Can Energy Drink Powders Make You Feel Short Of Breath? (Explained)

Are you a harried person, a hard worker, or an eager beaver? Are you the type of person that enjoys working, but constantly has a packed and stressful schedule, and has no time to relax and recharge?

For you, an energy drink might be a quick remedy. It allows you to stay awake for longer periods, giving you the energy you need to complete your duties.

Energy drink powders are preferred by many because of their low caffeine content and cheaper price. Plus, instead of opening a can, you can just mix the powder in water and drink it. It certainly comes with advantages but they’re also associated with side effects as well.

As for the central question in this post… does energy drink powders cause shortness of breath?

The short answer is, yes, that’s possible. This might be the case if you consume too many servings of energy mixes and or/if overworked or feeling stressed.

Let’s dig deeper!

What are the Symptoms of Shortness of Breath?

Shortness of breath is normal especially when you’re active.

Before going deep, these are the common symptoms of shortness of breath:

  • feeling of suffocation
  • difficulty in catching your breath
  • feeling like you can’t take a full breath
  • tight sensation in your chest
  • feeling like you need to work more to breath

You might get these symptoms while exercising or climbing stairs which are pretty normal. However, shortness of breath becomes a problem when you get it even when you’re at rest.

Shortness of breath can be caused by various factors such as allergies, stress, and other medical conditions. It’s a scary feeling and is a subjective sensation. You should talk to the doctor right away for medical help.

Can Energy Drinks Cause Breathing Difficulty?

Energy drinks can cause breathing difficulty when consumed excessively.

In fact, abnormal heart rhythm is one of the symptoms that occur when you overdo energy drinks. The reason is that the caffeine in energy drinks increases heart rate making your heart work harder which can lead to high blood pressure and breathing difficulty.

There are various anecdotal stories pointing to your favorite energy mix as a culprit of shortness of breath.

A 39-year-old business professional in good health consumes at least 10 cups of coffee and 4 to 5 energy drinks a day to sustain his long working hours. As a result, he suffered from shortness of breath shortly after consuming these beverages.

There are no definitive studies proving that caffeine and taurine-containing beverages can induce heart arrhythmias. Still, you shouldn’t overdo energy drinks to avoid cardiovascular diseases and shortness of breath.

Can Energy Drinks Cause Tightness in Chest?

Overconsumption of energy drinks can cause tightness in the chest.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that consuming 32 ounces of energy drinks can cause heart disturbances. Based on the findings of this study, shortness of breath occurs four hours after the consumption.

With that said, it is important to understand how energy drinks affect the heart and to know your limitation.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, the recommended intake of caffeine is 400 mg per day for most healthy individuals. That’s about three to four servings of energy mixes.

Can Caffeine Make You Feel Short of Breath?

Generally speaking, ingesting too much caffeine can cause shortness of breath.

Consuming more than the recommended limit can pose problems for someone with a heart condition due to high caffeine concentration. As a result, this can increase heart rate and blood pressure causing shortness of breath.

Temporary shortness of breath can be due to a heart rhythm disorder called tachycardia, which makes your heart beat faster even when you are at rest.

Check out this video demonstrating the effect of caffeine on your heart.

BBC Earth Lab: The Effect of Caffeine on Your Heart

Why Do I have Sudden Shortness of Breath?

There’s a whole bunch of spectrum why you might have sudden shortness of breath which could be:

  • heart attack
  • blood clot in the lungs
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • choking
  • infection
  • injury
  • medication
  • heat exhaustion
  • anxiety

You should go see the doctor as soon as possible for a physical exam, blood test, lung function test, chest X-ray, and other procedures so that you can get a proper diagnosis and medication.

Can Shortness of Breath Go Away?

It depends on your health.

If you just ingested too many servings of energy mixes at a time, the best way to make your shortness of breath go away is to stop caffeinating right away. Take a short walk and drink some milk to flush out the caffeine and help normalize your breathing.

On the other hand, shortness of breath won’t go away quickly if the cause is more serious such as heart attack, asthma, and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to identify what’s causing your shortness of breath.

When Should I be Concerned About Shortness of Breath?

You should be concerned about your shortness of breath when it’s accompanied by:

  • palpitations (fast or irregular heartbeat)
  • chest pain (particularly when associated with sweating and nausea)
  • fever
  • swollen ankles and feet
  • wheezing
  • blue fingers or lips

Does Drinking Water Help With Breathing?

Drinking water can definitely help you breathe better. It helps to thin the mucus lining in your lungs and airways and makes you breathe better.

Dehydration hardens the mucus lining in your lungs and is possibly one of the reasons why you have shortness of breath. So, stay hydrated, especially when you’re consuming energy drink powders!


As long as you don’t overdo energy drink powders, it won’t lead to shortness of breath, if you’re a healthy consumer.

It is vital for you to realize the effects of energy drinks on your lungs and heart. That way, you’ll be more careful when consuming caffeinated beverages.

Also, stay healthy by exercising and eating nutrition-rich food to keep your heart and lungs in good shape.

You can occasionally indulge in a serving of energy mix but only when you need it the most. Overdoing it is forbidden as it can lead to serious health problems!

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