Mixt Energy

Mixt Energy Nutrition Facts (Is it okay for you?)

Mixt Energy is marketed as a gaming supplement that will boost your energy, enhance the ability to process information, as well as reduce reaction time. Furthermore, it is also known to improve mental and physical performance.

Mixt Energy also boasts no calories, carbs, and sugar, which is absolutely amazing! What’s more astonishing is it even has vitamins and amino acids involved in its formula that are essential for the functioning of your body.

So what makes Mixt Energy stand out from the rest of its competitors? The answer may lie in its nutrition facts.

If ready to know more about this wonderful drink, then let’s dive in!

How much caffeine is in Mixt Energy?

Mixt Energy carries 166 mg of caffeine anhydrous per serving.

Caffeine anhydrous is created from the fruits and leaves of plants like coffee, cacao, and guarana. Afterward, the harvested parts are dried out in order to have a more concentrated type of caffeine.

According to FDA, the effects of standard caffeine and caffeine anhydrous are very similar, with the latter only more concentrated. Nonetheless, having concentrated caffeine can bear a more powerful kick to other individuals.

Research also suggests that the ideal caffeine amount that individuals can ingest per day is around 100 mg to 200 mg. While 166 mg sits somewhere in between, your caffeine tolerance must still be heavily considered.

The FDA‘s daily caffeine recommendation of up to 400 mg must also be taken into consideration. Doing so allows you to get the most out of every caffeinated beverage all the while avoiding adverse side effects that may come after.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of consuming caffeine, especially for those with low caffeine tolerance:

Reduces risks of certain kinds of cancerJitters
Increases alertness and energy levels Anxiety
Improves brain cognitive functions Headache
Can prevent contracting blepharospasm Nausea
Aids in weight lossAbnormal/ Rapid Heartbeats
Pros and cons of consuming caffeine

How much sugar is in Mixt Energy?

Sugary drinks and sodas should be consumed moderately.

Good news: there is no sugar in Mixt Energy.

Mixt Energy has 0 grams of sugar, meaning you won’t be consuming any unwanted calories or experience a sugar crash which is experienced after drinking sugary beverages. You also won’t be risking yourself any diseases or health conditions linked to sugar.

According to AHA, women are advised to consume 24 grams of sugar per day, and men are advised 36 grams of sugar.

If consumed in excess amounts, sugar can make you gain weight or may even escalate towards obesity. In addition, it even is linked to increasing the risk of certain types of cancers, diabetes type II, as well as many heart disorders.

Furthermore, it may even speed up the process of your skin aging. Other symptoms which are not too severe but may be signs of other disorders are reduced energy levels, brain fog, mood swings, skin issues, and many more.

What are the other ingredients in Mixt Energy?

Nutrition facts and other ingredients in Mixt Energy.

Apart from caffeine and other ingredients in Mixt Energy, it also contains a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals that are proven safe and helpful to the body.

This table showcases the supplements Mixt Energy carries for every serving as well as the RDI or the recommended daily intake amount and their supposed benefits once ingested.

L Tyrosine-Helps in the making of essential substances (Dopamine, Adrenaline, and Noradrenaline, Melanin).
-Can enhance one’s mental performance under stressful conditions and might also help with Phenylketonuria.
830 mg200-400 mg
L Taurine-Keeps cells hydrated and maintains electrolyte balance.
-Produces bile salts for digestion.
-Regulates the functioning of antioxidants and your immune system, among other things.
830 mg500-2000 mg
Vitamin B3Boosts brain functions
-Aids in type 1 diabetes treatment, can decrease blood pressure, and enhance blood levels.
8 mg14-16 mg
Vitamin B6-Can help with nausea for pregnant women, also aid the production of hemoglobin against Anemia.
-Improves brain health and decreases the threat of Alzheimer’s disease.
8 mg1.3 mg
Vitamin B12-May help with the formation of red blood cells, support bone health and elevate symptoms of depression.16 mcg2.4 mcg
Citric acid-Can eliminate bacteria, reduce acid in urine.No set limit.
These are ingredients involved in the MIXT Energy formula

Moreover, there is also Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K), Natural and Artificial Flavor, and sucralose present in it.

Does Mixt Energy contain any artificial sweeteners?

Even though Mixt has zero grams of table sugar, it utilizes artificial sweeteners.

Mixt contains the sugar substitutes Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium which are 200 times sweeter than sugar,

Yes, with 0 g of sugar, Mixt Energy uses artificial sweeteners to improve the taste of the beverage. It uses sucralose and acesulfame potassium. These products are 200 times sweeter than sugar.

It’s also worth mentioning that FDA has also recognized these elements as a safe ingredient for companies and individuals to use. In fact, sugar substitutes help diabetics and those who want to lower their daily sugar intake to consume lesser table sugars without settling for bland food.

Even though journals and studies have proven that utilizing these products are safer in contrast to their natural counterpart, there are still consequences you may experience if you were to consume sugar substitutes in excessive amounts such as:

  • Headaches
  • Liver disorders
  • Nausea
  • Mental Confusion
  • Visual Disturbance

Is Mixt Energy safe for you?

Yes, Mixt Energy is safe for consumption. Personally, it contains healthier ingredients and supplements when compared to the standard canned energy drinks that can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores.

In my opinion, it can only be detrimental to your health if you were to consume it countless times in a day as you should watch out for the recommended daily caffeine and sugar intakes. Some of its vitamins have also fared at a higher quantity than the recommended amount, so it may impose some side effects if you were to continuously consume too much of it.

I highly suggest consuming Mixt Energy once a day in order to prevent any side effects from occurring. This is also important for those with low caffeine tolerance and individuals with underlying disorders that may be triggered by any supplement that Mixt Energy may contain.

Is Mixt Energy gluten-free?

Is gluten good for the body?

Yes, Mixt Energy is declared gluten-free on its official website. Therefore, it is safe to consume for people who are intolerant to gluten, as well as fits in a gluten-free diet.

The FDA has also declared products with no yogurt, auerkraut, pickles, cheese, and green olives as gluten-free. Thus, Mixt Energy falls under such a category.

Labeling a product as ‘gluten-free’ helps people with celiac disease, a disorder that triggers the production of a body’s antibodies and damages the small intestine’s lining, to stray away from food that may cause health issues.

Is Mixt Energy safe for diabetics?

Yes, Mixt Energy is safe for diabetics.

This energy drink powder doesn’t contain any sugar, calories, or carbohydrates, which is a good thing for diabetics. However, it does have 166 mg of caffeine, which for some people can raise their blood sugar levels.

I personally recommend consulting with your doctor first before consuming any amount of Mixt Energy.

What flavors does Mixt Energy offer?

Another way that Mixt Energy stands out from the rest of the crowd is through its flavor collection. Their nine flavors are unique and provide something that energy drink enthusiasts may not have encountered just yet.

Moreover, they aren’t just your typical flavors. Mixt Energy’s developers made sure that you get to enjoy every sip of your beverage with new types of mixes and ingredients they have added.

These nine flavors include:

  • Mixt Energy Rainbow Candy
  • Mixt Energy Sour Slurp
  • Mixt Energy Blue Raspberry
  • Mixt Energy Fresh Lemonade
  • Mixt Energy Fruit Punch
  • Mixt Energy Watermelon Rush
  • Mixt Energy Starfruit Blast
  • Mixt Energy Orange Sherbet
  • Mixt Energy Grape Popsicle

Not only do you get to be supplemented and energized by countless ingredients and supplements in a single serving, but you also get to try unique combinations that even the most famous brands have not touched on.

You can also check out this Youtube video for more insight and information regarding the flavor collection of Mixt Energy!

What does Mixt Energy taste like?

Final say

From my standpoint, Mixt Energy is an exceptional product. Even though it’s introduced to the market as a drink for gamers, individuals of all kinds can utilize it for any kind of activity, especially if it’s concerned with mental and physical performances.

Its caffeine content may be an issue for people with low caffeine tolerance, but it can be easily refuted by preparing a smaller amount of beverage instead of the standard size. It’s also a healthy choice considering that it doesn’t have any carbs, fats, and sugar, all the while sporting a variety of vitamins and minerals that are scientifically proven as efficient ingredients.

Consuming Mixt Energy gives you a good energy boost as it enhances your cognitive and physical abilities. Moreover, it can improve your focus and alertness without having to worry about any sugar crashes and unwanted calories.

It contains two artificial sweeteners in place of table sugar, which is proven to be a better option, especially for diabetics and people who need to watch their sugar intakes. This formula, in general, is claimed to be safe and is gluten-free, but is yet to be identified as vegan as there are several ingredients in it which may or may not be free from animal by-products or products.

I personally think that the flavors they offer are a good touch-up as they don’t give you any common flavors, rather a mixture of new seasoning that you can’t forget!

You can drink up to 2 servings of Mixt Energy per day, however, I would suggest that you stick to one only due to the contents your body will ingest within a single serving.