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Can You Drink Maw Energy Every Day? (Truth)

Quick Answer: Yes, you can drink Maw Energy every day in moderation!

Most of the energy drinks that are sold on the market today are full of harmful substances. They surely have effective results in providing you a quick boost of energy; nonetheless, their harms cannot be ignored.

Unlike their unhealthier counterparts, organic energy drinks provide you with the same results, minus the harmful side effects. But does this claim remain true if we put Maw Energy on the light?

If you’re wondering if Maw Energy is safe to consume every day, this article is for you!

What Is Maw Energy?

Maw Energy is an energy booster drink with a unique formulation. It contains quite a decent amount of vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine.

Let’s have a closer look at Maw Energy through this nutrition facts table.

Maw Energy Nutrients
Per Serving
Vitamin C100 mg
Vitamin B65 mg
Vitamin B12200 mcg
Natural Caffeine140 mg
Lycium Berry
Nutrients in Maw Energy

In addition, Maw Energy is loaded with the following ingredients:

  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color)
  • Sucralose.
  • Astaxanthin
  • Lycium Berry
  • Natural Caffeine
maw energy ingredients
List of Maw Energy’s ingredients on the back of the tub.

Is Maw Energy Bad for You?

Maw Energy is not bad for you if consumed in moderation.

So far there aren’t any complaints about Maw. I, myself, consume Maw Energy and have not experienced any side effects.

However, it is quite inaccurate to predict the benefits or side effects of any energy drink or product without analyzing the ingredients it contains.

Let’s analyze the ingredients of Maw Energy to formally conclude if or not it can be an everyday drink for you!


A serving of Maw Energy mix contains 140 mg of caffeine.

As a reference, the caffeine limit per day for most people is 400 mg, and going beyond can increase the risk of caffeine OD depending on your tolerance.

Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant that is naturally found in tea, coffee, and cacao plants. It stimulates the brain and the nervous system allowing you to stay focused and alert and become more resistant to fatigue.

Fortunately, the caffeine in a serving of Maw Energy is at a moderate count which means you can have a serving of it daily.

These are the benefits of caffeine:

  • Caffeine, as a nervous system stimulant, can help you feel less lethargic, exhausted, and tired.
  • It increases neurocognitive performance by increasing alertness and attentiveness.
  • Caffeine has been demonstrated to boost memory.

On the other hand, caffeine can bring you problems too. In the case of Maw Energy, drinking too many servings of it may cause the following side effects:

  • Caffeine might make you uneasy if you are sensitive to it.
  • Caffeine can occasionally induce dehydration.
  • Caffeine tolerance and subsequently caffeine dependence can occur as a result of excessive intake.
  • Caffeine is associated with dizziness and lightheadedness.
  • Caffeine might cause increased urination.
  • Caffeine can affect your sleep pattern. 


Although Maw is sugar-free, it uses sucralose as a sweetener.

Sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener that is nearly 600 times sweeter than sucrose and is unlikely to induce a rise in blood sugar levels.

The thing with artificial sweeteners is they’re not designed to be used on your food or drinks daily because of their harmful side effects when used long-term.

Think about this before deciding to make Maw your everyday drink!

Vitamins in Maw Energy

Maw Energy undeniably packs a punch of vitamins!

Vitamin Creduces oxidative stress
Vitamin B6healthy brain functioning
reduces anxiety
Vitamin B12better athletic performance
provides physical energy
boosts endurance
Maw Energy Vitamins and their Benefits

Amino Acids in Maw Energy

Maw Energy contains the amino acids tyrosine and theanine.

Here’s a table showing their benefits.

Amino AcidsBenefits
Tyrosineenhance physical activity and endurance
boosts cognitive functions
Theaninehelp to eradicate stress
reduce symptoms of depression.
Amino Acids Maw Energy and their Benefits


Astaxanthin is a chemical that is naturally found in certain plants and animals. It makes up the energy and focus blend of Maw, along with tyrosine, theanine, natural caffeine, and Lycium berry.

These are the potential benefits of astaxanthin:

  • improved mental functions
  • help to develop a strong immune system
  • better heart health

On the other hand, high doses of astaxanthin may cause the following symptoms:

  • stomach pain
  • red stool color
  • bowel movement

Even if you consume Maw Energy every day, it’s unlikely you’ll get these symptoms as traces of astaxanthin per serving is minimal.

Lycium Berry

Lycium berry, commonly known as Goji berry or Wolfberry is a native Chinese shrub with various benefits such as:

  • aid in the treatment of blurred eyesight
  • relieve stomach discomfort
  • relieve fatigue
  • can be used to treat headaches

Even though Lycium berry has several medicinal uses, there are a few side effects that have been observed due to the use of Goji berries:

  • Allergies may develop as a result.
  • Hypotension may also be caused by Goji berry.
  • It might cause a bad stomach, resulting in diarrhea.
  • It is not advised for pregnant women since it may result in miscarriage.

Maw Energy Benefits

The main benefit that you can get from Maw Energy is increased energy levels and the assurance that it is a relatively good choice for an energy drink.

Maw Energy is loaded with healthy and natural ingredients. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry too much about its side effects considering you’re consuming Maw the way it’s intended for.

You’ll feel more alert and focused after drinking Maw. I’d say you’ll remain “energetic” for at least a few hours, enough to get on with your workout or virtual games.

Maw Energy Side Effects

If consumed in large quantities, Maw Energy has the following side effects:

  • Due to the presence of caffeine, Maw Energy can cause anxiety.
  • Caffeine in Maw Energy can also disturb your sleep pattern.
  • If you are sensitive to caffeine, Maw Energy can make you feel a bit uneasy and nervous.
  • Caffeine can also result in jitters and caffeine crashes.
  • Caffeine-sensitive people can also experience cramps in the stomach.
Maw Energy Drink Review

Can You Drink Maw Energy Every Day?

Yes, Maw Energy is safe to consume on a daily basis considering the consumption is very moderate.

If we’re talking about caffeine, two servings of Maw every day before your workout session is not bad at all.

On the contrary, perhaps you shouldn’t go for this drink or anything caffeinated if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Also, I suggest spacing out your consumption of Maw throughout the course of the day just to remain on the safe side.

How Many Servings of Maw Energy Are Safe for a Day?

As mentioned, you should limit your Maw Energy intake to around two servings per day to avoid any side effects.

If you’re set to drinking two servings of Maw, that may also mean you can’t have other caffeinated food and beverages for the entire day. Still, that depends on your tolerance or the way your body handle caffeine.

Generally speaking, energy drinks like Maw aren’t designed to be consumed on a daily basis because of their ingredients that might be detrimental to your health.

So, be a responsible Maw Energy drinker!

Final Words

We can all assume Maw Energy is safe to consume every day, provided there is a limit on your consumption.

Indeed, you’re right! Maw is designed to help you focus to get through your activities. At the other end of the spectrum, you shouldn’t really drink Maw or any other energy drinks every day because it’s bad for your health.

If you’re asking how much of Maw is safe to consume daily, I’d say a max of two servings is most acceptable. Going overboard may put you on the verge of caffeine-related symptoms.

Personally, I wouldn’t discourage you to drink Maw and other energy drinks because they work! Life is meant to be enjoyed and something like Maw Energy is meant to be tasted.

As long as you’re mindful of your consumption, you’re safe!

Enjoy your Maw Energy now!

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