Gluten is found in food such as wheat
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Is G Fuel Gluten-Free? (Dietary Info and Facts Inside)

G Fuel is considered the elixir of hotshot gamers. This energy drink brand boasts a lot of features that are beneficial to your physical and mental health.

But is G Fuel Gluten-free?

A gluten-free diet or GFD is a diet that excludes gluten-based products from your food. To name a few, these are products that contain wheat, barley, rye, and oats.

According to G Fuel’s Twitter account, yes, G Fuel is gluten-free. This means that the G Fuel powder mix or cans don’t contain gluten-based ingredients.

So if you are on a gluten-free diet, you can safely consume and enjoy that G Fuel energy drink.

If you’re still not convinced and want to dig in deeper, keep reading. I have some helpful details about G Fuel being gluten-free that I thought you should know.

Ingredients in G Fuel

With a quality energy powder such as G Fuel, quality ingredients play a vital role in making sure your body gets as much benefits as it can. G Fuel not only prioritizes the taste, but makes sure your health is considered in its formula with the addition of helpful vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and Minerals

These two are essential for your whole body and mind to function properly. G Fuel has loads of both, that’s why it has become an ideal energy drink for people whose activity requires physical and intense mental energy such as gamers and the like.

Take a look at the picture below for the list of vitamins and minerals you will be reaping if you consume a standard serving of G Fuel Energy Formula powder mix.

G Fuel Powder Mix Supplement Facts Label
Supplement facts label on the back of a G Fuel in Tubs.

I created a table for you to understand what specific function do each nutrient provides:

ElementFunctionAmount Per Serving Daily Value
CaloriesThe fuel we consume when doing activities.25
CarbohydratesProvides energy to the body.5g2%
Vitamin CProtects and keeps the cell healthy.250mg417%
Vitamin EAn antioxidant that serves to protect the body from free radicals.15 IU50%
NiacinResponsible for turning food into energy.15mg75%
Vitamin B6Supports metabolism and immune system function.10mg500%
Vitamin B12Keeps the red blood cells healthy, thus makes the brain function well.425mcg7,083%
SodiumHelps control blood pressure.79mg3%
Table of Ingredients and their functions.


G Fuel boasts three main ingredients complexes that make them an exceptional energy drink brand. These are Energy Complex, Focus Complex, and Antioxidant Complex. Have a look at the ingredients under each group in the photo below.

G Fuel Three Complexes
G Fuel’s three main ingredient complexes.

Energy Complex

With G Fuel, you won’t be getting your energy from crazy amounts of sugar. In fact, sugar is not present in any G Fuel product.

Instead, G Fuel uses caffeine (150 mg per 7g scoop) as a natural stimulant. Caffeine, sourced from coffee beans, tea leaves, cacao, and more, is an even healthier choice to rev up the brain and hit the ground running.

Focus Complex

G Fuel contains L-Tyrosine to improve your focus, alertness, and attention and Choline Bitartrate to support your memory and mental function.

Antioxidant Complex

Antioxidants protect the cells from free radicals which are important in keeping the heart healthy and cancer at bay.

It is evident that G Fuel is rich in natural antioxidants–composed of 19 fruit powder and extract mixes (at least for the flavor Sour Cherry).

But isn’t this mix excessive?

Research shows that consuming a high concentration of antioxidants can cause harm, and worse, may backfire and lead to cancer. Yes, there is such thing as antioxidant overdosing.

Answering the question if antioxidants in G Fuel is excessive, the answer is NO.

G Fuel is formulated with the right amount of balance of everything and that includes antioxidants. The Sour Cherry flavor pictured above, for instance, only contains 163.5 mg. Consuming this amount daily is small enough to lead to overdose.

Therefore, antioxidant overdosing should be the least of your worries when intaking a G fuel energy drink.

Other Ingredients

G Fuel Other Ingredients
Here’s the rest of the ingredients listed at the bottom.

Just because these ingredients came in last doesn’t mean they are the least important. In fact, they play roles that are the most essential, like Citric Acid. This is a preserving agent, responsible for making G Fuel have a longer shelf life and keeping it fresh.

And in case you didn’t know, food label lists their ingredients in order of predominance, having the ones in greater amounts on top of the list and down to the smallest. So the elements you see in the previous picture are the ones contributing the smallest amounts.

Are the ingredients really gluten-free?

The brief answer to that question is: YES, the ingredients are gluten-free.

However, a list of ingredients this long leads you to question EVERY component included here. How gluten-free is each ingredient? What’s the guarantee it won’t be cross-contaminated in the process of creating the drink?

If small bits of gluten—so small you can’t see it with just your naked eyes—got in the mix, is it still considered gluten-free?

Here’s what the professionals say:

“Foods that are inherently gluten-free, for example bottled spring water, fruits and vegetables, and eggs can also be labeled “gluten-free” provided any gluten that came in contact with the food is less than 20 ppm (parts per million).

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

G Fuel energy drink (or any type of food and drink for that matter) may never be guaranteed to be a hundred percent gluten-free. The possibility of cross-contamination is inevitable, especially if you’ve got a long list of ingredients like in the case of G Fuel.

However, the FDA is telling us that 20 ppm shouldn’t be a bother to those who are on a gluten-free diet. Therefore, you’re good to go with G Fuel.

For those on a strict GFD, I think a better question should be: How gluten-free is G Fuel?

I can’t tell how exactly, but I’m convinced that each of its ingredients is less than 20 ppm, otherwise G Fuel wouldn’t claim that they are indeed a gluten-free brand.

And it also helps to know, especially for people with food anxiety, that G Fuel gave their assurance that their products are being manufactured in FDA-certified facilities and are 100% FDA compliant.

Are gluten-free products healthier?

People go on a gluten-free diet for the purpose of becoming fit and healthy, while others do it because their life literally depends on it. I’m talking about those people with celiac disease.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune illness that targets the small intestine due to gluten consumption.

Three million Americans are affected by this disease and unfortunately, the cure hasn’t been found up to this day. So the only way to steer clear of celiac disease is, well, to not have it. Going gluten-free helps patients and non-patient manage the signs and symptoms of the said serious illness.

This leads me to believe that gluten-free products are a much healthier and preferable option.

Watch this video to see how a gluten-free diet helps in becoming healthy.

Is G Fuel sugar-free?

I’ve already mentioned this fact in the first part of this article but here is additional information I thought you should know. G Fuel doesn’t contain sugar but it does have artificial sweeteners. I said that like it’s such a bad thing, but really, it’s not.

Numerous studies have already proven that artificial sweeteners are substantially safe for consumption as long as you use them in limited amounts.

G Fuel uses sucralose and acesulfame potassium to substitute sugar. You may notice that these two are indicated at the bottom of the ingredients list. This means that they are in smaller amounts so there’s nothing to worry about consuming too much of it.

If you’re still in doubt, because how come a drink can be so sweet with just a tiny amount of sweetener, right? Well, here’s a fact:

Acesulfame potassium. Also known as acesulfame K, it’s 200 times sweeter than table sugar.  Sucralose is 600 times sweeter table sugar.


This sugar alternative is a major help for consumers to avoid diabetes and those trying to lose weight.

Is G Fuel vegan?

Admittedly, they aren’t. G Fuel tweeted that their products are not vegan compliant because they source tyrosine, one of their supplements in animal sources.

So if you’re someone who likes their food and drinks vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, then G Fuel might not be for you.

Is G Fuel great for weight loss?

G Fuel supports weight loss
Depending on your daily consumption, with G Fuel you may or may not lose weight.

G Fuel doesn’t contain elements that will burn your fats but it doesn’t have anything that will make your body weight heavier either. Of course, provided your intake is in moderation.

With a small calorie count of 25 and a sugar level of 0%, daily consumption of G fuel at a regular serving won’t really do much whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight.

Is G Fuel okay for Keto diet?

With appropriate consumption, YES, G Fuel is keto-friendly.

The Keto diet is basically a low-carb diet. This is a pretty popular diet among people on a weight loss journey. With 25 calories per 7g serving of G Fuel a day, the carb count shouldn’t be a problem. After all, the body needs a daily supply of energy to function properly.

Although, if you’re really solid with this type of diet, you may opt for zero-calorie energy powders that are almost as good as G Fuel.

Does G Fuel have caffeine?

Depending on the flavor, G Fuel contains 140mg to 150mg of caffeine. In most energy drinks, you’ll find 50mg to 300mg of caffeine, so G Fuel’s level of caffeine is pretty average.

I personally like to have 100mg to 250mg of caffeine per serving to help kick-start my day. It’s just the right amount for me, but if your caffeine metabolism is pretty fast, you can go higher than the recommended grams per serving of G Fuel.

Now, if your stomach is highly sensitive to caffeine, just limit your G Fuel consumption and you’ll be okay.

Is G Fuel safe for kids?

Is G Fuel safe for kids consumption
Should kids consume G Fuel?

G Fuel is housed in colorful packaging that will surely attract children.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics DISCOURAGES children (aged 1 to 17) to consume caffeine and other stimulants found in energy drinks. G Fuel is no exemption.

What flavors does G Fuel have?

G Fuel Energy Formula powder mix has over 40 flavors available. For the full list, you check out their website.

I’ll be providing you here their best-sellers:

  • PewDiePie
  • Sour Blue Chug Rug
  • FaZeberry
  • Tropical Rain
  • Blue Ice
  • Ragin’ Gummy Fish
  • Snow Cone
  • Bahama Mama
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Watermelon
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Battle Juice
  • Sonic’s Peach Rings


G Fuel is gluten-free. The possibility of cross-contamination is still there but its amount shouldn’t create a negative effect on people avoiding gluten.

Not only that, G Fuel is healthy and is good for most types of diets.

There you have it, I hope I was able to help you decide whether to include G Fuel in your diet or not.