X-Gamer vs. Coffee (Better pick)

To give yourself an instant energy boost, most of us either choose coffee or an energy drink. X- Gamer is a fantastic gaming energy drink that gives you a jolt of energy, but coffee also contains a good amount of caffeine that helps you go through your day.

Here is a detailed list of queries people mostly ask before buying an energy drink or coffee.

Which one to buy?

People usually get confused about which one to buy, either X-Gamer or coffee. The thing that makes both these drinks different from other drinks is the caffeine content.

Both X-Gamer and coffee are caffeinated and perform the same function. But X-Gamer is a fantastic energy drink, and it provides you with many healthy ingredients along with caffeine that coffee can’t.

Let’s look at the nutritional ingredients of both to know more; continue reading.

Comparison of Nutritional Ingredients

X-Gamer and coffee both have their own set of ingredients. Those ingredients play specific roles and help in the proper functioning of your body.

Natural ingredients of X-Gamer.
NiacinVitamin B
Table comparison of nutritional ingredients.

X-Gamer has many macronutrients, but coffee is filled with micronutrients.

Comparison of nutritional ingredients shows that X-Gamer and Coffee both have vitamin B. Vitamin B improves overall body functioning and helps you build good eyesight. The vitamin content in X-Gamer energy drink is more than coffee, making energy drink(X-Gamer) more beneficial and healthy.

X-Gamer contains 31 calories, but coffee does not contain any calories. A calorie is a source of energy, generally taken through diet. Calories boost your energy level instantly; that’s why if you feel your energy level is low, you should always go for X-Gamer. And select coffee in case you only need some alertness.

Coffee has a satisfactory quantity of antioxidants; chlorogenic acid and melanoidins are the primary antioxidants. According to a study, blood antioxidant level increases after drinking coffee. Antioxidants also affect your body, as it prevents you from severe heart diseases. The study is undergoing in the world to know more about antioxidants and their effects.

Does X-Gamer have caffeine?

Both X-Gamer and coffee carry a substantial amount of caffeine to keep you active, alert and attentive. Caffeinated beverages like energy drinks and coffee have taken the market by surprise. People prefer caffeinated beverages over ordinary beverages to keep up with a hectic day.

Caffeine acts as a brain stimulant; it enhances your brain activity and improves the processing of information. Caffeine keeps you active by blocking the working of a neurochemical called adenosine.

Adenosine on binding with brain receptor let you feel tired and exhausted. When adenosine doesn’t perform its function, you feel energetic and active.

X-Gamer contains 200 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, the caffeine content in coffee varies depending upon the type of coffee.

Black coffee has the most amount of caffeine that is 90-95 mg per cup. If you have good caffeine resistance, you should go with X-Gamer as it contains a good amount of caffeine that has a lasting effect more than that of coffee. But, if you are reluctant to take a substantial amount of caffeine, then coffee would be a better choice for you.

Coffee beans are the main source of pure caffeine.

According to FDA, the average intake of caffeine is limited to 400 mg per day. Taking more the limited amount may cause issues like:

  • Insomnia
  • Heart diseases
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Dehydration

Why should you choose X-Gamer?

People who crave sweet taste in a caffeinated beverage often prefer energy drinks over coffee. Also, X-Gamer comes with a fine quantity of calories and amino acids like Taurine to boost your energy level, making it more amazing.

Many prominent factors make X-Gamer superior to coffee. Let’s discuss those few factors in detail.

Sweet taste cravings

If you are a diehard fan of sweets, X-Gamer would be your ultimate pick. Primarily, energy drinks use artificial sweeteners or a small amount of sugar to give you a sweet taste with an energy boost.

X-Gamer also uses Sucralose, an artificial sweetener and a by-product of sucrose. Sucralose is not sugar, but it is 600 times sweeter than sugar. A minimal amount of Sucralose is enough to make the drink sweet.

The fact that energy drinks have Sucralose instead of sugar makes them harmless because excess sugar can cause side effects like:

  • High blood sugar level
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Acne
  • Depression

Vitamin B source

Energy drinks contain a healthy amount of vitamin B. These vitamins are taken through diet. So, if you are taking one or two servings of energy drink daily, you should not worry about your vitamin B deficiency.

X-Gamer has a handful of vitamin B that makes it healthy and different from other caffeinated beverages. If you are looking for a vitamin B source, always go with the X-Gamer energy drink.

Vitamin B is an essential component of energy drinks, and it also improves the overall functioning of your body. Some significant benefits of vitamin B are:

  • It Keeps your body in order.
  • It Strengthens the immune system.
  • Make bones strong.
  • It Improves eyesight.
  • It Promotes healthy aging.

Taurine: essential amino acids

Taurine is an amino acid, and it is considered one of the primary ingredients of the X-Gamer energy drink. It is one of the essential supplements of energy drinks, which is why it is included in the focus blend. Taurine helps in enhancing your energy and mood.

So, if you buy X-Gamer instead of coffee, you will get activeness and other healthy ingredients like taurine. Some prominent functions of taurine are:

  1. Maintains hydration and electrolytes balance in body.
  2. Regulates the immune system.
  3. It helps in regulating calcium within the cells.
  4. Supports and improves the functioning of the general nervous system.

One serving of X-Gamer will give you a total dose of essential amino acids, like taurine.

Provides energy boost

X-Gamer carries 31 calories. Calories provide you with a sudden jolt of energy. Gaming drinks like X-Gamer and other energy drinks give you energy so that you can actively go through your day without feeling tired and exhausted. On the other hand, coffee does not offer any calories and is calorie-free. It means coffee only helps you be alert and not with the energy boost.

Why you should choose coffee?

If you want a cheap or economical energy source to keep you active and quite energetic, then coffee is suitable for you. Many great reasons explain why you should prefer coffee over energy drinks like X-Gamer.

Here’s a brief detail of a few leading points of coffee.

Zero calories, zero weight gain

Coffee does not contain a lot of calories (if you’re keeping your coffee plain) which means you don’t have to worry about weight gain. Calories, if not burned properly, can cause obesity. So, if you are looking for a drink that offers zero calories and keeps you alert, active, and energetic, coffee is the must pick.

However, if you add milk or sugar to your coffee, it will gain calories. But, the calorie and sugar content will be less than that of X-Gamer. Coffee is best for you if you try to control your weight or blood sugar level.

Cheaper choice

Coffee is cheaper than X-Gamer, which comes in fancy packing and costs you more.

But, if bought in bulk and prepared at home, coffee is a cheaper choice. However, if you grab a coffee from famous brands, it might seem quite expensive.

Purely caffeine

Coffee guarantees you a pure caffeine source because it does not come with a blend of other ingredients like vitamins, amino acids, etc. Coffee is a direct outcome of ground coffee beans and gives you a perfect jolt of activeness.

Comparison of flavors and types

X-Gamer offers a great list of flavors, and coffee also has different types. You can pick your favorite drink and enjoy flavors according to your taste and cravings.

Different types of coffees.
X-Gamer flavorsCoffee types
BluenitroDouble espresso
Black metal berryBlack eye
Cape townAmericano
King of bananaCafé latte
NightshadeIced coffee
Comparison table of flavors

Both X-Gamer and coffee have a versatile list of flavors to offer, and you can quickly buy them from stores near you.

Comparison of prices

Coffee is relatively cheap and economical as compared to energy drinks. But, one tub of X-Gamer offers 60 servings that make it more affordable.

X-Gamer (60 servings)Black Coffee (one bottle)
Comparison table of prices

Though coffee comes in more quantity per bottle, getting 60 servings of sweet and healthy X-Gamer energy drink within this amount is also excellent. By picking X-Gamer, you will get more benefits.

There is not much difference between the prices of X-Gamer and Coffee, which makes it easier for you to decide one. Both drinks offer a great list of different flavors, and you can quickly grab your favorite ones from any e-store or physical store near you.


This comparison between X-Gamer and coffee reveals much nutritional information about both drinks. Since caffeinated drinks took over the market, there’s always competition between coffee and energy drinks as both are used for the same purposes.

I prefer the X-Gamer energy drink over coffee because of the nutritional value it offers. X-Gamer is a mixture of many healthy ingredients, like amino acids, vitamins, and calories. Strong and controlled caffeine content makes it more attractive. Also, it offers a variety of yummy flavors, which makes it more buyable.

X-Gamer energy drink uses all its ingredients to regulate and balance the functioning of your body. A strong quantity of caffeine makes it an alerting drink, but Vitamin B or taurine helps improve a lot of internal body functions. It also satisfies your cravings for a sweet taste as it contains Sucralose, an artificial sweetener. The calories present in X-Gamer, combined with caffeine, provide you with a strong and more lasting energy effect.

A brief and informative review of X-Gamer energy drink.

I do not go for coffee because the caffeine content in coffee is not measured correctly or controlled compared to X-Gamer, which has a limited amount of caffeine.

Also, coffee comes from coffee beans, purely caffeine, and coffee does not offer any extra ingredients to help your body function.

All the above-discussed points will help you in selecting which drink to select to keep yourself active and energetic throughout the day. If you have decided, then go and grab your favorite caffeinated beverage to give yourself an excellent and lasting jolt of energy.

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