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MAW Energy Nutrition Facts (Examined Closely)

Energy drink use has risen rapidly in the previous two decades, especially among adolescents and young people.

Energy drinks are aggressively advertised as providing an energy boost that will increase physical and cognitive performance.

One such supplement that has been a regular in the market is called MAW Energy. It contains 140 mg of caffeine, zero sugars, and has extremely few calories.

This is an excellent drink and also among the top-rated pre-workout supplements in some evaluations.

Let’s briefly examine the nutrition facts of MAW Energy to see if it’s rich and nutritious enough for you!

MAW Energy Drink Ingredients

Here’s a quick rundown of MAW Energy ingredients:

  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color)
  • Sucralose
  • Natural Caffeine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Astaxanthin
  • Lycium Berry
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

Nutrition Facts of MAW Energy Supplement

I have created this table to give you a glimpse of MAW Energy’s nutrition facts.

Vitamin B12200 mcg
Vitamin C100 mg
Vitamin B65 mg
Energy and Focus Blend140 mg
MAW Energy Nutrition Facts

Let’s look briefly at the main nutrients found in MAW Energy.


Each serving of MAW Energy contains 5 calories.

The human body requires calories to survive. Without energy, the body’s cells would die, the heart and lungs would stop pumping, and the organs would be unable to perform the basic processes essential for survival.

MAW Energy is a low caloric beverage making it suitable for people trying to lose some weight.

According to the FDA guidelines, a person should consume 2000 to 2,500 calories each day to remain healthy. However, the recommended calorie intake might vary depending on body type, gender, level of activity, and overall health.


MAW Energy contains vitamins C, B12, and B6.

This combination of vitamins can give you an extra energy boost for the entire day and keep your body stronger.

Vitamins are healthy as long as they are taken in moderation. Taking too many vitamins or minerals, on the other hand, can be dangerous.

Different doses of vitamins are advised for different age groups. You can find out how much B-Vitamins you should consume in a day by clicking here.

These are the benefits of vitamins:

Energy and Focus Blend

A serving of MAW Energy is loaded with 140 mg of Energy and Focus Blend. This comprises natural caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, astaxanthin, and Lycium berry.

The Energy and Focus Blend in MAW Energy is responsible for giving you the boost that you need to keep you going throughout the day. You’ll feel the kick 15 minutes after consumption which is set to last for a few hours.

Rest assured, there’s a healthy amount of caffeine in MAW Energy. Still, you shouldn’t consume more than a serving to remain on the safe side.

According to FDA, the safe intake is 400 mg per day for most adults. Going past the limit can result in side effects like headaches, jitters, tremors, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, and so on.

Does MAW Energy have sugar?

MAW Energy is sugar-free!

However, it contains sucralose to add sweetness to the formula. Sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar.

In theory, MAW Energy will not give you a terrible sugar crash and a spike in insulin level.

According to the American Heart Association, some energy drinks contain an excessive amount of sugar and should not be drunk daily.

Here’s the recommended intake for sugar as per the American Heart Association:

25 grams of sugar per day for women
36 grams of sugar per day for men
Daily Recommended Intake for Added Sugar

Can MAW Energy be used as a pre-workout?

Yes, MAW Energy can be used as a pre-workout drink.

This is a relatively healthy and rich pre-workout energy formula with clean ingredients. So, take advantage of this beverage!

Is MAW Energy bad for you?

As long as you consume MAW Energy in moderation, it’s not bad for you.

I’d say it is one of the best energy drink mixes on the market due to its clean ingredients. It contains small amounts of calories, lots of vitamins, and energy-boosting properties which are all good for the body if taken in moderation.

On the other hand, side effects may occur when you overconsume MAW Energy such as:

  • headaches
  • irritability
  • tremors
  • insomnia
  • rapid heartbeat

That said, drink MAW Energy in moderation!

Does MAW Energy work?

MAW Energy works!

The ingredients in MAW Energy definitely work together in providing you with the energy boost that you need. You’ll remain energized for at least a couple of hours after consuming this beverage.

If you want to know how energy drink works in general, watch this video!

How Energy Drinks Give You Energy?

MAW Energy Drink Alternatives

Knowing MAW as a clean energy drink, I’m pretty sure you can’t help but think of other choices to try. So, here are some of the alternatives to MAW Energy:


MAW Energy is a nutritious and rich energy mix. It is one of the best choices for an energy drink you could ever have. It’s loaded with clean ingredients and can guarantee an extra boost for hours.

MAW Energy contains calories, vitamins, caffeine, and many other energy-boosting ingredients. Indeed, a powerful combination and energy mix!

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