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Celsius On-The-Go vs. Coffee (Which one’s healthy?)

Caffeinated beverages have taken over the market surprisingly, as everyone needs a dose of caffeine to be active, alert, and energetic. If you are a gamer or do a lot of physical and mental work, you may need an energy drink or Coffee to stay active. Tough competition between Coffee and energy drink has made it very difficult for people to choose one over the other.

Celsius On-The-Go is a fantastic energy drink that not only keeps you active but hydrated also. However, Coffee only provides you with alertness and energy. Celsius On-The-Go has an excellent list of ingredients that make it superior to Coffee.

To know more about both Celsius On-the-go and Coffee, continue reading.

Which one to buy?

The caffeine content in Celsius-On-The-Go is strong enough to help you stay active, but its nutritional ingredients make it a better pick over Coffee. Celsius On-The-Go will provide you with essential vitamins that will enhance and improve the working of internal organs without putting your health at risk.

So, if you are looking for something that keeps you energetic and offers healthy nutrients, you should always go for a Celsius On-The-Go energy drink.

Let’s dive into the nutritional detail to know more about these drinks.

Comparing nutritional ingredients

Celsius On-The-Go has many healthy ingredients on its list, but Coffee has few ingredients.

an image showing nutritional ingredients of celsius on the go
Nutitrional ingredients of Celsius-On-The-Go.
Celsius On-The-Go Coffee
Vitamin B6Vitamins
Vitamin B12 
Calcium carbonate 
Comparing nutritional ingredients

The ingredients used in Celsius On-The-Go speed up your metabolism and provide you energy. Also, these ingredients are healthier than ingredients in Coffee.

Let’s discuss the nutritional value and importance of these ingredients in detail.

Comparing nutritional facts

The comparison between nutritional facts reveals amazing facts about the nutritional value of both drinks. It highlights the reasons that why Celsius On-The-Go is a better choice than Coffee.


Image of bread and coffee
Bread is the source of energy.

Both Celsius On-The-Go and Coffee have vitamins, but the vitamin content is different in each. Celsius On-The-Go is rich in vitamins than Coffee. Vitamins are minerals that are not synthesized by the body and consumed through diet. They are essential and help in the proper working of the body.

The primary functions of vitamins are:

  • Improves functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Enhance the ability to think
  • Improves eyesight
  • Prevents eye from muscular degeneration
  • Produces red blood cells

The vitamin content in Coffee doesn’t satisfy your daily vitamins need; that’s why Celsius On-The-Go is a better choice as it provides you with a sufficient quantity of vitamins.

However, the excess of vitamins also cause issues like:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headache
  • Mood swings
  • Memory issues
  • Difficulty in concentration


Celsius On-The-Go carries 10 calories. A calorie is the amount of energy consumed from a portion of food or drink. Calories combine with caffeine to intensify the energy-boosting process. On the other hand, Coffee does not contain any calories and is calorie-free. According to AHA, the average intake of calories for women is 2000, and for men, it is 2500 per day.

If taken more than this, you will face health risks like:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Hypertension

Celsius On-The-Go is best for people looking for a drink that can boost their energy level and speed up the metabolic process; because it contains a meager quantity of calories.

Calcium carbonate

A minimal quantity of calcium carbonate is present in Celsius On-The-Go. It is used in dietary supplements as a source of calcium and makes Celsius On-The-Go healthy because this drink provides you with calcium needed for strong bones, teeth, and muscles. It also improves the working of the heart and nervous system.


Coffee has a small number of antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and melanoidins. Antioxidants prevent heart diseases and also raise the blood antioxidant level. However, the study is undergoing to know more about the functions and purposes of antioxidants.

If you’re interested to know more about the ingredients in-depth, check out my detailed discussion about the nutritional facts of Celsius On-The-Go here.

Comparing caffeine content

Both Coffee and Celsius On-The-Go have a substantial quantity of caffeine. The caffeine content in Celsius On-The-Go is a bit higher than in Coffee. Caffeine enhances your brain activity by blocking the working of adenosine.

Adenosine is a neurochemical that let you feel exhausted, but caffeine blocks its functioning to help you stay active, alert, and energetic.

Celsius On-The-Go contains 200 mg of caffeine that is a bit high compared to 95-120 mg in black Coffee. But, this quantity is enough to help you stay active and energetic.

Looking at the caffeine content, only one serving of Celsius On-The-Go is enough per day.

 According to FDA, the average intake of caffeine is limited to 400 mg. Taking more than the suggested quantity can cause health problems like:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Speeding heartbeat
  • Addiction
  • Insomnia

Why should you pick Celsius-on-the-go energy drink?

Many factors make Celsius On-The-Go a perfect choice for consumers. Few of those factors are discussed here.

Sweet in taste

An image of chocolate
Chocolates are full of sugar.

If you love sweets or want your caffeinated drink to taste enjoyable, then Celsius On-The-Go is the perfect pick for you. Although it is sugar-free, it contains artificial sweeteners like sucralose and erythritol. Both are 600 times sweeter in taste than sugar, and only a small quantity is enough to impart a sweet taste.

Celsius On-The-Go is sugar-free and calorie-free, saving you from sudden energy or sugar crashes. Also, you don’t have to worry about the health risks from high sugar intake.

Some of those are:

  • Obesity
  • High blood sugar level
  • Diabetes
  • Acne
  • Anxiety or depression

Variety of flavors

People usually don’t like the typical taste of Coffee and tea. They need something different and refreshing to go through their day.

Celsius On-The-Go offers various flavors, and you can pick any of them according to your taste. On the other hand, Coffee doesn’t taste that enjoyable.

Standardized caffeine content

Caffeine doesn’t offer controlled or measured caffeine content, as it can vary during the making process. But, Celsius On-The-Go has a standardized quantity of caffeine. It is best for people who are trying to control their daily caffeine intake.

A powerful source of energy

Celsius On-The-Go has 10 calories. A calorie is an excellent source of energy. These calories combine with caffeine and additional ingredients to keep you stay alert and energetic.

Coffee is calorie-free, and it doesn’t help with an energy boost as efficiently as Celsius On-The-Go energy drink.

Additional ingredients

Celsius On-The-Go is rich in nutritional ingredients that help in the proper working of the body. It contains a handful of essential vitamins that are beneficial in improving eyesight and other muscular functions.

One serving of Celsius On-The-Go is enough to fulfill your basic nutritional needs. In contrast, Coffee does not offer as many ingredients as Celsius energy, making it a better choice.


Celsius On-The-Go is served cold and carbonated; thus it has a refreshing effect. It gives an energy boost and also refreshes you. Coffee is not refreshing, as it is served hot, but it also provides a quick jolt of energy.

Why should you pick Coffee?

Coffee is a suitable choice for many, and there are some other factors that make Coffee a good pick. Some of these are discussed below.

Purely caffeine

Coffee is a pure caffeine source, and it is extracted from coffee beans. It does not have a long, luxurious list of ingredients.

Coffee contains a small number of vitamins and antioxidants along with caffeine. However, it is considered the best pick for people who dislike the fancy energy drink and want a pure caffeine content.

Cheaper choice

If you are looking for a caffeine source that lasts long and provides you with a quick jolt of energy, Coffee is the best choice. It does not cost much and is very suitable for people who cannot buy fancy-looking energy drinks to go through their day.


Coffee is calorie-free because it does not contain any sugar. People who have diabetes or high blood sugar level avoid sugary energy drinks and prefer Coffee. It is also best for people trying to control their weight, as sweets can cause weight gain.

However, if you add sugar or milk to your Coffee, it will gain few calories.

Suits your taste

Many people want their drinks to taste exactly as they want to prefer Coffee over energy drinks.

In the case of Coffee, you can increase or decrease the caffeine content, but Celsius On-The-Go doesn’t provide this opportunity as it contains a standardized amount of caffeine.           

Comparing flavors

Coffee and Celsius On-The-Go offer a variety of enjoyable and refreshing flavors.

Celsius On-The-GoCoffee
Kiwi guava limeDouble espresso
Dragonfruit limeFlat white
CoconutCafé latte
Cranberry lemonBlack Americano
Comparing flavors

These amazing flavors are readily available in stores near you, and e-stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart also ship your favorite caffeinated drink to your home.

Comparing prices

Celsius On-The-Go (14 sticks)Coffee (Bottle)
Comparing prices

Coffee is a cheaper choice than fancy energy drinks, but the ingredients used in Celsius On-The-Go justify its price.

Amazing and helpful review on Celsius On-The-Go energy drink.

The price of both drinks is almost the same, but one bottle of Coffee lasts longer than Celsius On-The-Go; it is suitable for people who want a cheap solution. You can also get amazing deals on your favorite caffeinated drink in e-stores.

Is Coffee better than Celsius On-The-Go?

There are varying views about Coffee and Celsius On-The-Go. Many people prefer Coffee over Celsius-On-The-Go energy drinks because they think energy drinks aren’t healthy.

However, this is not true. Celsius On-The-Go provides you with healthy ingredients that stay active and energetic. The sufficient vitamin content in Celsius-on-the-go makes it a better choice than Coffee.


The different comparisons between Coffee and Celsius On-The-Go reveal exciting information about both drinks.

Celsius On-The-Go is an excellent energy drink that helps you stay active, alert, and energetic throughout the day. It has a high nutritional value and helps improve the overall functioning of the body.

Celsius On-The-Go is rich in vitamins that speed up your metabolic process. It is calorie-free and sugar-free, which means you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar level, and the high caffeine content enhances your brain activity.

Celsius On-The-Go is free from artificial flavors and colors. You can have it at any time of day, and you will get an instant jolt of energy.

Why not Coffee? Coffee is a good choice for many as it contains low caffeine content. People who have low caffeine resistance often prefer Coffee over Celsius On-The-Go.

Also, Coffee doesn’t offer as many benefits as Celsius energy. The lasting effect of Coffee is 3 to 4 hours that is less compared to 5 to 6 hours of Celsius energy drink.

So, if you are looking for something that keeps you healthy as well as provides you with a handful of caffeine, then Celsius energy is the best pick for you. It is helpful in the efficient and proper working of many of your internal organs and offers you quick energy.

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