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Does Rogue Energy Actually Work? (Truth Revealed)

Rogue Energy has been earning a great deal of popularity among gamers today. But even if the brand is stealing scenes in the gaming industry, non-gamers with different types of activities such as working out and studying can also benefit a lot from this drink because it really does work.

Rogue Energy has been formulated with loads of vitamins, nootropics, and amino acids to supply you with energy and boost your mental functions so you can be effective in whatever activity you’re doing.

Continue reading to learn more about Rogue Energy.

Rogue Nutritional Information

Let’s begin the analysis with the nutritional information.

You can find Rogue Energy’s Nutritional Information and a List of Ingredients at the back of its sachet.
NutrientAmount per serving
Here are the important nutrients for your diet and how much of them you are getting in a single-serve of Rogue Energy.

Calories in Rogue

A calorie is a unit of energy that is essential for your body to function normally.

As recommended by the NIH, healthy women should consume up to 2,000 calories a day, while it’s 2,500 for healthy men.

Rogue Energy contains 5 calories per serving. This amount of calorie content is very low. It shouldn’t hurt your diet because it almost has no impact on your body weight.

Additionally, a low-calorie diet isn’t just about losing unnecessary weight but it also comes with a lot of health benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

  • boosts your mood and well-being
  • improve your blood sugar levels
  • improve your overall health

Caffeine in Rogue

Caffeine is a popular substance used to stimulate the central nervous system. It keeps you awake, vigilant, and energized that’s why it’s a major component in Rogue Energy’s formulation.

A popular source of caffeine is coffee beans.

A single serving of Rogue Energy (6.9g) has 175mg of caffeine.

This amount is almost half the recommended daily intake of caffeine as per the FDA.

According to these experts, a healthy adult is safe to consume up to 400mg of caffeine every day. So those with caffeine intolerance should be cautious of drinking more than one serving of Rogue Energy.

This is more to do with awareness rather than a warning because caffeine, after all, is proven to be beneficial for your health when consumed at proper dosages.

To name a few benefits:

Sugar in Rogue

Rogue Energy doesn’t contain sugar. It’s one of its bragging rights as an energy drink.

Having no sugar in your food and drinks means no sugar crash and it also reduces the risks of type 2 diabetes. Besides all that, here are more reasons to go sugar-free whenever you can:

  • it reduces the risks of obesity
  • it helps you achieve clearer skin
  • it reduces the risks of skin cancer
  • it gives you a better mood
  • it enhances mental clarity
  • it improves your dental health
  • it controls your cravings

Now, if you’re wondering where Rogue Energy credits its drinks sweetness, here’s the answer: Rogue Energy contains artificial sweeteners (Sucralose) to mimic the taste of sugar.

Although there may be a dispute in its overall health impact, sucralose is legal and permitted for use as sweeteners in food in the USA and Europe.

Rogue Energy Ingredients

 Energy Complex (200g total)

  • L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • L-Citrulline
  • Taurine
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Caffeine
  • Glycine

Focus Complex (1.50 g total)

  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine
  • L-Phenylalanine 
  • L-Theanine
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract
  • Bacopa Monnieri Herb

Rogue’s inclusion of these two complexes is part of their provision of both concentration and energy. The complexes contain ingredients that help fulfill these goals.

Other Ingredients

This section contains ingredients that hold the least dosage in the Rogue Energy formula. They are food additives whose purpose is mainly to preserve the product and for aesthetics.

Citric Acid preserving and flavoring agent
Artificial Flavorsmimics the taste of natural ingredients
Maltodextrinhelps the product have a longer shelf life
Rebaudioside Anatural sweetener
Silicon Dioxideanti-caking agent
Red 40coloring
Blue 1coloring
Food additives are safe when consumed in small amounts.

If you’re itching for additional details and an in-depth look at these ingredients as well as the complexes that Rogue has, I’ve got just the right article for you.

Orange is a great source of citric acid.

Does Rogue actually work?

Looking at the numbers and upon trying the drink myself, I can attest that Rogue Energy definitely works.

It’s rich in vitamins to keep your whole system working properly. It has amino acids that support your cognitive functions such as memory, learning, decision-making, and problem-solving.

It’s made sugar-free and low in calories to make it an even more healthy energy drink alternative for you.

It has a high level of caffeine to back these nutrients up and help you last longer whether you’re studying, working at the office, working out at the gym, or gaming.

Its formulation is created to suit your active lifestyle, therefore, Rogue Energy does work.

I must remind you though that Rogue Energy’s caffeine content is pretty strong so it’s better to watch your intake especially if you’re someone who’s not used to drinking caffeinated drinks.

Consume as directed so you can maximize Rogue Energy’s benefits and minimize its risks at the same time.

Is Rogue better than G Fuel?

Why compare Rogue with G Fuel and not with any other brand? It’s because I think G Fuel is the closest competitor of Rogue. They share a lot of similarities. Their prices are so close to each other and even their ingredients are very similar.

Their caffeine contents are pretty close to each other. Rogue has 175mg while G Fuel has 150mg.

Having tried both, I like both of these energy drink brands. They both give you a good boost and mix easily in water.

The only difference I noticed is the speed of its effect on me. Rogue Energy does take a while before I feel its effect kick in. I had to wait for about 20-30 minutes before I started to feel any of its boost or pump.

With G Fuel, it only takes about 5 minutes before my mind starts to feel the rush, and for my body to start moving light. And that makes all the difference especially if you’re on the go.

Although there are some Rogue flavors that I like (like Grape Popsicle for instance), there seem to be quite a few that I don’t really think are all that amazing (like Kiwi Strawberry). That’s another vote for G Fuel, with their range of delicious flavors.

Both are good energy drinks but due to Rogue’s delay, I’d still go for G Fuel.

Is Rogue Energy healthy?

Yes, Rogue Energy is healthy.

All ingredients found in Rogue Energy formula are safe and legal for use in human consumption. Each ingredient’s amount is safe and is within the safe limit as per the experts’ recommendations.

Take a look at this table for comparison:

NutrientQuantity per servingRecommended daily intake
Caffeine175mgup to 400mg
Taurine400mgup to 3,000mg
Comparison table of Rogue’s nutrient quantity vs the recommended limit.

This table clearly shows that Rogue Energy is safe for daily consumption.

Rogue Energy has loads of vitamins and amino acids to supply you with energy and support your mental functions.

However, one thing that may cause a problem upon drinking a serving of Rogue is its high level of caffeine content. A content of 175mg of caffeine might be within the safe consumption limit but for those people with slow caffeine metabolism, it can be a problem.

Fortunately, this can be resolved by drinking in moderation.

Start with half a serving just to get a feel of the drink before you increase your consumption on the succeeding days. If the dose still feels too much for you, then opt for a different brand that has much lower caffeine content.

Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons for Rogue. For details on daily consumption, you can hop on over to this article I’ve got to help you out.

Rogue Energy Pros and Cons

As is with all things, Rogue isn’t clear-cut perfection, nor is it completely terrible. So what does Rogue give us, and what doesn’t it?

Rogue Energy’s pros are in its formulation. You’ve read through its ingredients and have seen that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals that help keep you both boosted and focused.

Additionally, Rogue is sugar-free, with the lowest calorie count amongst many competitors. Its caffeine content is where the line transitions.

Rogue’s cons start with its caffeine content of 175mg. Despite being within the recommended caffeine intake, it is still considerably high and can affect you negatively if you have a low caffeine tolerance.

Amongst the cons is the time delay for Rogue’s effect to work. I personally find the boost to take slower compared to other brands.

If you’re looking to try Rogue, these are some factors you should definitely take into consideration.

Rogue Energy Flavors

The flavors I chose when I ordered my Rogue Energy Starter Kit.

Another strength of Rogue Energy is that it offers a wide selection of flavors to cater to different types of consumers. Here are the flavors that you can find when you order on their website:

  • Rogue Energy Blue Raspberry
  • Rogue Energy Watermelon
  • Rogue Energy Cherry Limeade
  • Rogue Energy Strawberry Kiwi
  • Rogue Shake Caramel Vanilla Latte
  • Rogue Shake Cookies ‘N Cream
  • Rogue Energy Pink Lemonade
  • Rogue Energy Grape Popsicle
  • Rogue Energy Mango Pineapple
  • Rogue Hydration Fruit Punch
  • Rogue Hydration Dragon Fruit Mango
  • Rogue Extreme Strawberry Lemonade
  • Rogue Extreme Green Apple

From the list, you can see there’s a good selection of fruit-focused flavors and others that are catered to more specific tastes such as the Caramel Vanilla Latte.

Although 13 is significantly low in flavor count compared to other brands, Rogue makes sure their flavors are still up to standard. Now, how affordable are they?

Rogue Energy Price

Rogue Energy is available on Amazon, Gamerbulk, and on their official website.

Rogue Energy’s WebsiteAmazonGamerbulk
Rogue Energy Tub (30 servings)$32.99$32.99€35.99
This is a comparison table of prices of Rogue Energy.

Among the three stores, I would recommend Rogue Energy’s official website for reasons being: (1) All flavors, old and new, are always available. As with Amazon and Gamerbulk, it’s very limited, (2) you get to save a few bucks by using discount codes that Rogue Energy offers from time to time.

Rogue Energy Tub (30 servings)$32.99
G Fuel Energy Tub (40 servings)$35.99
Sneak Energy Tub (40 servings)$40.00
X Gamer Tub (60 servings)$35.00
Price Comparison between Rogue Energy and other popular powdered energy drinks.

With the formulation and quantity of servings, Rogue Energy has, its price point is reasonable. And if you were to compare its price with other brands, it’s pretty competitive. It’s not too high and not too low. So I wouldn’t say it’s cheaper or more expensive with Rogue Energy.

I like that Rogue Energy is confident to level their price with other huge energy brands in the market today. I think it’s a great branding style to let your target market know which brands you intend to rub elbows with or what kind of energy drink brand you are.

Is Rogue Energy good for weight loss?

Rogue Energy is weight-loss and diet-friendly.

Rogue Energy is not a dietary supplement for weight loss. It won’t make you lose weight but it won’t make you gain weight either.

This energy drink contains no sugar and is low in calories.

This means that Rogue Energy is a great option for people trying to lose weight because its sugar and calorie content is almost zero to contribute to your body weight. It will give you a good boost in your workouts without the added work to burn it off.


Rogue Energy does work.

If the delay of effects isn’t a problem for you, then you should definitely go for this drink.

It is loaded with vitamins and amino acids to boosts your energy and focus. Its caffeine content power is sure to rev up your efficiency and your cognition which are both beneficial whether your gaming, working out, or simply getting your daily routine done with ease.

Rogue Energy contains a high level of caffeine, if you’re used to caffeine you can use this to your advantage. If not, it might be too much for you so always follow the consumption direction to avoid caffeine overdose.

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