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Gamer supps vs. Coffee (which one’s best?)

Caffeinated drinks are to keep you active, alert, and energetic. Coffee and energy drinks are designed to help you in long hours of work. Tough competition has been observed between Gamer supps and Coffee.  However, Gamer supps energy drink is marketed as one of the most popular gaming energy drinks.

 If you are a gamer and do a lot of brain activity, you may need something to stay active and alert. That’s where Gamer supps help; it refreshes you and keeps you active compared to Coffee. Both Gamer supps and Coffee contain a handful of caffeine. The caffeine content gives you a quick jolt of energy.

People usually ask which one to prefer and why. Let’s dive into the details of both drinks to counter this question.

Which one to pick?

People usually get confused about which caffeinated drink to buy, either coffee or Gamer supps. The caffeine content in both drinks is almost the same. Still, the additional ingredients and nootropic-antioxidants blend make Gamer supps an excellent pick compared to Coffee, which has a few ingredients in its formula. So, if you are looking for something healthy and energetic, you should pick Gamer supps.

Comparing nutritional ingredients

Gamer supps has a great list of nutrients, but Coffee only has a few nutrients. The nutritional difference also favors Gamer supps as the perfect drink over Coffee.

Nutritional ingredients used in GG.
Gamer suppsCoffee
Nootropic blend 
Comparing Nutritional Ingredients.

Gamer supps contain many healthy ingredients in their packaging; it is also calorie-free and sugar-free.  Coffee, On the other hand, has fewer ingredients.

To know more about the nutritional facts and value, continue reading.

Comparing nutritional facts

The detailed analysis of nutritional facts of coffee and Gamer supps helps you understand their importance and functions in your body.


Gamer supps contain choline that helps in the efficient working of the body. Choline is an essential nutrient that helps in the proper functioning of the body. It is a water-soluble compound, neither vitamin nor mineral. However, due to its resemblance with vitamins, it is grouped in the vitamin category.

Some of its primary functions are:

  • Helps in cell maintenance
  • Crucial for DNA synthesis
  • Prevents from heart diseases
  • Enhances the metabolic process
  • Improves the working of the nervous system

Although the body produces a tiny amount of choline, it is also taken through diet or energy drinks. One serving of Gamer supps contains a sufficient quantity of choline that prevents you from its deficiency. Because deficiency of choline causes,

  • Cancer
  • Fatty liver
  • Kidney issues
  • Anxious or restless stage
  • Muscle damage


Fruits are a good source of vitamins.

Vitamins are present in both coffee and Gamer supps energy drinks. They perform various functions, improve your eyesight, and maintain internal organs’ functioning. The vitamin content is less in Coffee than Gamer supps, so if you are looking for a drink with a good vitamins source, you should pick Gamer supps.


Coffee contains an acceptable quantity of antioxidants like melanoidins and chlorogenic acid. These antioxidants increase the blood antioxidant level and prevent heart diseases when absorbed in the blood. More study is going on to know about the functions of antioxidants.

Nootropic blend

The nootropic-antioxidant blend is also known as the focus complex, which gives gamers an extra boost of energy. Gamers need something extra to enhance their mental ability, and Gamer supps provides them with needed ingredients. This nootropic-antioxidant blend contains caffeine, ginseng root, antioxidants, and other ingredients.

As we don’t know the exact quantity of ingredients used in the nootropic blend, it is pretty challenging to know if the used ingredients are effective or not. Vitamins, electrolytes, and caffeine make up most of this blend. All these ingredients help increase the focus ability of gamers and improve the brain’s activity. The overall weight of the nootropic-antioxidant blend is 1.65 mg; however, the weight of the ingredients is still unknown.

 Comparing Caffeine content

Caffeine is a primary and typical element in coffee and Gamer supps. The caffeine content in both is not much different. One serving of Gamer supps contains caffeine equal to one cup of black coffee. Caffeine helps you to stay active, alert, and energetic by blocking the working of Adenosine.

Adenosine is a neurochemical that helps you feel tired. Caffeine works as a brain stimulant and stops the working of Adenosine to keep you active and alert.

Gamer supps has 100 mg of caffeine, this quantity is enough to boost your energy level, and you don’t have to worry about caffeine overdose. Taking one or two servings of Gamer supps won’t result in caffeine overdose. According to FDA, the average intake of caffeine is limited to 400 mg per day. Excess of caffeine causes health issues like,

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Caffeine addiction
  • Heart diseases
  • Speedy heartbeat

Why should you choose Gamer supps energy drink?

Many apparent reasons help Gamer supps stand out in gaming energy drinks and caffeinated beverages. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

Standardized caffeine content

Gamer supps contain a fine quantity of caffeine. The caffeine content is appropriately measured to avoid caffeine overdose. However, Coffee does not offer standardized caffeine content, and this variability can put your health at risk. Anyone trying to limit their daily caffeine intake should go for Gamer supps instead of Coffee.

Enjoyable taste

If you love sweets and want an enjoyable source of caffeine, Gamer supps is the best pick. Although Gamer supps is sugar-free, it contains artificial sweeteners like erythritol.

Erythritol is a calorie-free ingredient that replaces sugar in Gamer supps energy drink. It is safe for people with high blood sugar levels and diabetes because it doesn’t have any side effects. Also, it is 70% sweeter than sugar, and only a small quantity is enough to sweeten Gamer supps. It is considered healthier than sugar. Excess of sugar causes:

  • Obesity
  • High blood sugar level
  • Acne
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Diabetes


Gamer supps are served cold and carbonated. This makes it a vital source along with an energy booster. Drinking Gamer supps before a workout or during a rugged, tiring day refreshed you. On the other hand, Coffee is served hot, and it doesn’t work as quickly as Gamer supps.

Additional ingredients

Like other energy drinks, Gamer supps also offers a handful of additional supplements. Its nootropic-antioxidant blend has essential vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, etc. All these ingredients help in the healthy and efficient working of the body. Electrolytes keep you hydrated and energetic. But Coffee is pure caffeine, and it doesn’t offer as many ingredients as Gamer supps.

Variety of flavors

Dragon fruit punch flavor of GG.

Many people don’t like the typical taste of Tea and Coffee. They need something healthy with and different from their daily caffeine intake; Gamer supps offers an excellent list of enjoyable flavors. Each flavor offers an energetic and refreshing effect.

Why should you choose Coffee?

Coffee is pure caffeine; it is best for people who don’t want any additional ingredient in their caffeine serving. There are a few reasons given below.

Cheaper choice

Coffee is great for people looking for a cheap drink containing enough caffeine to help them stay active. One bottle of Coffee lasts long, and it is pretty affordable compared to the fancy-looking packaging of energy drinks.

Suits your taste

Many people dislike the sweet taste of energy drinks and want their caffeinated drinks to taste accordingly. Coffee is the perfect option for those people; you can quickly add your ingredients to your hot coffee cup. But, Gamer supps already has its own set of ingredients, and you cannot add more.

No calories, No regrets

Coffee is sugar-free, and this makes it calorie-free. It is a fantastic pick for people who are trying to reduce weight. But, if you add milk or sugar to your Coffee, it will gain few calories. Diabetic people prefer Coffee as their daily caffeine source because it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.

Pure caffeine

Coffee: the main source of caffeine.

Coffee is pure caffeine because it comes directly from coffee beans. However, it contains a few vitamins and antioxidants that add to its nutritional value. Anyone who dislikes energy drinks’ formulation due to a handful of nutritional ingredients should go for Coffee.

Comparing flavors

Gamer supps and Coffee have a glorious list of different flavors to satisfy consumers’ taste buds.

Gamer suppsCoffee
Pineapple cocktailEspresso
Waifu candyDouble espresso
MangometaBlack Americano
Citrus lemonadeFlat white
Blue razzCafé latte
Dragonfruit punchCappuccino
Acai blueberryIced Coffee
Sour apple 
Watermelon ice 
Comparing flavors

These amazing and refreshing flavors are readily available in stores near you, and you can also make any type of coffee at home. E-stores are also a quick shopping center, where you can buy your favorite products.

Comparing prices

Coffee is a cheaper choice compared to Gamer supps. One bottle of Coffee lasts longer than a tub of Gamer supps energy drink. But, the price of Gamer supps is justified by the addition of many healthy ingredients.

Gamer supps (100 servings)Coffee (bottle)
Comparing prices

Gamer supps is relatively low compared to other gaming energy drink brands. You can also get amazing deals on e-stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Is Coffee better than Gamer supps?

Since caffeinated drinks took over the market, tough competition has been observed between Coffee and energy drinks. Both Gamer supps, and Coffee contain almost the same caffeine content. However, Gamer supps is rich in nutritional ingredients and offers excellent nutritional value compared to Coffee with few ingredients. It keeps you hydrated, alert, and energetic, so Gamer supps is always a better pick than Coffee.

Exciting review on Gamer supps energy drink


The comparisons between coffee and Gamer supps reveal exciting information about both products. Both have almost similar caffeine content, but the primary difference lies in the nutritional ingredients. Gamer supps has a lot of nutritional ingredients that help in the ordinary and efficient working of the body.

Gamer supps has an impressive nootropic-electrolyte complex that helps gamers play better and more attentively. Gaming needs focus, activeness, and coordination to outplay your gaming foes; Gamer supps provides you with ingredients that help to improve all these abilities. It provides you with a consistent energy flow and focuses throughout the game.

Why not Coffee? Although Coffee is also a suitable choice for many, it lacks nutritional value. The nutritional importance of Gamer supps is much more than Coffee; the growing need for a healthy caffeinated drink has increased that overshadowed Coffee. Gaming drinks like Gamer supps contain elements that help improve cognitive functioning. Also, the lasting effect of Coffee is 3-4 hours that is less than 5-6 hours of Gamer supps energy drink.

Gamer supps is not a costly gaming drink. One tub offers 100 servings which means you pay only $0.35 per serving; notable, isn’t it?

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