Mixt Vs G Fuel (Which is worth It?)

Mixt Energy and G-Fuel both are one of the top leading brands in the gaming industry and are successful in sticking to what they claim.

Now the question is which energy drink is more worth it?

You’ll come to find that G-Fuel offers more anywhere, whether with calories, carbohydrates, nitrifying ingredients, and in their flavors. Mixt has a higher caffeine content between the two.

To figure out the question further, I have analyzed both of the brands clearly and placed a side-by-side comparison for you, continue reading.

Ingredients in Mixt and G-Fuel

Mixt Energy and G-Fuel have quite similar main ingredients for their formulations. These drinks are fueled up with sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and caffeine.

G-Fuel is the one that’s taken the liberty to add both calories and carbohydrates in their mix, but Mixt has higher caffeine content.

Comparison of Calories

G-Fuel has 25 calories whereas Mixt is a zero-calorie drink.

Mixt EnergyG-Fuel
0 calories25 calories
Calorie content of both the brands

Calories determine how much energy you’ll be getting from a specific food or drink. This is oftentimes harmless, but overconsumption can cause weight gain if not burned properly.

Most meals and drinks you consume already contain calories so it’ll be best to avoid them anywhere else. Mixt is preferable in this category.

Exercise can help burn calories.

If you’re on a strict calorie diet and not looking to gain any calories beyond the meals you consume then Mixt is the drink to go for.

However, if you live an active lifestyle and hustle daily, you might want some energy to fuel up your day beyond the usual energy caffeine offers. G-Fuel can definitely benefit you in this aspect.

Now let’s look into the carbs provided by both drinks.

Comparison of Carbohydrates

Mixt Energy is a carbohydrates-free energy drink.

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
Carbs comparison of Mixt energy and G Fuel

Carbohydrates are considered another form of calories, which usually provides energy for functioning but causes weight gain.

So until you’re into fitness and exercises G-Fuel can help you manage throughout the day with 5g of carbs.

However, if you’re on a weight loss journey and want to exclude all the carbs from your diet, Mixt can be the perfect catch for that.

According to the DGA, carbs should take up to 45 to 65 percent of your total calorie intake, this means if you’re consuming up to 2000 calories (which falls within the limit) daily, 900 to 1300 should be coming from carbs.

Note that overdosing on this nutrient can cause heart risks and CVD but luckily Mixt is carbs free and G-Fuel contains only a small amount of this nutrient.

Now, let’s look into the sugar content.

Comparison of Sugar

Both of the brands are sugar-free.

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
Sugar comparison of G-Fuel and Mixt Energy

On its own and within limits, sugar is relatively fine. However, it tends to be added in excess amounts in most food and drinks which can lead to health complications.

Sugar has no health benefits and is added solely for its flavoring benefits. It causes sugar crashes and spikes in blood sugar levels. If you’re diabetic, you already know to stay away from sugar.

According to the AHA, the daily dose for men should be no more than 36g, for women 25g, and for children 19g.

Overdosing on sugar can cause a headache.

This is advised to avoid any health crisis after overdosing such as:

  • Jitters
  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness

If you consume sugar on a long-term basis it can cause type 2 diabetes and certain heart disease so it’s a good thing that both brands have opted to exclude this from their formulas.

You can know more about how sugar works in your brain through this video. Check it out.

This video tells you about the effects of sugar on the brain.

Now being sugar-free doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on its taste. Energy drinks are known for their enjoyable flavors and this is an important thing to maintain in the drink.

Luckily, these brands have opted for a better alternative to sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners Used

Both of the brands use artificial sweeteners in their formulation.

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
Sucralose Sucralose
Acesulfame potassiumAcesulfame Potassium
Artificial sweeteners used in both brands

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that are preferred over table sugar because it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels or any sugar crashes.

There are two types of artificial sweeteners labeled as either nutritive or non-nutritive. This classification is decided by the FDA themselves.

Sucralose is deemed a high-intensity, non-nutritive sweetener. It’s 600 times sweeter than table sugar and contains zero calories. Acesulfame-K on the other hand is known to be 200 times sweeter than table sugar.

The good thing is FDA has declared both of the sweeteners safe for human consumption so you won’t have to worry about having them in your drinks.

Now, let’s check out their caffeine content.

Comparison of Caffeine

Mixt Energy is more caffeinated than G-Fuel.

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
G-Fuel and Mixt Energy caffeine content

Caffeine is a component that’s often found in plant derivatives such as tea leaves, cocoa powder, and coffee.

It is a natural boosting ingredient for fatigue which is why it’s a core ingredient in energy drinks.

Caffeine can cause addiction.

It works by blocking off the adenosine receptors which make you feel sluggish and tired. It’s a stimulating agent which stimulates the brain and central nervous system of the body.

Mixt Energy is a more caffeinated drink than G-Fuel which means if you’re caffeine tolerant, this drink is up to the mark. But if your body doesn’t receive caffeine well then you can opt for G-Fuel.

If you’re worried about the energy boost in G-Fuel because of its lesser caffeine, remember that it contains both calories and carbohydrates that can offer you an energy boost as well.

Notice that you might feel a little different when the effect of caffeine wears off. This means you’re experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, muscle pain, nausea, difficulty concentrating.

To minimize these effects, the FDA has recommended a daily dose limit for healthy individuals not to be more than 400mg.

It’s important to keep an eye on this limit so as to avoid any further health complications that have to do with a caffeine overdose.

Here are to name a few:

  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Chest Pain
  • Dehydration
  • Convulsions

With these risks, it’s best to know how your body responds to caffeine and adjust your intake accordingly. Either amount of caffeine is high enough to give a good boost even with a single serving, or an additional half serving.

Anything more can bring you too close to the limit and I’d highly discourage you from doing that.

Nutrition Facts of Mixt and G-Fuel

Now that we know all about the main ingredients of both the brand’s let’s look at how well they serve us in the nutrition facts.

Nitrifying ingredients mostly contain vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids and you’ll find that G-Fuel has really given it their all with this one. Mixt is lacking a good amount of benefits.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of these ingredients.


G Fuel takes the lead in vitamins by adding about 2 extra vitamins to their formulations.

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
Vitamin B6Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin comparison of Mixt Energy and G Fuel

Vitamins are essential macronutrients that help in regulating body functions.

Both of the drinks contain 3 B vitamins in their drink whereas G-Fuel contains additional Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

The B vitamins are essential in naturally boosting your energy and helping with cognitive functions. Vitamin E aids cell growth and development, whereas Vitamin C helps with the repair and development of body tissues.

If you can do without these vitamins, then Mixt won’t be such a bad choice. But it’ll be good to have them along with a lot of other vitamins that work hand in hand to keep the body going at its top performance.

Now, let’s look into the minerals and electrolytes content of drinks.

Minerals and Electrolytes

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
Mineral and Electrolyte comparison of brands

Gaming on the same spot for hours can leave you drained and dehydrated. Energy drinks can help replenish your lost electrolytes and maintain fluid balance in the body.

In terms of minerals, G-Fuel contains sodium which regulates the thirst mechanism and forces you to drink more water keeping you hydrated.

If you’re living an active lifestyle, this benefit is crucial for keeping you hydrated throughout your workouts or training. Even when you’re gaming, maintaining hydration is just as important. Yet again, Mixt is lacking an important benefit.

Now let’s look into the amino acid content of both drinks and see who leads its time.

Amino Acids

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
Taurine(The Energy Complex)
L-Citrulline Malate
N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI
Velvet Bean Seed Extract
Tyrosine(The Focus Complex)
Adenosine-5-Triphosphate Disodium Salt
Toothed Clubmoss
Aerial Parts Extract
Bacopa Leaf Extract
Amino acids comparison of Mixt Energy and G Fuel

This table includes the energy and focus complex that both drinks serve us.

G Fuel leads the way by having way more amino acids than Mixt Energy. As a matter of fact, they’ve separated their ingredient into factions that are meant to serve a single purpose, to either provide energy or focus.

This is a highly beneficial inclusion for an energy drink that takes into consideration long hours of gaming as well as the cognitive function that comes into play when you’re going through a tough game.

G-Fuel has really offered a good formula from their vitamins down to their amino acids and it’s evident throughout.

Mixt has the inclusion of taurine which regulates calcium levels in certain cells, helps with nerve growth, and balances the electrolytes in the body. There is also tyrosine that helps in producing the pigment melanin, responsible for the coloration of skin and hair.

These are good inclusions but in comparison to everything else G-Fuel has, it’s hard to say it’s more worth it.

Comparison of Flavors

Flavors are important determiners of how far a brand thinks about their customers by including flavors that can accommodate a wide audience, down to the pickiest drinker. You’ll see that G-Fuel wins this one easily.

Mixt Energy Flavors

Mixt Energy offers a variety of 9 flavors that you can choose from.

  • Fruit Punch
  • Watermelon Rush
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Sour Slurp
  • Starfruit Blast
  • Orange Sherbet
  • Grape Popsicle
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fresh Lemonade

They have interesting names for their drink which can help you decide which one tastes like fruit or sour although the small amount of selection can make it difficult for picky drinkers to find something they like.

G Fuel Flavors

G Fuel offers over 40 different kinds of flavors. Below are some of their best sellers that include one of their most famous endorsements, PewDiepIe.

  • G Fuel PewDiePie
  • G Fuel Sour Blue Chug Rug
  • G Fuel Hype Sauce
  • G Fuel FaZeberry
  • G Fuel Tropical Rain
  • G Fuel Blue Ice
  • G Fuel Ragin’ Gummy Fish
  • G Fuel Snow Cone
  • G Fuel Bahama Mama
  • G Fuel Strawberry Banana
  • G Fuel Watermelon
  • G Fuel Rainbow Sherbet
  • G Fuel Strawberry Shortcake
  • G Fuel Battle Juice
  • G Fuel Sonic’s Peach Rings

These are only a slither of the entire list which means you can definitely find something to your liking here, and spend the rest of your time switching up flavors to try them all.

Comparison of Price

Financial decisions have to be sustainable.

Price is one of those few factors that you think about in the beginning and is often a deal-breaker for most products. What can you do with a great product if it only works as a one-time purchase?

You’ll find that Mixt offers more for a cheaper price.

Mixt Energy G-Fuel
$29.99 (60 servings)$35.99 (40 Servings)
Price comparison of both brands

Mixt offers you a tub with 60 servings for $29.99 making a single serving for about $.49, which considerably counts it as a cheap drink especially in comparison to G-Fuel.

However, G Fuel is about the average price of most energy drinks. It offers a tub of 40, with each serving coming up to about $.89, which is arguably a good choice nonetheless. Both drinks are essentially below a dollar.

Mixt is cheaper but with the number of benefits it doesn’t offer, G-Fuel seems to be the better option still.

Where can you buy Mixt Energy and G-Fuel?

Energy drinks should be accessible.

Buying drinks that are accessible comes hand in hand with affordability. You’ll find that both brands have made sure to be available anywhere, anytime.

Mixt Energy G Fuel Powder
Mixt Energy official websiteG Fuel original website
Comparison of Purchase Options

Both of the drinks are available online and in stores.

Online shopping is preferable to most, especially if you don’t mind the shipping costs and the waiting time, but in-store purchases mean your drink is ready for a grab-and-go.

Both brands have made their drinks available for the online shopper, as well as the on-the-go shopper. Check this out for more purchase information on G-Fuel.

Final Thoughts

Mixt Energy and G-Fuel are great energy drinks with a good amount of boost and are similarly sugar-free which is a good thing for energy drinks. But between the two, G-Fuel is a lot more worth it.

Mixt is a drink for someone who wants zero calories but a good amount of energy to boost their metabolism. However, keep in mind the number of nitrifying benefits you’re foregoing by opting for it.

I find G-Fuel the drink that’s more worth it because of its additional benefits. If you’re constantly active or are looking to rack up calories with your drinks, then G-Fuel is a great option for you.

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