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Where to Buy X-Gamer? (Everything you need to know)

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level (quite literally), the answer for you might just be energy drinks.

Energy drinks formulated for gamers help you last in gaming for longer hours. They’re known to enhance your cognitive functions such as speeding up your reaction time, improving your memory, and increasing your focus and mental alertness.

One brand that’s topping my list is X-Gamer Energy.

X-Gamer is an energy drink brand that has started in the UK way back in 2014. It contains 27 multi-vitamin complex and nootropic amino acids. Overall, a healthy formula that’s perfected for gamers.

One of the best things about X-Gamer is that it offers many flavors to suit every picky tastebud.

So where can you buy X-Gamer?

X-Gamer can be purchased through their official website. It’s also available on Amazon and eBay. Unfortunately, X-Gamer is not available for in-store purchases.

I’ve included more information in this article that might be helpful to you in purchasing X-Gamer, if you’re interested, continue reading.

X Gamer Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Information on the back of the X-Gamer 10g sachet.

Table of Nutrients

NutrientsAmount per 10g
Carbohydrates (of which sugars)3g (0.02g)
X-Gamer has high caffeine content.

A calorie is a unit of energy. You usually source it from the food that you eat. Calories are crucial to our health because, without them, your body won’t function properly. Having said that, calories shouldn’t be avoided in your diet.

On the other hand, it’s also important to be aware of how many calories you’re intaking a day. Excess calories turn into body fats. And when these fats accumulate, that’s when you start gaining excessive weight.

X-Gamer’s calorie count is low if you will compare it to canned energy drinks, but if it’s compared to other powdered ones, it’s considered pretty average. Take a look at these two tables:

X-Gamer (powder)Red Bull 8oz (can)Monster 8oz (can)Full Throttle 8oz (can)
Calorie count31110100100
Calorie count comparison between X-Gamer Energy (powder) and other carbonated energy drinks (cans).
X-Gamer 10g (powder)G Fuel 7g (powder)Sneak Energy 10g (powder)Rogue Energy 6.9g (powder)
Calorie count3125125
Calorie count comparison between X-Gamer Energy (powder) and other non-carbonated energy drinks (powder).

In terms of calories, both tables show that X-Gamer is a great choice for an energy drink. Albeit the slightest bit higher than the rest, it’s enough to provide you energy without having to worry about gaining weight.

Now, if X-Gamer’s caloric content is just the right amount you’d want to have in an energy drink, it’s the opposite for caffeine content.

A serving of X-Gamer is equivalent to 2 cups of regular coffee.

A 10g serving of X-Gamer has 200mg of caffeine. In my opinion, this is quite a high caffeine content. We’re talking about half of the recommended daily intake of caffeine in one sitting.

Caffeine is a popular psychoactive stimulant that triggers the Central Nervous System (CNS) to increase your energy and alertness.

According to the FDA, a healthy adult consuming 400mg of caffeine daily is considered safe. This content is equivalent to four to five cups of brewed coffee.

If you have a high tolerance for caffeine, you can maximize the benefits of X-Gamer. Unfortunately, if your caffeine metabolism is low, you might want to skip X-Gamer and go for other energy drinks that have much lower caffeine content.

If you’re really interested in trying out X-Gamer but are skeptical, start with half the serving and see how it’ll go before you decide whether to increase your consumption or ditch the drink once and for all.

Where to Buy X-Gamer?

X-Gamer Energy drinks are available on their official website. Click on the ”Shop Now” to see X-Gamer’s products. You may also place an order via Amazon and eBay. Sadly, X-Gamer Energy Drink has yet to be sold in stores.

X-Gamer Official Website

Order information from the X-Gamer website.

Some of the perks of purchasing on the X-Gamer website are the following:

  1. You get to have all flavors in the options.
  2. You get first dibs on new flavors.
  3. You get to apply discount codes.


X-Gamer ships to most countries in Europe, North and South America, and Australia.

You may also check if they ship to your country on the Checkout page.

Shipping fees vary depending on which country you’re ordering from. But just to give you an idea, I ordered a Starter Kit from Australia and shipping costs me $23.45.

They offer free shipping on orders over €99.

The delivery time is 1 to 3 business days, although I think this only applies if you’re from the UK. Shipping beyond may take some time due to the distance.

Payment Methods

X-Gamer Energy accepts payments using the following method:

  • Shop Pay
  • G Pay
  • iDEAL
  • Klarna
  • All major debit and credit cards
  • Paypal

Return and Refund

If you’ve received the wrong items or have simply changed your mind, you’re entitled to a 30-day Return and Refund policy provided the products are still sealed and unused. Your full payment is refundable, however, the shipping fee isn’t.

To request this, simply fill out their contact form. The receipt will be asked for so be sure to collect it.

The full Return and Refund Policy is posted here.

Where else can you buy X-Gamer?

Besides their official website, X Gamer has made its products available on other eCommerce websites. This provides wider availability to their audience and makes their product a lot more approachable.

Here’s where else you can find X Gamer:


Order process

Follow these steps to place an order on the Amazon website:

  1. Click on this link Amazon X-Gamer Energy UK. (Make sure you’re logged in. If not, create an Amazon account here.)
  2. Choose a product/s, then click on the Add to basket button.
  3. Once you’re done shopping, click on the shopping cart icon on the upper left corner of your screen.
  4. Review your items, then click on Proceed to checkout.
  5. Type in your shipping address, then click the continue button.
  6. Select your payment method, then click the continue button.
  7. Finally, click on the Place your order button.
Use your Amazon membership to avail of Free Shipping.

Shipping and Payment Methods

Amazon has its own delivery service, Amazon Logistics. And, yes, Amazon ships internationally.

The shipping fees and shipping duration will always vary as they depend on the size and weight of your order, plus your selected shipping speed.

Click Proceed to checkout to know how much shipping and handling fee you’ll be paying.

The payment information will also appear on the Order Summary.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, then you have all your Amazon orders shipped to you for free.

Amazon Pay accepts debit and credit cards.

Accepted credit cards:

  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JBC


Order process

  1. Sign in to your eBay account and click on this link: eBay Website UK (The Gaming Warehouse).
  2. Choose your flavor.
  3. Type in the quantity.
  4. You can either click Buy now (if you’re ready to checkout) or Add to cart (if you’re shopping for more items).
  5. Once you’re done shopping, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
  6. Review your items. If you’re good with it, you may click the Continue button.
  7. Enter your payment details, then click the Continue button.
  8. Finally, click on the Confirm Payment button and your transaction should be complete.

Shipping and Payment Method

Shipping fees are found under the Shipping and Payments tab upon checkout. Other details such as the estimated delivery date of your order and your order information will be in the Purchase History.

eBay accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, debit, and credit cards for payments.

Price of X-Gamer

X-Tubz 600g (60 servings)X-Shotz 10g per sachet (3 pieces)
PriceUSD 35 USD 5
Price comparison of X-Gamer in Tub and X-Gamer in packets.
X-Gamer Energy 10g
G Fuel Energy 7g
Sneak Energy 10g
Rogue Energy 6.9g
Price per sachet USD 5 USD 4.99 USD 16.20 USD 10.99
Price comparison of X-Gamer sachet to other energy drink brands.

Is X-Gamer available in stores?

X-Gamer has yet to be available in stores. This may seem like a bit of a bummer especially if you’re out doing errands and want to grab one for yourself while you’re out but it’s not all a downfall.

X Gamer has made its ordering process as easy as walking into a store. In addition, the product is available on other sites that may be easier to access for you. You can purchase and get your order without having to leave your home.

X-Gamer Flavors

Here’s a full list of all X-Gamer’s flavors:

  1. X-Tubz Horus
  2. X-Tubz Hyperbeast
  3. X-Tubz Hyper Berries
  4. X-Tubz Fuzzberry
  5. X-Tubz HydroBeast Hydration (No caffeine, no taurine)
  6. X-Tubz Dr. Beast
  7. X-Tubz Sour Cherry Twist
  8. X-Tubz Sun Beam
  9. X-Tubz Gummilicious
  10. X-Tubz Cape Town
  11. X-Tubz Bluenitro
  12. X-Tubz Steve’s Apple
  13. X-Tubz King Banna
  14. X-Tubz Black Metal Berry
  15. X-Tubz Mega Mango
  16. X-Tubz Post Melon
  17. X-Tubz Zomberry
  18. X-Tubz Nukefusion
  19. X-Tubz Nightshade
  20. X-Tubz Hydrastorm
  21. X-Tubz Sakurafuri
  22. X-Tubz Powacrush

I’ve only tried a couple of flavors from this brand. So far, the flavor Nukefusion stands out the most for me which I’d give an 8/10. It’s got a balanced flavor that’s not too empowering and left me quite energized.

If you’re confused about which one to choose, their fruit-based flavors are always a safe bet. Try the Sour Cherry Twist or the Post Melon.

Here’s a video reviewing every flavor of X-Gamer to help you decide which ones to buy:

Why choose when you can have them all?

How to Mix X-Gamer

Here’s how you can make the energy drink in a few easy steps:

  1. In your container of choice, add 2 scoops or one sachet (10g) of your powder.
  2. Add 300-500ml of water to the powder. Room temperature water is recommended.
  3. Stir or shake until the powder has completely dissolved.

You can add a couple of ice cubes if you prefer your drink cold, or prep it early and refrigerate.

That’s all you need to do! After three simple steps, you can go ahead and enjoy X Gamer.

Review on Order Process

My ordering experience with the X-Gamer website was a smooth sail. I was able to get all the flavors that I like, except for the flavor Gummilicious. It’s always sold out whenever I check. But other than that, I think the process was great.

I’m quite satisfied with the delivery speed as well. I suppose that can be attributed to the items coming from the UK. I got the package after 8 days which isn’t so bad considering I’ve ordered from Australia.

I ordered the X-Gamer Starter Kit which cost me USD 47 in total, including shipping fee and tax. They also sent in a pack of salted caramel popcorn as a bonus.


X-Gamer can be purchased online through its official website or on eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. This energy drink isn’t open for in-store purchases yet.

They ship to most countries in Europe, North and South America, and Australia so you can enjoy X-Gamer even when you’re not in the UK.

The order process is quite convenient and easy to follow so ordering online shouldn’t be complicated. With just a few clicks, you can finish your order right away.

In my opinion, the delivery time is pretty fast. Eight days of waiting isn’t so bad if the order is from Europe shipping to Australia.

X-Gamer energy drinks’ price, to me, is value for money, however, the shipping fee could use some improvement. USD 23.45 for a tiny package, shipping fee to Australia, is a bit much.

If you’re looking to try X Gamer then I hope this has been helpful.

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