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Is Razorwire Bad for You? (Truth Be Told)

Razorwire’s vibrant packaging is just too inviting to ignore. But don’t let yourself be fooled by enticing packaging. You really have to look deep into the details to get an accurate judgement.

Is Razorwire bad for you?

The short answer is no. Razorwire isn’t bad for you. You can actually reap a lot of benefits from this nutrient-packed energy drink. It’s low in calories and carbs and it’s sugar-free which makes it an amazing drink to have if you’re on a weight control diet.

Razorwire has more in store for you so continue reading.

Razorwire Nutrition Facts

This is the back of Razorwire’s 5-gram sachet.

Are calories in Razorwire bad for you?

No, Razorwire’s calories aren’t bad for you. It’s actually good because Razorwire contains only 16 calories per serving.

Calories in general aren’t bad for you. If you’re a healthy human being without the desire to gain weight, then this low-calorie energy drink is a good choice for you.

A calorie is a unit used to measure how much energy you’re getting from your food and drinks and if you’re thinking 16 calories is not enough energy, you’re right! That’s why we’re getting you an added source of energy like caffeine for instance.

Besides, you’re not only having Razorwire in your daily diet, but you also have to consider the number of calories you will get from your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food in each meal usually comes in a large number of calories, and Razorwire will simply give you a bit of its own to help.

According to the NIH, a healthy adult is supposed to be getting 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day. Just imagine how much allowance you have from 16g of Razorwire’s calories for other types of meals you want.

Are carbohydrates in Razorwire bad for you?

No, carbohydrates in Razorwire aren’t bad for you. Like calories, they, too, are low in numbers to even harm your health.

A serving of Razorwire contains only 1.5 g of carbohydrates. This makes Razorwire great for low-carb and keto diet plans. Or even if you simply want to cut back on carbs.

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can lead to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It’s also nice to know that you’re chances of getting these dreadful diseases are lowered with Razorwire Energy.

Is salt in Razorwire bad for you?

No, Razorwire’s salt content is actually good for you.

Razorwire has a tiny amount of salt in its formula (0.24 g) It’s part of the formulation to keep you hydrated by balancing the fluid in your body, support your muscle contraction and nerve activity.

A lot of foods naturally produce sodium, and so this is yet again just Razorwire giving a hand in its sustenance.

Its amount is so small that it won’t cause adverse health effects such as high blood pressure and stroke. And according to health professionals, an adult is recommended to take up to 500 mg of sodium (salt) daily to support your body functions so you’ll be just fine.

Is fibre in Razorwire bad for you?

No, it isn’t. Razorwire has only 0.01 g of fibre. In the appropriate amounts, fibre can be greatly beneficial to your health. This is to help normalize your bowel movement.

A low-fibre diet increases the measurement of your stool and softens it so it can pass through your intestine without any problems. Apart from this, fibre reduces your risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, constipation, and diverticular disease.

Is the protein in Razorwire bad for you?

Protein is a nutrient that can’t be set aside in your diet because it’s another source of energy, therefore, isn’t bad at all.

Razorwire has 1.05 g of it and it’s just enough contribution from an energy drink because you’re anticipated to have more of this from your other food sources.

A study found out that overconsumption of protein may increase your risk of developing coronary heart diseases and some types of cancer. Though it’s commonly for the good, it’s assuring to know that Razorwire’s protein content is at a safe amount.

Caffeine in Razorwire

Tea leaves are a great source of caffeine.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug that can stimulate your brain to increase its activity which results in sharpened cognition. It’s also known to increase physical performance due to its energy boost.

Hence, why highly caffeinated beverages like energy drinks are a staple in many athletes’ daily diets.

A 5-gram serving of Razorwire contains 150 mg of caffeine. This is a considerably high level of caffeine that comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Some of its advantages (in addition to what’s already mentioned above) include:

  • reduced risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
  • lowered risk of suicide
  • lowered risk of oral cancers
  • reduced risk of stroke for older women

And here’s to name a few disadvantages you might experience if you have a low tolerance for it:

  • headaches
  • vomiting
  • nervousness
  • dizziness
  • frequent urination
  • difficulty sleeping

In some cases, this is due to caffeine overdose. This is a risk that can lead and have led to death. The death of a UK welder was reported in 2018 and it was due to caffeine overdose. Read the full story here.

While this might sound scary, it can be avoided through moderate consumption of caffeine.

According to the EFSA, 200mg of caffeine at most is the recommended amount and should not raise any safety concerns

So if you can stick to one serving of Razorwire a day, you should be able to maximize the benefits of caffeine without raising any health problems.

Is caffeine in Razorwire bad for you?

No, it’s not. 150 mg of caffeine is an adequate amount of caffeine to serve its purpose. However, people with caffeine intolerance might experience side effects with it.

It’s recommended to consume as directed. You can also start by half a serving just to get a feel of how Razorwire’s caffeine reacts in your body then gradually increase your consumption if it works to your advantage.

Sugar in Razorwire

Razorwire Energy doesn’t contain any sugar. It’s a relief that something as tasty as Razorwire is sugar-free.

You can enjoy this sweet-tasting energy drink without shooting up your blood sugar or increasing your risk of developing diseases related to excessive intake of sugar like inflammation, obesity, fatty liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases to name a few.

With the lack of sugar, it surely won’t be bad for you, either. But if you’re wondering how it’s sweetened, then continue reading.

How is Razorwire sweetened?

Razorwire uses an artificial sweetener called Sucralose.

Watch this video to learn more about Sucralose:

A video showing you the pros and cons of Sucralose.

Sucralose is a calorie-free and non-nutritive substance used to sweeten food and drinks. Brands such as Splenda, or Equal, are some of the known products that provide sucralose in packets.

It’s an alternative for sugar meant to provide more sweetness, 600 times more to be exact, in fewer amounts.

Is Sucralose bad for you?

According to scientific studies, Sucralose is not bad for you.

This study, for instance, shows that Sucralose didn’t demonstrate any adverse side effects on humans. And even Cancer Research UK provided strong evidence that artificial sweeteners like Sucralose are safe for human consumption.

If you’re still sceptical, then rest easy knowing that Sucralose is included in the list of Sweeteners Permitted in the European Union.

Razorwire Ingredients

Although caffeine, calories, and sugar are the main ingredients of Razorwire, the scrutiny doesn’t stop there. Let’s look into Razorwire’s choice of nutrients.


Vitamins are substances that your body needs so your cells can function normally. Fortunately, Razorwire contains a lot of it especially B Vitamins which play important roles in cognitive function.

Vitamins in Razorwire Amount per servingRDI
(recommended daily intake)
Vitamin C100 mg65 to 90 mg
Vitamin B316.5 mg1 to 16 mg
Vitamin E12 mg15 mg
Pantothenic Acid4.9 mgmg
Vitamin B61.2 mg1.3 mg
Vitamin B122.5 mcg2.4 mcg
Razorwire’s vitamins and their recommended intake

Razorwire is abundant in B Vitamins. These type of vitamins improves your physical energy and enhances your cognition which exactly why you want them in your energy drink.

It also has Vitamin C and E to keep your immune system strong, and your bones nourished to their full potential.

More importantly, these vitamins are within the recommended daily intake set by medical experts so you don’t have to worry about overdosing on vitamins.


Like vitamins, minerals play a lot of roles to keep your body functions operating smoothly, and Razorwire has taken it to include a few beneficial ones.

There are 3 types of mineral sin Razorwire, here they are:

Minerals in Razorwire Amount per serving RDI
(recommended daily intake)
Chloride96.8 mg2,300 mg
Sodium95.7 mg<2,300 mg
Potassium31.5 mg4,700 mg
Razorwire’s minerals and the recommended intake

The key roles of these minerals include balancing the fluid in your body thus keeping you hydrated, supporting your muscle contraction and your nerve function.

They are also in safe quantities to make sure you’re body won’t experience adverse reactions, and remain serviceable.

Amino Acids

This research shows that amino acids can help sharpen your cognitive function such as learning, memory, and attention. This is why an amino acid or two are always present in an energy drink formula.

And you bet Razorwire has an amino acid or two. Here they are:

Amino Acids in Razorwire Amount per serving RDI
(recommended daily intake)
L-Taurine1,250 mg500 to 2,000 mg
L-Theanine200 mg200 mg

Taurine, together with caffeine, is a common ingredient combination in energy drinks. It can also be found in some parts of your body like your brain.

But since your body can’t produce enough to maintain itself, you’ll have to acquire from the food and drinks in your diet. Good thing, Razorwire has it.

Amino acids are supposed to be good for your health but when taken excessively, they may give you the opposite results which include abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea and hyperglycemia.

It’s great knowing that the number of amino acids in Razorwire is NOT exceeding their safety limits.


Antioxidants help fight against free radicals the destroys your cells making them weak and vulnerable to many types of disease including chronic ones like cancers. Razorwire has included two unique ones with blood circulation support and more.

Antioxidants help prevent cancer.
Antioxidants in RazorwireAmount per serving RDI
(recommended daily intake)
Green Tea Extract250 mg250 to 500 mg
Pine Bark Extract42 mg150 mg

Both these ingredients have a play in assuring your blood flow and circulation is at their best performance, whilst Green Tea Extract has the added flare of adding your body’s recovery from exercise.

In addition to caffeine, Razorwire has two more types of antioxidants and they’re from herb plants. They are in quantities safe for daily consumption.

Other Ingredients

This group of ingredients is for the Food Additives.

Food additives are the ingredients responsible for preserving a certain product so it can have a longer shelf life, keeping it fresh, and making it look, smell, and taste better.

Other IngredientsFunction
MaltodextrinEnhances texture, taste, and prolongs the shelf-life of the product.
Citric AcidProlongs the shelf-life as well by preserving it. It is also a flavour-enhancer
Malic AcidThis is a flavouring agent as well.
SucraloseAn artificial sweetener that replaces table sugar in the formula.
A table of Razorwire’s food additives.

These ingredients are found at the bottom part of Razorwire’s ingredients list. It means that these are the substances that hold the least quantities in the Razorwire formula, an instruction provided by the FDA.

With that, you can be confident that you’re not taking in large amounts of the ingredients listed in the table above. Their addition is simply for product maintenance and no more.

Are ingredients in Razorwire bad for you?

No, the ingredients are not bad for you. In fact, they are great inclusions in an energy drink.

They all play important roles in providing you with both energy, concentration, and health benefits. They’re also all legal to use in food for human consumption.

More than anything else, these ingredients abided by their respective recommended daily intake as set by health professionals so you don’t have to worry about overdosing on a certain substance.

Is Razorwire Energy Drink bad for you?

No, Razorwire is not bad for you.

Every ingredient in Razorwire is good for human consumption. It has 150 mg of caffeine which is a sufficient amount to boost your physical and mental performance.

However, moderate consumption is still advised especially for those with high sensitivity to caffeine.

Can children drink Razorwire?

No, children aren’t supposed to drink Razorwire or any energy drink for that matter.

Razorwire isn’t intended for kids that’s why Razorwire doesn’t market its products to children and even adolescents. Anyone below 18 years of age is discouraged to drink Razorwire due to its high level of caffeine content.

In extension, the following shouldn’t consume Razrowire either:

  • adolescents
  • people with medical conditions
  • people that are pregnant or nursing
  • people that are trying to conceive a baby

Is it okay to drink Razorwire every day?

If you’re a healthy adult that doesn’t identify as any on the list above then yes, it’s okay to drink Razorwire every day.

It’s filled with good ingredients that can be beneficial for a lot of daily tasks. Its caffeine, as I mentioned, is solely for single consumption only.

Overall, consume as directed and you shall maximize the benefits Razorwire offers.


Razorwire is not bad for you.

Razorwire is approved!

It’s low in calories and carbs, and it doesn’t contain any sugar. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to keep your body supported with everything that it needs to function normally.

In addition, all of these are within their recommended amount saving you the trouble of a health risk.

It has 150 mg of caffeine that’s enough to boost your physical and mental performance. It’s heavily recommended to drink Razorwire moderately, and it will remain good for you.

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