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Rogue Energy Caffeine and Ingredients (Detailed)

Rogue Energy’s recent partnership with Esports Media Inc. talks so much about how determined it is to level up its game in the business of energy drinks.

But is Rogue Energy really the world’s most delicious energy drink as they claim? That tagline really does pique my curiosity.

Before buying into Rogue Energy’s hype, let’s have a close analysis of Rogue Energy’s formulation content first and find out how its taste is distinct from other energy drink brands in the market today.

Rogue Energy contains a high level of caffeine content at 175 milligrams per serving. It’s sugar-free, low in calories and carbohydrates. This energy drink also boasts having 12 active ingredients in its formula which includes unique ingredients such as Acai Berry Extracts, Mucuna Pruriens, Bacopa Monnieri.

This article will drop all the details about Rogue Energy’s ingredients, if you’re interested continue reading.

Rogue Energy Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Information label on the back of a Rogue Energy sachet. (Strawberry Kiwi Flavor)


A calorie is a unit of energy. Every cell in your body needs energy so it can function in its best state. On the contrary, too much calorie intake can do more harm than good.

According to experts, women are recommended up to 2,000 caloric intake per day, while it’s 2,500 calories for men.

Health-wise, Rogue Energy’s caloric content can be crossed off on the list of your worries.

Depending on the flavor, a serving of Rogue Energy will have 0 to 5 calories. This calorie content is relatively low and is great for those on weight control. As you all know, a low-calorie diet is common to those people trying to lose weight.

A low-calorie diet isn’t just for losing weight, it also comes with a lot of health benefits.

To name a few, it can:

  • boost mood and well-being
  • improve your blood sugar levels
  • improve your overall health

The best thing about this is that Rogue Energy’s low-calorie content makes a lot of room for other sources of calories for you to enjoy.


A serving of Rogue Energy (Dragon Fruit flavor) contains 70mg of Sodium.

Sodium might be something you’re wincing at but it really isn’t that bad.

Sodium, most commonly known as salt, is also an essential nutrient for your body.

According to Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, sodium can help balance the fluid in your body, send nerve impulses, be essential for muscle contraction, and lower blood pressure.


The amount of carbohydrates in Rogue Energy varies on its flavors.

For example, the Strawberry Kiwi flavor contains 1g of carbohydrates.

Just like calories, carbohydrates are essential nutrients for the body. It serves as the body’s main source of fuel to be able to attend to your daily activities.

Carbohydrates are what help keep you on the go so there’s no need to worry much about it. When avoided, your body can end up burning a lot of fat that it didn’t need to.

Therefore, Rogue Energy, having low carbohydrates, makes it a great diet powdered energy drink.

Rogue Energy Ingredients

Rogue Energy drink might be the most delicious energy drink in the world, but is it healthy enough? Check out the information below and be the judge.

Here’s a table of the brand’s ingredients and their role in Rogue Energy formulation.

IngredientAmount per servingPurpose
Vitamin C185mgPopular for its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.
Vitamin B315mgIt helps the body to use proteins and fats.
Vitamin B613mgSupports the immune system and brain health
Vitamin B12400mcg It helps boost your cognitive functions and mood.
Choline Bitartrate57mgImproves cognition.
Rogue Energy is full of vitamins that are essential for your body to function normally.
Rogue Energy is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Rogue Energy Complexes

Rogue categorizes its ingredients into two complexes that each serve a specific purpose. Their website has provided a handy description of their more detailed effects for your reference.

Energy Complex (2.00g total)

  • L-Carnitine Tartrate – A type of amino acid that your body can synthesize. It’s commonly used in food and drinks to increase your alertness and support muscle recovery.
  • L-Citrulline – This is a popular ingredient that supports athletic performance. It helps reduce fatigue and fuel up your body during exercises.
  • Taurine – This ingredient is mostly found in energy-boosting products alongside caffeine. Taurine supports the regulation of your brain’s neurotransmitters. It helps with anxiety, boosts your mood, and increases your workout power.
  • Glucuronolactone – This chemical is responsible for keeping you focused. It also enhances your cognition and boosts your mood.
  • Caffeine – A natural stimulant that is used for hundreds of years all over the world. Caffeine has many health benefits. It’s renowned to keep you vigilant and awake. It’s also able to improve your memory and speed up your reaction times.
  • Glycine – Another amino acid that improves the quality of your sleep. It also improves cognition functions such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and more.

Focus Complex (1.50g total)

  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine – Also called NALT, this amino acid plays an important role in producing neurotransmitters in the brain to regulate your mood. This ingredient supports energy, concentration, and reduces your mental fog.
  • L-Phenylalanine – Another crucial element for operating your central nervous system. This chemical helps produce dopamine, also known as “happy hormones”. Therefore, L-Phenylalanine can help you improve your overall mood.
  • L-Theanine – Mostly found in green tea, L-Theanine helps increase your mental alertness. It also helps in treating anxiety.
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract – Most commonly known as Velvet Bean. This African plant-derived ingredient is another precursor of the brain chemical dopamine. This can help improve your mood, concentration, and motivation. Mucuna Pruriens Extract is also known to be an aphrodisiac which means it can help you improve your libido.
  • Bacopa Monnieri Herb – A nootropic herb known to be a memory enhancer. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety.
Aphrodisiac is present in Rogue Energy.

Does Rogue Energy have caffeine?

Caffeine is often the primary ingredient of an energy drink. It’s a powerful natural stimulant that makes it a star element in Rogue Energy.

It is a psychoactive compound responsible for keeping you alert and many things that are beneficial to your cognitive functions.

A single serving of Rogue Energy (6.9g) contains a total of 175mg of caffeine.

In my opinion, this is quite a high amount of caffeine for a single serving. Unless you have a high tolerance for caffeine, it’s best you don’t consume more than two servings a day.

As mentioned in this study, the recommended caffeine intake for a healthy adult is up to 400mg a day. This means that having two servings of Rogue Energy a day is still within the safe zone.

Too much caffeine intake can lead to rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. Although rare, excessive intake of caffeine can result in an overdose which can lead to coma and even death. Fortunately, ugly scenarios as such can be avoided by sticking to the recommended caffeine dosage.

Does Rogue Energy have sugar?

All 13 flavors of Rogue Energy are sugar-free.

Now that diabetes is considered an epidemic, I appreciate brands responding to the needs of their consumers with this thought in mind.

Although going sugar-free isn’t the best solution to end the said epidemic, I respect brands who want to take part in trying to find a resolution by providing healthier alternatives like Rogue.

Here are more reasons to go sugar-free:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • eliminates the risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • protects your liver
  • promotes mental clarity
  • supports memory
  • keeps depression at bay
  • strengthens immunity
  • supports weight loss

With Rogue Energy’s sugar-free energy drinks, there are no sugar crashes.

I’ve mentioned that going sugar-free isn’t the perfect resolution to the increasing number of people having diabetes, that’s because most of the sweet-tasting products marketed as sugar-free use, artificial sweeteners. And Rogue Energy isn’t an exception.

Rogue Energy contains Sucralose, a popular zero-calorie artificial sweetener.

Although Sucralose has received a lot of criticism, it’s one of the few artificial sweeteners that has been permitted and legalized to use in food as a sweetener in the United States and the European Union.

There are also several studies that support the use of Sucralose as a safe alternative to sugar when used in proper amounts.

Is Rogue Energy vegan-friendly?

Let’s define a vegan diet real quick. According to The Vegetarian Resource Group, a vegan diet refers to excluding animals and animal by-products in your food.

Upon closely analyzing each ingredient present in Rogue Energy, I didn’t find any animals and animal by-products in the creation of Rogue Energy drinks. All ingredients listed here can either be synthesized by plants or be produced in laboratories.

Although Rogue Energy has yet to give out a statement on this, it is safe to conclude that Rogue Energy is indeed vegan-friendly.

Yes, all flavors of Rogue Energy are vegan.

Other Ingredients

This section of ingredients is also called Food Additives.

Food additives are commonly present in food and drinks for color, flavor, and preservation.

Each ingredient in this table provides the least quantity in the formulation of the Rogue Energy drink.

Citric Acid preserving and flavoring agent
Artificial Flavorsmimics the taste of natural ingredients
Maltodextrinhelps the product have a longer shelf life
Rebaudioside Anatural sweetener
Silicon Dioxideanti-caking agent
Red 40coloring
Blue 1coloring
Food additives are safe when consumed in small amounts.

Here’s a great video to give you insights about the good and the bad in food preservatives:

Food preservatives aren’t so bad after all.

Is Rogue Energy healthy?

With the entirety of this article, you’ve seen how this energy drink is filled with vitamins and nutrients. Rogue itself has created two complexes to aid both your energy and your mental function.

Beyond these, Rogue is sugar-free, fat-free, and with enough caffeine and carbohydrates to sustain you with a single serving. Rogue is all around a healthy drink.

However, its risks come once you’ve consumed beyond the recommended amount. Caffeine overdose and sugar-crashing are very possible which is why I recommend that you only take up to two servings a day.

In addition, Rogue Energy is not for your consumption if you are:

  • pregnant
  • nursing
  • trying to get pregnant
  • a child or adolescent
  • with medical conditions

Consumption of Rogue Energy can lead to serious negative effects on your body. If you are on that list, I suggest you steer clear of it completely.

Is Rogue Energy good for you?

With Rogue Energy’s nutrient-packed formulation, I don’t see why not.

It’s sugar-free which means no sugar crashing after your consumption. Not to mention, the risks of diabetes are eliminated. It’s low in calories and carbohydrates so even if you’re on a diet, you can drink Rogue Energy every day without having to worry about gaining weight.

Rogue contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids essential for your body (physical and mental) to function in its optimal state.

It has a level of caffeine that’s high enough to stimulate your central nervous system so you can deliver high performance.

On the flip side of the coin, the caffeine content is also high enough to cause negative effects to those with low caffeine metabolism/caffeine intolerance.

As stated on Rogue Energy’s website, you should start with only one serving a day and see how your body reacts to it before increasing your intake.

It’s best always to consume as directed. If you want a more detailed discussion on this, you can check out another article I’ve got.


The caffeine content of Rogue Energy, although high, is still compliant with the daily dosage per serving as recommended by the health authorities, therefore is safe for consumption.

Rogue Energy is loaded with nutrients that can boost energy and focus. It also contains unique ingredients that can’t be found in other energy drinks.

Having a unique formulation, Rogue Energy can stand true to its claims of being the most delicious energy drink.

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