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Glitch Energy

Is Glitch Energy Bad for You? (The Truth)

Since the late 1950s, energy drinks have grown in popularity. The energy drinks were initially created as a substitute for sugary sodas to avoid extra calories and later on serve the purpose of boosting physical and mental activity as well as increasing your focus.

Many energy drinks are circulating in the markets nowadays and despite their side effects, individuals are still consuming these drinks. But there are also a few energy drinks, which do not pose health threats provided it is consumed in moderation.

Glitch Energy is another popular energy drink, which is not bad for you if you consume it within a limit.

To know the effects of Glitch Energy, we will analyze the ingredients of this beverage to form a conclusion about whether or not it is safe. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Glitch Energy Drink?

Glitch Energy is an energy drink, which mainly consists of nutrients such as vitamins, caffeine, amino acids, and a few other additional ingredients.

Unlike other energy drinks, Glitch Energy does not contain a high amount of caffeine. However, it has other nutrients to replenish you with the energy.

What is in Glitch Energy Drink?

Like other energy drinks, Glitch Energy drink has its unique formulation too. However, it does not contain a long list of ingredients. In fact, there are only a few ingredients in this beverage such as:

  • Taurine
  • L-Citrulline
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Green Tea Leaf Extracts
  • Caffeine
  • Methylliberine as Dynamine
  • Grape Seed Extracts

Nutrients in Glitch EnergyNutrients in Glitch Energy

Let’s take a closer look at Glitch Energy through its nutrition facts listed on the table below.

Nutrients ContentRecommended Daily Intake
Calories52000 to 2500 calories
Carbohydrates1 g225 and 325 gms
Vitamin B12450 mcg2.4 mcg
Vitamin C90 mcg50 to 90 mg
Vitamin D25 mcg400 mcg
Vitamin E80 mg15 mg
Caffeine150 mg400 mg
Glitch Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

Caffeine in Glitch Energy

Caffeine has been actively used by many individuals around the world. At least one caffeinated drink is consumed by roughly 85% of the U.S. population.

Being a psychoactive drug and one of the main components in Glitch Energy, caffeine has many benefits if consumed responsibly.

Glitch Energy contains 150 mg of caffeine, which is a safe amount according to the guidelines set by the FDA.

Benefits of Caffeine

These are the benefits of caffeine:

  • Caffeine increases your alertness.
  • It boosts your metabolic rate and therefore it can aid you in the management of weight.
  • Caffeine also reduces the symptoms of headaches.
  • Caffeine can also fight your untreated fatigue.
  • It can also improve your memory and mental health.

It must be noted that these benefits are observed only when you consume caffeine in a moderate amount.

Side Effects of Caffeine

If you overconsume caffeine, you’re likely to suffer from the following side effects:

  • Caffeine can make you feel nauseous.
  • If you have a history of anxiety and depression, then caffeine might worsen your condition.
  • It can make your heart rate faster, as a result, your body will not get enough oxygen.
  • If you are caffeine sensitive, it is safe to assume that anything caffeinated can make you feel dizzy.
  • Consuming too much caffeine can lead to dependency or addiction.
  • Caffeine can disrupt your sleep.

The above symptoms are observed only when you consume caffeine above the limit or if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Caffeine in Energy Drink
Glitch Energy contains 150 mg of caffeine!

Carbs in Glitch Energy

Carbs are macronutrients and are vital for providing the body with energy in the quickest way possible. For that reason, carbs is an expected component in energy drinks.

Glitch Energy Drink contains around 1 g of carbs.

Benefits of Carbs

Following are the benefits of consuming carbs:

  • Carbs such as fibers can aid in digestion and keep you full for longer as compared to other food sources.
  • Carbs can make your mood better.
  • They are an important part of a well-balanced diet and if consumed in healthy amounts, you shouldn’t worry about weight gain.

Side Effects of Carbs

These are the side effects of consuming carbs:

  • If you do not eat the right kind of carbs, then they can also cause fatigue.
  • Carbs can cause more carbs and cravings.
  • Bad carbs can make you gain weight.
  • Consuming too many carbs can also make you gassy.

Luckily, Glitch Energy does not contain too many carbs.

Calories in Glitch Energy

Glitch Energy contains only 5 calories, so if you are worried that you may eventually gain weight, then you should put an end to your worries.

Sugar in Glitch Energy

Glitch Energy is a sugar-free beverage!

The good thing is, that it’s not loaded with sucrose or table sugar. However, it uses artificial sweeteners – sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

These sweeteners are approved by the FDA, meaning they’re relatively safe to use on food and other beverages. Still, you should be careful when consuming anything with artificial sweeteners as they’re linked to various health issues too.

This study explains the potential toxicity of artificial sweeteners. Check it out!

Vitamins in Glitch Energy

Vitamin CVitamin C is high in antioxidants and helps the body fight free radicals.
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 lowers oxidative stress and is the most important and useful vitamin in Glitch Energy, out of all the B complexes.
Vitamin EVitamin E fights free radicals, which cause cell damage. It also reduces fatigue.
Vitamin DVitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones. Moreover, Vitamin D deficiency can cause depression and anxiety.
Vitamins in Glitch Energy Drink

Dynamine in Glitch Energy

Dynamine is a supplement that has a similar structure to caffeine. Just as caffeine inhibits the adenosine receptors in the brain, dynamine does the same.

Furthermore, it increases caffeine life leading to long-lasting and sustained energy levels when you consume Glitch.

Why is Dynamine Banned?

Dynamine or any product that contains such an ingredient has been banned since 2020.

The reason behind it is that dynamine has shown increased health deteriorating cases which simply means that it is a harmful ingredient.

Dynamine is completely banned in Australia, so if you’re planning to buy Glitch Energy, you won’t have any luck!

Is Glitch Energy Drink Safe?

In my view, Glitch Energy is unsafe to consume due to the dynamine ingredient.

However, consumers of Glitch Energy have not reported any serious complaints. Still, it’s on you if you really want to give this drink a go.

Anyways, it is always good to explore things on your own. You can try Glitch Energy in moderation and at your own risk!

If you want to know in detail about the ingredients of Glitch Energy, then you should check out this detailed article on Glitch Energy ingredients.

Is Glitch Energy Bad?

Glitch Energy may not be bad for you as long as you consume it within a limit.

It is best to limit your intake to one to two servings a day to avoid any of the side effects and the following caffeine-related symptoms:

  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • increased heartbeat
  • nervousness
  • headaches

In addition, some people are quite off with this beverage due to dynamine which is reported to be a toxic ingredient. As a fair warning, you should think twice before consuming this beverage.

If you want to know more about Glitch Energy, watch this product review!

Check out the video on Glitch Energy to discover more about it!

Benefits of Glitch Energy

As for balance, these are the benefits of drinking Glitch Energy:

  • Glitch Energy boosts energy,
  • It reduces fatigue as it contains vitamin C, vitamin E, caffeine, and taurine.
  • Glitch Energy increases your focus and concentration.

Final Verdict

As for the verdict, Glitch Energy is not that bad at all but you should be aware that it contains dynamine which makes it quite unpopular to some.

Glitch Energy is an energy booster that contains a moderate amount of caffeine, a high dose of vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients that can improve physical activity and boost cognitive functions.

In general, it may not be bad for you to consume Glitch once in a while if you’re in need of a quick boost. Also, keep in mind to consume in moderation to avoid any discomfort.

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