Ghost Gamer vs GG Gamer Supps (Head On Comparison )

Ghost Gamer and Gamersupps GG both are top brands in the gaming industry. But energy drinks don’t come in fit in all sizes, they have different nutrients and ingredients.

You might be curious about which energy drink can be the best fit for you, don’t you worry I got your back.

You’ll find that Ghost and GG are pretty similar in most of their ingredients with only a little difference in their vitamins and minerals. Their gap shows in their caffeine and the product availability which Gamersupps offers more of. There is also the inclusion of eye vitamins that’s exclusive to Gamersupps.

Here I have made a detailed side-by-side analysis of both Ghost Gamer and Gamersupps GG ingredients and nutrients, so you can choose the better one according to your preference.

Ingredients in Ghost Gamer and Gamersupps GG

Energy drinks are fueled up with core ingredients such as sugar, calories, and carbohydrates. Between the two, they’re similar in calories, carbohydrates, and sugar.

Their differences show in their use of artificial sweeteners as well as their caffeine content. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details about the core ingredients.


Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
0 calories0 calories
Ghost Gamer and Gamersupps GG are calorie-free

Calories can cause weight gain if not burned properly. The calories determine how much energy you will be getting from the food and we often get enough of these from our meals so anything in addition to that can lead to weight gain.

Both of the drinks are calorie-free which is a plus point if you’re on a strict calorie diet.


Carbohydrates are another form of calorie, which gives you a boost but causes weight gain. You’ll find that both drinks have very little carbohydrates.

Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
1g 0g
Carbs present in both brands

Here, Gamersupps GG takes the lead by being a zero carbs drink, however, Ghost Gamer has 1g of carbs which can be considered equal to none.

Not burning enough carbs causes weight gain.

These nutrients if taken in large quantities can cause heart risks and CVD. Luckily you won’t be overdosing even after two drinks or either brand because of such a low amount of carbs in it.

Although carbohydrates are useful for the body, there is often enough of them in the meals we consume so there’s no need to rack up on them in your drinks too.

Now let’s discuss the sugar content of both brands.


Both of the brands are sugar-free.

Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
0 g0g
Ghost Gamer and Gamersupps GG are sugar-free

Sugar has no nutritional value, but it gives you a quick boost. Beyond that, it can be dangerous when overconsumed.

Sugar has no health benefit.

Sugar causes sugar crashes when the effects wear off but since neither brands contain any sugar, you won’t be having any crashes.

Some energy drinks are fueled up with sugar which means if you overdose, you might face some negative health effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Jitters
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Restlessness
  • Cravings
  • Weight gain
  • High blood sugar

To avoid such side effects the AHA has recommended a daily dose limit for men to be 37g, for women to be 25g and for children under age 6 to be 19g.

These limitations remain limitations and won’t be a worry with these drinks.

Being sugar-free doesn’t mean you’d have to compromise on taste, these brands have gone a step ahead and used sugar substitutes to have the desired taste, lets look into it.

Artificial Sweeteners Used

Ghost Gamer uses Sucralose and Gamersupps GG uses Erythritol.

Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
Artificial sweeteners used by both brands

Artificial sweeteners are said to be a good approach instead of sugar since it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels or cause crashes.

Sucralose is a high-intensity, non-nutritive sweetener, low in calories but 600 times sweeter than table sugar.

Erythritol, on the other hand, contains 70% sweetness of sugar and has almost no calories. Both of these sweeteners are declared safe to be used by FDA.

For both brands, either sweetener is safe and does the trick so there’s not that big of a difference.

Let’s now dive into the main ingredient for which energy drinks are popular, the caffeine content.

Comparison of Caffeine

Caffeine is often found in tea leaves, cocoa beans, and coffee. You’ll see here that Ghost Gamer has more caffeine content.

Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
The caffeine content of both brands

Caffeine is an all-natural stimulating agent, that helps stimulate the brain and central nervous system. It works by blocking off the adenosine receptors, suppressing the feelings which make us feel sluggish and tired.

Caffeine is addictive.

Ghost Gamer has an adequate amount of caffeine to give you the boost you need for concentration and alertness, this can be your drink if you have high caffeine tolerance. This content is about average which means it serves its function.

However, if you want to be low on caffeine and still want to have some effects, you can opt for Gamersupps GG. This is still a good amount of caffeine and if you feel like you need more, you can always add another half scoop.

Be wary, however, because caffeine consumption should always be regulated.

The FDA has recommended a daily dose limit for healthy individuals to be not more than 400mg.

This means you have a plus in Gamersupps GG because you can have two servings in a day and still be left with half of the daily intake. I wouldn’t recommend consuming any more caffeine than this though.

Here is an insight for you about the benefits and side effects of caffeine.

A video explaining caffeine.

Nutrition Facts of Ghost Gamer and GG Gamer Supps

Now that we have discussed all the main ingredients of energy drinks. You’ll see that despite some differences, they’re not that far from each other’s formula.

The only strong difference is Gamersupps GG’s addition of eye helpful nutrients which is helpful for gaming.

Let’s look into the nutrition that these drinks have promised their audience.


Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
Vitamin B6Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12
Vitamin CVitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
Vitamin D3
Vitamin comparison between both brands

Both brands use B vitamins in their formulation. Each one of them has 3 kinds of B vitamins essential for naturally boosting your energy and cognitive functions.

Although they may not have some of the benefits the other offers, they make it up with the inclusion of their own. Both brands are unique in their choices and its leaves no space for trashing any of the brands, you can choose any of them depending on your preferences.

Minerals and Electrolytes

Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
Comparison of minerals and electrolytes

Minerals and electrolytes are necessary to give you energy when you’ve been gaming for a while.

Again, you’ll notice that there’s only one thing lacking here which I’d say isn’t big enough to render Ghost Gamer worse, or Gamersupps better.

They both contain Zinc which is useful for keeping your immune system at its best performance. Other than that, either brand can offer you a health benefit.

Other Ingredients

Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
[The Energy Complex]
Arginine Silicate]
[The Energy Complex]
Choline L-Bitartrate
[The Focus Complex]
Cognizin Citicoline
Raw Coconut Water Powder
AstraGin Roots Extract
[The Focus Complex]
Ginseng Root Extract
Coenzyme Q10
Acai Berry Extract
Goji Berry Extract
Mangosteen Fruit Extract
[Eye Nutrients]
Comparison of focus and energy complexes of Ghost Gamer and GG

Both of the brands come head to head in amino acids for their energy and focus complexes. Although they contain different ingredients, they’re formulated for the same purpose, therefore, function similarly.

What’s noticeable, however, is that Gamersupps GG shower they think about their audience by including eye vitamins in their formula.

The lutein improves visual contrast sensitivity, whereas astaxanthin prevents eye fatigue and increases blood flow to eye tissues. This may seem trivial but both these brands are geared towards the gaming community, and going the extra step to consider your audience’s eye health is definitely a plus.

In this instance, I’d say Gamersupps GG takes a big lead ahead.

Comparison of Flavors

In terms of flavors, Gamersupps GG clearly takes the lead by having more flavors than Ghost Gamer.

Ghost Gamers Flavors

Ghost Gamer has a total of 7 flavors, which can be difficult to choose from if you’re picky.

  • Peach
  • Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry
  • Sour Patch Kids Redberry
  • Warheads Sour Watermelon
  • Swedish Fish
  • Sonic Ocean Water
  • Sonic Cherry Limeade

This is quite a limited selection for a brand that’s widely known in the market.

Gamersupps GG Flavors

GG offers you 13 flavors to choose from, which are not a lot but a good range to select from.

  • Guacamole Gamer Fart
  • Pineapple Cocktail
  • Waifu Candy
  • Misfits Melon
  • Mango Meta
  • Citrus Lemonade
  • Blue Razz
  • Dragon Fruit Punch
  • Acai Blueberry
  • Sour Apple
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Strawberry Burst
  • Lemon Limeade

These flavors have a bit more range compared to Ghost Gamer and are a mix of fun, random ones, as well as straightforward flavors.

Comparison of Price

Price can become a huge deciding factor when it comes to buying something which can put a hole in your pocket. Between the two, you’ll find that Gamersupps GG has a lot more to offer for a cheaper price.

Check out the table below.

A purchase should be a good investment.
Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
$39.99 (40 Serving)$29.99 (60 Servings)
$35.99 (100 Servings)
Price comparison of Ghost Gamer and Gamersupps GG

Gamersupps GG is comparatively cheaper as compared to Ghost Gamer. It gives you a tub of 60 servings for only $.49 per serving and 100 servings for $.35 per serving.

And with that, Gamersupps GG pulls ahead of Ghost Gamer. This is a deal-breaker, to have all of the nutrients and ingredients almost the same as of the other brand at such a low price.

In addition, if you find a flavor you like, committing to 100 servings will be a good investment.

Where can you buy Ghost Gamer and Gamersupps GG?

Any purchase is made better with its accessibility. Here, you’ll find that Ghost Gamer is a lot more accessible in various options.

Energy drinks should be accessible anywhere.

Buying online can be convenient as you don’t need to wait on your shipment, or have to pay for extra shipping costs. Sadly, Gamersupps GG is only available online whereas Ghost gamers are available in stores too.

Ghost Gamer Gamersupps GG
Ghost Gamer official websiteGamersupps GG official website
Table of purchase options

The disadvantage that Gamersupps GG has is that it isn’t available in-store, so you can not access it when you need it ASAP. They’ve made their website extremely easy to deal with so ordering online won’t be difficult. There is only the waiting and the shipping costs which can be a downfall.

This is where Ghost Gamer comes on par as it’s available both online and in-store making it a lot more accessible if you need your energy drink fill immediately. Check this out for more purchase information on Ghost Gamer.

Final Thoughts

Although both of these drinks are geared towards the gaming community, their specifications vary in a few strong points.

Ghost Gamer has a good amount of caffeine, with zero sugar, zero calories, and zero carbs. It has a good set of nitrifying ingredients and is available everywhere, but it lacks flavors and is comparably more expensive than GG Gamer Supps.

In my opinion, Gamersupps GG is a better option as it’s zero sugar, zero calories, and carbs, and it has an adequate amount of caffeine that you can add to if needed.

It’s got the addition of the eye vitamins and comes on par with the same benefits that Ghost Gamer offers. It is available in tubs and is apparently more affordable than Ghost Gamer, offering up to 100 servings. Read here for a deeper look into Gamersupps GG.

With that, I hope you can clearly see which one’s best and decide for the benefit you want.

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