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Rogue Vs. Advocare Spark (The Right One for You)

Not all energy drinks are created equally. That’s why no matter how effective an energy drink is for me, it might still not work for you. Energy drinks aren’t one-size-fits-all products.

And because of that, we’ll be comparing two popular energy drink brands in this article to find out which is the right one for you.

Rogue can be great for people with a very active lifestyle while Advocare Spark can be beneficial for those people lacking vitamins from their diet.

Dive deeper into the details with me, continue reading.

Nutrition Facts Rogue vs. Advocare Spark

Comparison of Calories

Depending on the flavor, Rogue may contain 0 to 5 calories per serving, while Advocare Spark has 15 calories.

Rogue (6.9g)Advocare Spark (7g)
0 to 5 calories15 calories
Comparison of calorie content between Rogue and Advocare Spark.
A glazed chocolate doughnut can contain 340 calories.

The number of calories determines how much energy you’ll get from certain food and drink. It’s important to keep them in check especially when you’re on a specific diet as too much of them turn into stored fats and later causes you to gain weight.

Rogue is your best option if you’re on a low-calorie diet, or simply wanting to lose some weight. With 0-5 per serving, your diet plans won’t be affected.

Advocare Spark is still considered a low-calorie beverage with just 15g, however, I think Advocare Spark’s calorie content is great for people living an active lifestyle as they are the ones who would usually require more energy to burn, and Advocare can give you that.

Comparison of Carbohydrates

Another nutrient that is not present in Rogue is carbohydrates. Rogue contains zero carbs while Advocare spark has 4g per serving.

Rogue (6.9g)Advocare Spark (7g)
Comparison of carbohydrates content between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

In the same sense as calories, Rogue is preferable if you’re trying to shed some fat or avoiding weight gain.

The best thing about it is it gives other sources of carbs more room for you to enjoy. For example, french fries, potato chips, or any of your favorite meals.

Advocare Spark won’t hurt your diet plans with as little as 4g. The body naturally burns calories and the like daily so either option is beneficial for the long term.

Comparison of Caffeine

A serving of Rogue contains more caffeine than a serving of Advocare Spark. Check out this table of comparisons:

Rogue (6.9g)Advocare Spark (7g)
Comparison of caffeine content between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

Caffeine in Rogue

Evidently, Rogue has a higher level of caffeine than Advocare Spark.

As you may know, caffeine is an ingredient whose main functions include improving your physical and mental performance by supplying you with energy and increasing your brain activity.

Having said that, the higher the caffeine the better and longer it’ll serve you.

However, higher caffeine content means a higher risk of side effects. People who aren’t used to drinking caffeinated drinks may find Rogue too strong and experience nervousness, headache, vomiting, and in rare cases caffeine overdose which can lead to coma or death.

There’s nothing to worry about though if you have a high tolerance for caffeine. In fact, if you do, you can maximize the benefits of Rogue’s caffeine content.

Now, let’s talk about the caffeine in Advocare Spark.

Caffeine in Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark’s 120mg of caffeine is also a sufficient amount for you to feel its effect without running the risk of an overdose.

When compared with Rogue, this level of caffeine is too low, but in comparison with a regular cup of coffee (80-95mg), it’s quite high. If you want a good kick before a task and ride its effects for hours, Rogue is a safe bet.

The bottom line is you must still be wary of consuming too many servings of caffeine, especially Advocare Spark, as there is a tendency for overconsumption.

Comparison of Sugar

Rogue and Advocare Spark are sugar-free energy drinks.

Rogue (6.9g)Advocare Spark (7g)
Comparison of sugar content between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

That’s right, you can buy either of the two and still get a sugar-free drink.

Rogue and Advocare Spark are sugar-free.

Food and drinks that don’t contain any sugar are something I personally appreciate in this world where diabetes and obesity are named global epidemics.

Having no sugar in both energy drink brands means no sugar crash and lowered risk of diabetes, weight gain, fatty liver disease, and inflammation.

Instead of sugar, Rogue and Advocare Spark use artificial sweeteners.

Artificial Sweeteners Used

Rogue and Advocare Spark use the same artificial sweetener called Sucralose.

Rogue Advocare Spark
Sucralose 6.9g 7g
Comparison of artificial sweeteners used between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

Sucralose is a non-nutritive, high-intensity artificial sweetener. It’s widely used in food and drinks all over the world.

According to a study, it is 600 times sweeter than sugar that’s why it doesn’t require large quantities to match your regular table sugar. Several studies have proven Sucralose to be safe for human consumption so you can rest assured that its inclusion is fine.

Comparison of Ingredients Rogue vs. Advocare Spark

Besides all the calories and the caffeine, let’s dive into what else both brands have to offer.


Advocare Spark contains more vitamins than Rogue.

Type of Vitamin Rogue (6.9g)Advocare Spark (7g)
Vitamin A300mcg
Vitamin C 185mg180mg
Vitamin E 20.1mg
Thiamine 3mg
Niacin 15mg60mg
Vitamin B6 13mg15mg
Vitamin B12 400mcg45mcg
Pantothenic Acid50mg
Comparison of vitamin content between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

Almost every B Vitamins is present in Advocare Spark, while Rogue contains only 3 types of them.

B Vitamins are known to boost your energy and enhance your cognition. I personally find their inclusion in an energy drink to be important because of these benefits.

Having said that, Advocare Spark’s vitamin content wins against Rogue’s.

It’s also important to note that a few of Advocare’s vitamins exceed the recommended daily dosage. These vitamins are water-soluble and any excess will be flushed out by the system naturally. But if this is something you worry about, I suggest you discuss it with a medical professional.

Amino Acids

If Advocare Spark took the lead in the previous table, Rogue is definitely making up for it with its amino acids.

Rogue has 7 types of amino acids including the substance taurine, while Advocare only has taurine.

Type of Amino Acids RogueAdvocare Spark
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine1,000mg
Comparison of amino acid content between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

Rogue has more advantages when it comes to amino acids. Amino acids play vital roles in your body. It includes building proteins and the production of hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine.

This explains why you have better mood and cognition when you consume food rich and drinks rich in amino acids. These are a lot of benefits that Advocare cannot offer you in its formulation, which I think outweighs a lot.

Other Ingredients

There’s nothing to compare between Rogue and Advocare Sparks’s food additives because they use the very same ingredients in their formulation down to the T.

RogueAdvocare Spark
Citric AcidCitric Acid
Natural and Artificial Flavors Natural and Artificial Flavors
Silicon DioxideSilicon Dioxide
Comparison of food additive content between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

These ingredients are what keeps Rogue and Advocare Spark products fresh, lasting on shelves, pigmented, and overall aesthetically pleasing.

Rogue Complexes

If there is one thing that can make Rogue a winner against Advocare Spark is its ingredient complexes: Energy Complex, Focus Complex, and Recovery Complex.

Rogue Energy Complex Ingredients Rogue Focus Complex IngredientsRogue Recovery Complex Ingredients
N-Acetyl Tyrosine
Choline L-Bitartrate
Bacopa Monnieri
Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract
The Three Complexes of Rogue Energy

You can’t find these complexes in Advocare Spark but you can find a few independent ingredients from each group that’s is in the formula like Taurine and Caffeine. Other than that, the rest of the ingredients are unique to Rogue.

It even offers botanical ingredients Bacopa Monnieri, known to boost cognitive functions, and Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract, a known aphrodisiac.

Yet again, these are a lot of really good health benefits that Rogue is providing you in their formulation that Advocare simply cannot give.

Rogue energy contains enhances your sexual performance.

Comparison of Price

Advocare Spark is more expensive than Rogue.

Rogue Advocare Spark
Tub/Canisters$32.99 (30 servings)$54.99 (42 servings)
Comparison of price between Rogue and Advocare Spark.

Based on the price in the table, Rogue costs $1.09 per serving, while Advocare Spark costs $1.30 a serving. Considering the number of servings they offer per tub, Advocare Sparks is slightly costly than Rogue.

Where to buy Rogue and Advocare?

Advocare Spark is widely available online and in stores while Rogue can only be ordered online.

Rogue Advocare Spark
Rogue’s Official Website Advocare Spark’s Official Website
Walmart Website
In-stores (Walmart)
Comparison of where Rogue and Advocare Spark are available.

As you can see from the table, Rogue is only available on its website and Amazon. If you’re in the UK, you can also order it on GamerBulk.

Given the popularity of Rogue, I think they should make their energy drinks available in stores like Advocare Spark. It makes their products easier to access without the added trouble of shipping and fees.

In this comparison, it’s Advocare Spark that’s more within you’re reach compared with Rogue.

Which brand has the best flavors?

In this aspect, the two are very closely tied.

Rogue Flavors

Currently, Rogue offers 13 flavors in total.

  • Rogue Energy Blue Raspberry
  • Rogue Energy Watermelon
  • Rogue Energy Cherry Limeade
  • Rogue Energy Strawberry Kiwi
  • Rogue Shake Caramel Vanilla Latte
  • Rogue Shake Cookies ‘N Cream
  • Rogue Energy Pink Lemonade
  • Rogue Energy Grape Popsicle
  • Rogue Energy Mango Pineapple
  • Rogue Hydration Fruit Punch
  • Rogue Hydration Dragon Fruit Mango
  • Rogue Extreme Strawberry Lemonade
  • Rogue Extreme Green Apple

Rogue flavors are highly influenced by fruits. I like their idea of creating fruit combo flavors so you have the best of both worlds in one sip.

And, interestingly, you can have non-fruit flavors if you’re not feeling them for the day. Rogue has Caramel Vanilla Latte and Cookies ‘N Cream flavors.

Watch this video to get an idea about the flavors of Rogue:

A video reviewing EVERY flavor of Rogue.

Advocare Spark Flavors

Advocare Spark has 11 flavors plus 2 limited edition flavors.

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Green Apple
  • Mango Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Fruit Punch
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Watermelon
  • Limeade
  • Vanilla Latte (limited edition)
  • Cranberry Peach Orange (limited edition)

Evidently, Advocare Spark’s flavors are similarly fruit-inspired. Like Rogue, their flavor names are simple which I think is great so you won’t have trouble guessing what it will taste like. It saves a lot of time when shopping.

With this, it all boils down to preference, whether the single flavor is more your taste or a blend of both.

In my opinion, Rogue has my preferred flavors. Having two fruits in one flavor is surely an edge and unconventional. And I think having non-fruit flavors is a great idea considering not all people like fruity flavors.

Final Thoughts

Rogue and Advocare Spark have their own advantage and disadvantages.

Rogue contains a stronger caffeine content which I find beneficial for people needing longer and better energy supply and endurance. It also contains complexes filled with many health benefits.

Advocare Spark offers more vitamins, albeit exceeding in dosage. It still makes for a great option for those people lacking nutrients from their choice of diet.

Personally, for the price and formulation and for the kind of lifestyle that I have, I’d be happier to get Rogue.

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