

Everyone has been angry at some point in their lives. It’s a feeling that is often linked to being aggressive or in a poor mood.

The intensity of your rage can range from mild irritation to outright anger. It’s natural to feel such an emotion especially when you feel frustrated or disappointed over something.

What’s important is you know how to control your anger and cope with it healthily.

These are examples of what usually triggers anger:

  • bad experience
  • traumatic memories
  • events
  • personal issues 

In other circumstances, an anger problem may result from early trauma or life events that have formed a person’s personality. Hormonal changes, as well as some mental issues, can trigger rage in some people too.

Moreover, anger affects your relationships and portrays an opposing side of you, which can be detrimental for you in the future, if not controlled.

How To Control Your Anger?

Since anger isn’t a mental condition in and of itself, the new version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders doesn’t have a specific diagnosis for anger issues.

If you don’t address your anger issue, it may eventually lead you to doing something drastic and undesirable – a probable outcome is violence. You could become so enraged that you unintentionally damage yourself or someone you care about.

These are ways to control your anger:

Relaxation ExerciseBreathe deeply into your lungs and concentrate on your breathing.
Positive ThinkingChanging your mindset can influence how you express your anger. Focus on communicating sensible rather than illogical ideas.
Solution-OrientedWhen confronted with a scenario that makes you upset, the best response is to focus more on the solution rather than the problem.
CommunicationWhen you’re having a heated debate, take a moment to calm down and consider your options before retaliating. Keep in mind to pay attention at all times.
Techniques on How to Control Anger

Do Energy Drinks Make You Angry?

Yes, energy drinks can make you angry if they are consumed excessively.

Caffeine and guarana are significant constituents in energy drinks, and too much of them can result in mood changes, adding to irritability and rage.

Caffeine and other stimulants enter the human tissues and brain fast, stimulating the brain and nervous system. Even in small amounts, caffeine can have negative impacts on your mood.

Moreover, sugar, another component in energy powder drinks has been linked to mood swings. Not surprising at all! Mood swings are a side effect of diabetes. You’ll notice a lot of diabetics who get agitated quickly over small things.


While energy drinks are convenient sources of stimulants, many healthcare professionals are concerned about their components such as sugar and caffeine.

It is believed that excessive consumption of these ingredients can cause various issues, such as mood swings and anger issues. With that said, you shouldn’t overindulge in energy drink powders to avoid adverse effects.

Still, further research is needed to know the long-term impact of energy drinks and energy mixes on mental health.

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