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Zipfizz vs. Coffee (Healthy choice?)

Zipfizz and coffee are great picks for people who do a lot of physical work or spend long hours on work. Both drinks are caffeinated and keep you active throughout the day. The presence of caffeine boosts your energy level instantly and alerts your brain.

Caffeinated drinks like coffee and energy drink have gained popularity over the years, and tough competition has been observed between both drinks. Zipfizz energy drink works to keep your body hydrated and active, while coffee only alerts your brain and enhances the processing ability.

People usually get confused about which one to buy for their daily dosage of caffeine. If you have any questions regarding this drink and you want to find out their answers then please read on.

Which one to buy?

Although the caffeine content in coffee and Zipfizz energy drink is almost the same, other factors make Zipfizz energy drink a superior choice to coffee. Zipfizz energy drink provides a substantial amount of caffeine and along with that, it contains ingredients to keep you healthy and hydrated. It has a refreshing effect on your body.

While coffee is pure caffeine, and it does not provide you with extra nutritional ingredients. So, in my opinion, buying a Zipfizz energy drink is the better choice.

Here is a detailed analysis of the nutritional ingredients and nutritional facts of Zipfizz energy and coffee.

Zipfizz vs. Coffee Nutritional Ingredients

Zippfizz energy is rich in nutritional content compared to coffee which is pure caffeine and has a small number of antioxidants and vitamins.

Nutritional Ingredients of Zipfizz energy drink.
Zipfizz energyCoffee
Vitamin CVitamins
Vitamin EDiterpenes
Vitamin B12Caffeine
Vitamin B6 
Comparison of ingredients

Zipfizz energy is enriched in vitamin content, but coffee contains a small number of vitamins. Zipfizz energy is a mixture of essential macro and micronutrients that provides you with a quick jolt of energy. If you’re keen to know about these ingredients, check out my detailed discussion here.

Let’s discuss the nutritional facts of both drinks in detail.

Zipfizz vs. Coffee Nutritional Facts

The comparison between the nutritional ingredients of coffee and Zipfizz energy reveals the nutritional importance of ingredients used in these drinks.

Both coffee and Zipfizz energy drink have vitamins in their formulation, but the quantity varies. In coffee, only 21% of vitamins are available, which is a fine quantity.

But, Zipfizz contains 42% vitamins in its nutritional formula, and vitamin B12 is found in abundance. According to the Zipfizz brand, the high amount of vitamins makes them different from other energy drink brands.

Oranges are a source of Vitamins.

However, our body needs vitamin B12 as it performs many functions in the human body. Vitamin B12 is one of the most crucial vitamins, and it is taken through diet. The primary functions of Vitamin B12 are:

  • Improves functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Enhances the ability to think
  • Improves eyesight
  • Prevents eyes from muscular degeneration
  • Produces red blood cells

Excess intake of vitamin B12 has not shown any side effects yet, but its deficiency causes many health problems such as,

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headache
  • Mood swings
  • Memory issues
  • Difficulty in concentration

The quantity of vitamins in coffee is not enough to satisfy your daily vitamins need. That’s why you should always choose Zipfizz energy drink over coffee, as it provides you with the proper quantity of vitamins.

Zipfizz energy drink is also suitable for vegans because vegetables do not offer enough vitamin content and its ingredients are healthy enough to fulfill your needs of vitamins.

Coffee contains antioxidants that prevent heart diseases. Chlorogenic acid and melanoidins are the primary antioxidants present in coffee; the blood antioxidant level increases after drinking coffee. The study is undergoing on the other effects of antioxidants.

Comparing caffeine content

The caffeine content in one serving of Zipfizz energy and one cup of black coffee is almost the same. Caffeine keeps you alert, active, and energetic. People who work for long hours or do a lot of physical work need something to keep them active for long hours. In this case, they either pick coffee or an energy drink.

Coffee beans are the source of pure caffeine.

Caffeine acts as a brain stimulant; it activates your brain and enhances its functioning. It blocks the working of adenosine that is a neurochemical. Adenosine lets you feel exhausted, and caffeine stops working so that you can go through your day.

Zipfizz energy drink contains 100 mg of caffeine. This amount is very substantial because it keeps you active, and you don’t have to worry about caffeine overdose. One cup of black coffee carries 95 to 120 mg near Zipfizz energy.

According to FDA, the average intake of caffeine is limited to 400 mg. If taken more than the suggested quantity, you can get health issues like:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Addiction of caffeine
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Heart issues

Why should you choose the Zipfizz energy drink?

Many apparent factors and reasons help you select Zipfizz energy drink over other caffeinated beverages. A few of these reasons are discussed below.

Standardized caffeine content

In the case of coffee, the caffeine content may vary as it is not measured and controlled. But, each pack of Zipfizz energy drink wraps measured caffeine content in its packing. So, if you are trying to control your caffeine intake, you should always pick Zipfizz energy as your daily dose of caffeine.

Satisfies sweets craving

Zipfizz energy drink is best for people who love sweets or have a craving for sweet beverages. It contains artificial sweeteners, sucralose, and xylitol to replace sugar.  These artificial sweeteners are 600 times sweeter in taste than sugar, and only a tiny amount of them is enough to impart a sweet taste.

Zipfizz energy drink contains artificial sweeteners instead of sugar makes it calorie-free. It also saves you from diseases caused by an excess of sugar like:

  • Acne
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • High blood sugar level
  • Diabetes

Coffee does not contain any sweet taste, and initially, it doesn’t taste enjoyable.


Zipfizz energy is served cold and carbonated; thus, it refreshes your body. It provides you with energy with a refreshing effect. Coffee also offers a quick jolt of energy, but it is not refreshing as it is served hot.

Variety of flavors

Zipfizz energy drink offers a variety of unique flavors for people who dislike taking coffee or tea. You can pick any flavor of your choice and enjoy an active and fresh day.

Additional healthy supplements

Zipfizz energy drink offers a variety of nutritional ingredients that helps in the overall functioning of your body. It is rich in vitamins, and vitamins are beneficial in improving eyesight and other muscles.

One serving of Zipfizz energy is enough to fulfill your basic nutritional needs. In contrast, coffee does not offer any specific additional ingredients. This difference between both drinks makes Zipfizz energy a better choice.

Informational video about Zipfizz energy drink.

A powerful source of energy

Energy drinks are a powerful source of energy because they contain calories. Zipfizz energy drink contains 20 calories, and these calories give you a quick jolt of energy. Both caffeine and calories combine to increase the lasting effect of Zipfizz energy.

Why should you choose coffee?

Coffee is a better choice for people who want a pure caffeine source to go through their day. Here are a few factors that make coffee a good choice.

Pure caffeine content

Coffee is pure caffeine, as it is extracted from coffee beans. It does not have a long list of ingredients but possesses only a small amount of vitamins, antioxidants, and caffeine. And it is best for people who dislike a fancy drink and prefer pure caffeine sources.

Cheaper choice

If you are looking for a caffeine source that doesn’t cost much but gives you the needed quantity of caffeine, then coffee is the best choice for you. One bottle of caffeine lasts long enough and is not costly. But, Zipfizz energy is quite costly, and not everyone can afford it.


Coffee is sugar-free because it does not contain any sugar. It is best for people trying to control their blood sugar levels. But, if you add sugar or milk to your coffee, it will gain few calories. Zipfizz energy, on the other hand, contains calories.

Suits your taste

Anyone who wants their drinks to taste exactly as they won’t go for coffee. In the case of coffee, you can also increase or decrease the caffeine content as per your choice. But,  Zipfizz does not give this opportunity because it contains a measured amount of caffeine.

Comparing flavors

Zipfizz energy and caffeine offer various fantastic flavors and types for their consumers.

Zipfizz energy drink citrus flavor.
Zipfizz energy drinkCoffee
CitrusDouble espresso
GrapeBlack eye
Orange sodaAmericano
Pink lemonadeCappuccino
Fruit punchCafé latte
Orange creamIced coffee
Lemon iced teaFlat white
Blueberry raspberry 
Pink grapefruit 
Comparison of flavors

All these flavors, as mentioned above, are easily available in stores near you, but e-stores also ship these great flavors to your home.

Comparing prices

Although coffee is cheaper than Zipfizz energy drink, the additional supplements and fancy packing of Zipfizz drink justify its price.

Zipfizz energy (30 servings)Coffee (bottle)
Comparison of prices

You can get amazing deals for your favorite flavors on e-stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. A pack of 20 servings of Fruit punch flavor is available for just $16.98 with free shipping on Amazon.

Is coffee better than Zipfizz energy drink?

There are multiple views on coffee and Zipfizz energy drink. Caffeinated drinks were not considered healthy in the past, but their importance and need increased with time. Both Zipfizz energy and coffee contain caffeine; the only thing that makes Zipfizz a healthy choice is its additional ingredients. It contains a handful of essential vitamins that helps in the overall working of the body.


The itemized comparison between two beverages uncovers many facts about them. I am inclined towards Zipfizz energy over Coffee on account of numerous reasons. Even though the caffeine content is almost the same in both beverages, Zipfizz energy is as yet a superior decision for caffeine buyers, because of its other ingredients.

Zipfizz energy has a lot of vitamin content, making it different from other energy drinks. The vegans do not get a sufficient quantity of vitamins. One serving of Zipfizz energy is enough to fulfill their daily vitamin intake. Vitamin B12 makes most of the Zipfizz energy nutritional formula.

Why not coffee? Coffee is also suitable for many consumers, but it does not offer as many benefits as Zipfizz energy. So, if anyone is looking for a caffeinated drink that is healthy and also provides a fine quantity of caffeine, then Zipfizz energy is the best option. Also, the lasting effect of coffee is only 3-4 hours that is less than Zipfizz, which offers a 4-6 hour lasting effect.

Zipfizz energy also keeps you hydrated; taking its one serving before a workout will enhance your body’s hydration and keep you active, alert or energetic throughout the day.

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