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How Many Ghost Gamer Can You Drink Every Day? (Legit)

Ghost Gamer flavors are undeniably good and promise improved energy and focus. They’re great for a midday pick-me-up drink at the office, an all-nighter during study sessions, or a powering-up beverage during gaming.

But how many Ghost Gamer can you drink every day?

Let’s answer this question straight away.

To make the most of the Ghost Gamer energy drink, you can have one serving or two scoops of Ghost Gamer per day. Avoid exceeding this limit to prevent the possible side effects of caffeine, especially if you’re not a frequent drinker of highly caffeinated beverages.

I have more information to reveal to you, continue reading.

Ghost Gamer Nutrition Facts

To make sure you’ll get accurate answers to your questions, let’s have the Ghost Gamer’s Nutritional Facts as our main basis of information.

Nutritional Facts of Ghost Gamer.

Caloric Content

A calorie is the measure of energy you get from your food and drinks. Ghost Gamer contains 8 calories per serving (10g). This is one of the lowest-calorie content in energy drinks I know of.

Take a look at this comparison table:

Energy BrandsNumber of Calories
Ghost Gamer (10 g)8
Sneak Energy (10 g)12
Zipfizz (11 g)20
G Fuel Formula (7 g)25
X Gamer Energy (10 g)31
Calorie content comparison of different energy drink brands.

Clearly, Ghost Gamer has an extremely low count of calories compared to other popular entry drinks in the market today.

Gamers are often sedentary. This means there’s almost no room to burn the calories they consume. And as you may have known already, calories that were not used up end up as stored fat, that when accumulated over time leads to obesity. That’s why, if you’re a gamer, going for a low-calorie beverage is a good choice.

Ghost Gamer’s calorie number is a good amount for those wanting to enjoy an energy drink every day without fretting about gaining weight. Eight calories are too low to make a difference in your body weight.

Carbohydrate Content

Ghost Gamer has 2.1 g of carbohydrates per 10 g serving.

Another energy source is carbohydrates. These are mainly the starches and sugars in your food and drinks.

Just like calories, carbohydrates in Ghost Gamer are also low in numbers. This is also great news because I’m sure you have other sources of carbohydrates to consider as well.

You still have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Carbs from these meals usually come in large numbers so why not cut back on carbs from your daily energy drink just to balance them.

Having said all that, Ghost Gamer has the right amount of carbohydrates contribution to support your body.

Sugar Content

A 10 g serving of Ghost Gamer contains less than 0.5 g of sugar. According to the labeling guidelines of the FDA, this amount is considered “sugar-free“.

This means you’re unlikely to experience a sugar crash or develop type two diabetes if you make Ghost Gamer your everyday energy drink.

With Ghost Gamer, you can forget about gaining weight or increasing your risk of inflammation, fatty liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack, because again, it’s sugar-free.

Ghost Gamer is a great option if you’re on a weight control diet.

Does Ghost Gamer use artificial sweeteners?

Ghost Gamer uses Sucralose as its artificial sweetener. It is calorie-free and non-nutritive making it a better choice than table sugar.

You don’t want to be consuming a lot of this on a daily basis because a few studies mentioned in the video below, large quantities of sucralose can negatively affect your gut health.

Watch this video to learn more about the pros and cons of Sucralose:

A video discussing the good and the bad in Sucralose.

Fortunately, Sucralose is a high-intensity sweetener, it is used in small amounts to taste so you don’t have to worry about consuming too much of it in just one serving of Ghost Gamer.

If in case I made it sound like it’s a scary substance to incorporate in your food and drinks, it’s actually been proven numerous times by science to be safe for human consumption.

How much caffeine does Ghost Gamer have?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that has the power to increase your brain activity and boost your energy and focus.

Ghost Gamer contains 150 mg of caffeine for every two-scoop-serving (10 g).

For an energy drink, this is a pretty moderate level of caffeine content.

Have a look at this comparison table:

Energy BrandsCaffeine Content
Zipfizz (11 g)100 mg
Advocare Spark (7 g)120 mg
G Fuel Formula (7 g)150 mg
Ghost Gamer (10 g)150 mg
Rogue Energy (6.9 g)175 mg
X Gamer Energy (10 g)200 mg
Comparison of the caffeine content of different energy drink brands.

Ghost Gamer shares the same level of caffeine with a lot of other popular energy drink brands in the market.

This is an adequate amount of caffeine to be effective, not unless you have a sky-high level of caffeine tolerance.

At the same time, 150 mg of caffeine is enough to cause adverse health effects such as nervousness, insomnia, and headaches.

People with sensitivity to caffeine or are 18 children/adolescents are more likely to experience the said side effects. So if you’re one of those mentioned people, better go for an energy drink that has a lower amount of caffeine than Ghost Gamer.

As per advice by the FDA, 400 mg of caffeine every day is believed to be safe for healthy adults. Therefore drinking one serving of Ghost Gamer every day is very much within the safe level.

Ingredients List of Ghost Gamer

Ghost Gamer is rich in essential nutrients that are necessary to keep your body at its best state and perform your daily routine with ease and faster speed. Ghost Gamer has an inclusion of a variety of these for your benefit.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are crucial nutrients that your body must have to prevent deficiencies and help it function with ease.

Fortunately, Ghost Gamer isn’t lacking in these nutrients.

Vitamins and minerals help your body work the way it should.

Check this table to learn the vitamins and minerals you can get from a serving of Ghost Gamer:

VitaminsAmount per serving (10 g)
Daily Upper Limit Intake
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)500 mg2,000 mg
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)50 mcg100 mcg 
Vitamin E (Dl-alpha-tocopheryl)15 mg1,000 mg
Niacin (Nicotinic Acid)20 mg35 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate))1.7 mg100 mg
Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)6 mcg2,000 mcg
Zinc (TRAACS/Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate)11 mg40 mg
Table of vitamins found in a 10 g serving of Ghost Gamer.

You can see from this table that the amounts of vitamins and minerals are neither excessive nor lacking. They’re just enough to keep your day going.

These vitamins are known to support cell growth and development, aid healing through the immune system, and up the production of collagen.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are another source of energy. Ghost Gamer has two of them: Taurine and L-Tyrosine. These two are common ingredients in energy drinks and are famous for their physical and mental energy-boosting power.

IngredientsAmount per serving Daily Upper Limit Intake
Taurine1,000 mg500-2,000 mg
L-Tyrosine1,000 mg1,500 mg
The amino acids present in Ghost Gamer energy drink.

These amino acids contribute a good amount of energy support in the Ghost Gamer formulation.

Special Ingredients

Ghost Gamer contains unique brain-boosting ingredients—some are even patented—to make sure you’re getting only quality nutrients from just one serving.

IngredientsAmount per serving
nooLVL (Inositol-Enhanced Bonded Arginine Silicate)1,600 mg
Cognizin Citicoline500 mg
Raw Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Water Powder500 mg
Natural Caffeine (from Coffee Bean)150 mg
AstraGin (Astragalus membranaceous and Panax notoginseng) Root extracts50 mg
Theobromine40 mg
Unique ingredients in Ghost Gamer formula.

These ingredients function as stimulants like caffeine, as well as support the centralization of the brain’s energy.

How many Ghost Gamer can you drink every day?

One serving of Ghost Gamer a day is sufficient enough to boost your energy and sharpen your mental functions.

Every serving of Ghost Gamer contains 150 mg of caffeine. Although this is an average content for an energy drink, this is considered a high level of caffeine which can cause adverse side effects if consumed excessively.

If you’re not used to caffeine-laden beverages or have a slow metabolism for caffeine, start with a 5 g (1 scoop) serving of Ghost Gamer per day just to get a feel of the drink, then gradually increase your number of scoops if you think your body is responding well with it or if you think you need more.

However, if you’re not liking the results, you’re always free to ditch it and find another brand that’ll suit you.

Is Ghost Gamer safe to drink?

It’s safe to drink a serving of Ghost Gamer every day. The components of this energy drink formula have not exceeded the safe level of quantities in the mix set by medical experts.

The best way to avoid negative health effects is to consume as directed: Keep your consumption to one serving at most per day.

In extension, if you identify with any of the ones listed below, you are discouraged from consuming Ghost Gamer, and any energy drink at all.

  • children below 18
  • people that are pregnant
  • people that are nursing
  • people that are looking to conceive a child
  • people with medical conditions

Consumption of caffeine content as high as this can affect your health adversely. I suggest you take it up with your doctors.

How do you drink Ghost Gamer?

Preparing Ghost Gamer is simple. Follow the steps below:

  1. In your container of choice, add 8-10oz of water. Either cold or room temperature is fine.
  2. Add a single serving of Ghost Gamer powder in the flavor of your choice.
  3. Stir/shake until you see that the powder is fully dissolved.
  4. Enjoy!

Ghost Gamer’s caffeine is the core of their drink so it’s best to consume 15 minutes before your activity. This is how long it takes for caffeine to take full effect.

What is Ghost Gamer Used for?

While Ghost Gamer is formulated with gamers in mind, it’s also a great choice of beverage when you need a pick-me-up drink when you’re feeling sluggish in the middle of the day, or something to keep you awake and alert during a late-night study.

Ghost Gamer is specially made for gamers.

Its caffeine content and the added unique ingredients can be beneficial for your health and so Ghost Gamer is a good beverage substitute for any that you’re already consuming right now.

Can you drink Ghost Gamer for pre-workout?

Although Ghost Gamer isn’t formulated to be a pre-workout drink, it can give you some of the boost you want from a pre-workout drink.

The goal of pre-workout drinks is to provide you with the energy boost to last you through your workout. This is often with the help of sugar or caffeine.

With Ghost Gamers 150mg caffeine content, you’ll be boosted enough to tackle a good amount of physical activities. And although there is almost no sugar content, Ghost Gamer contains ingredients such as Taurine and nooLVL that act as stimulants as well.

Where to buy Ghost Gamer?

Ghost Gamer is available on its own official website where its products can be purchased in a variety of flavors.

You can also purchase Ghost Gamer online through Amazon, and in stores of GNC and Walmart.


A serving of Ghost Gamer per day is sufficient enough to boost your energy and focus. Ten grams of Ghost Gamer has an adequate amount of nutrients to work for you with lowered risk of caffeine overdose.

Ghost Gamer is packed with vitamins and minerals, brain-boosting nootropics, and 150 mg of caffeine. This ingredient synergy is paramount to make Ghost Gamer an effective energy drink.

More reasons to choose Ghost Gamer as your daily energy drink are it’s sugar-free, low in calories, low in carbohydrates, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan-friendly.

Ghost Gamer may sound all fun but keep in mind that it’s a highly caffeinated energy drink which means experiencing side effects is still possible. Although, keeping your consumption to just only one serving a day can prevent adverse health problems.

If you’re very sensitive to caffeine, start your consumption with just a scoop (5 g) serving and see how it works for you. Slowly increase your consumption if you feel that your body can handle more caffeine.

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