Best Deals Online for Energy Drink Powders (low price)

Are you tired of scrolling through endless lists of brands that claim to be the best yet budget-friendly powdered energy drink brands on the market?

Most, if not all, energy drinks claim to be the best among the rest due to the supplements they can give, their flavors, and especially, their taste. However, not all of them can be beneficial in the long run, or may even provide sufficient nutrients to elevate your mental and physical performances as these are an energy drink’s top priority.

Out of the dozens of energy drinks in the market, I personally think that Rogue, Advocare Spark, Zipfizz, and Gamersupps GG are the brands you should watch out for as they offer the best online deals thus far. Energy drinks are more than just cans of overdose waiting to happen, it’s time that you should know what they’re really like.

If you’re ready to know energy drinks a little bit better before making your purchase, then I suggest getting yourself comfortable as you read along!

Do energy drinks benefit us?

Yes, energy drinks offer their consumers various benefits. If you’re exhausted from driving for hours or sleep-deprived due to excessive workloads, an energy drink can be a good beverage to give you a boost as a single serving decreases sleeplessness and increased driving quality.

Energy drinks are also known to improve brain functions such as memorization and focus while proving themselves to be an effective product against mental fatigue. They also increase alertness, attentiveness, and energy boosts, which energy drinks are primarily made for.

According to studies, the increase in cognitive function can be associated with caffeine. However, others reported that this effect is possible due to the combination of caffeine and sugar.

Are there any side effects of energy drinks?

Yes, there are some side effects upon ingesting energy drinks. These aftereffects are most prominent when you consume too much of any brand.

Most energy drinks contain very large amounts of caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause:

  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dehydration
  • Jitteriness
  • High blood pressure
  • Diarrhea

According to the FDA, consuming up to 400 mg of caffeine is considered safe for a healthy adult. Besides this, I would suggest you consume caffeine according to your own tolerance.

Aside from caffeine, sugar is also present in most energy drinks. Sugar also becomes a threat to your health if you consume too much.

We are always told to go easy on sweets as they may trigger the following ailments:

  • Teeth decay
  • Risk of diabetes type 2
  • Cancer
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Obesity

On the other hand, children are highly discouraged from consuming any energy drinks due to the excessive effects.

What to consider when choosing the energy drink powder?

Sachets of Gamersupps GG.

In my opinion, there are four things worth considering when buying an energy drink powder: the caffeine and sugar content, ingredients, possible allergens, and its price.

Caffeine, in my opinion, is the backbone of any energy drink as its main purpose is to provide you with energy and increase your alertness, attentiveness, and even enhance your cognitive performance. People take advantage of the good attributions brought by caffeine as their main energy source for the day, too.

In order for your caffeine intake to be beneficial, I highly suggest sticking to what your body can tolerate. Failure to do so can eventually lead to caffeine overdose and dependence as well as abnormal heart rates and fatigue.

Another crowd favorite and basically one of the energy drink industry’s building block ingredients is sugar. This substance is used to enhance the taste and flavor of an energy drink.

According to AHA, a woman should consume no more than 24 grams per day and a man for 36 grams. You can check out this Youtube video for a more detailed explanation of sugar:

Why consuming sugar is both good and bad?

Energy drinks also bear allergens which happen to be caffeine. There are reports that its presence caused people to feel itchy in their mouth, tongue, and lip areas, which may further develop into swelling and hives.

If you think you’re prone to food allergies, I highly suggest seeking medical help before consuming any brand of energy drink.

Lastly, let’s talk about why price doesn’t matter. Several energy drinks, including those in powdered form, are costly due to the presence of excessive caffeine, sugar, or any other ingredients that may be harmful to your health.

While it pays to stick to a budget, it’s still more important to check the ingredients and supplements of your desired brand and see if it fits your current lifestyle. Doing so removes the chances of not knowing what kind of energy drink will be the best for you.

Best deals online for energy drink powders

Rogue Energy

Some sachets of Rogue Energy

Rogue Energy owned by Overpowered Labs was first introduced in 2017. They had created a premium Nootropic Stack as a luscious and flavorful energy drink. 

At first glance, Rogue energy may just be another mediocre energy drink in the market. However, it proved to be at par with mainstream brands in terms of effectiveness, maybe even better.

Rogue energy drink mix contains 175 mg of caffeine per serving, which for me, is a little high yet still manageable. Its ingredients are also divided into energy and focus complexes so as to aid you in your day-to-day life, regardless of your lifestyle.

It contains 5 calories per serving and is sugar and gluten-free! Rogue energy also doesn’t disappoint your tastebuds as it offers 13 different flavors for you to try.

So if you’re considering under the radar and still do its job, you may want to check out this article I made for Rogue energy, and take note of where you can get yourself some of it.

Amazon$32.99 (canister 30 servings)
GamerBulk$35.99 (tub 30 servings)
Rogue official website$32.99 (tub 30 servings)
This table shows where you can get rogue energy at the best prices (online)

Advocare Spark

Sachets of Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark Energy is a product of Advocare International L.P. It was marketed as a supplement of amino acids and vitamins.

Choosing the ideal energy drink can be such a hassle job, but an energy drink mix formula in the form of Advocare Spark may just be what you’re looking for.

Advocare spark energy drink contains 15 calories per serving while sporting 120 mg of caffeine. Other than these, it also contains much-needed vitamins and minerals like the B-Vitamins complex to aid your daily routines.

Advocare Spark is free from sugar and instead uses artificial sweeteners (Sucralose) to enhance the taste and flavor of the drink. This brand also comes in 11 different flavors and 2 limited edition flavors.

If you want something new, you may visit this review on Advocare Spark to get to know it a little better before making your first purchase. Below are its price ranges and possible sites to buy from.

eBay$61 (tub of 42 servings)
Amazon$21.99 (pack of 7 servings)
Advocare Spark Official website$54.99 (tub of 42 servings)
This table shows where you can get Advocare Spark at the best prices (online)


Tubes of ZIpfizz.

Zipfizz was first launched in 2003 by Zipfizz Corporation cofounded by Briann Winn.

Want something that almost every American household? Look no further with Zipfizz in the picture!

A tube of Zipfizz contains 100 mg of caffeine while sporting a sugar-free concept with Sucralose and Xylitol as its artificial sweeteners. While it contains 20 calories, Zipfizz contains the necessary vitamins and minerals such as the infamous Vitamin B-complex group to aid your body no matter what you plan on doing upon consumption.

With electrolyte ingredients and 14 different flavors to try, Zipfizz is indeed one of a kind. Come by this particular discussion to know if this brand is really for you as you take note of its prices and accessibility.

Amazon$12.72 (pack of 12 tubes)
Zipfizz official website$37.99 (pack of 20 tubes)
eBay$19.49 (pack of 20 tubes)
This table shows where you can get Zipfizz at the best prices (online)

Gamersupps GG

Sachets of Gamersupps GG

Gamersupps LLC created the formula of this energy drink mix, founded back in 2016.

Though initially a brand intended for the gaming community, Gamersupps GG proves to be one of the best-powdered energy drinks in the market for anyone, anywhere.

For starters, this brand has zero calories and carbohydrates! It also uses Sucralose, Acesulfame K, and Erythritol as their primary sources of sweetening agents.

Gamersupps GG contains 100 mg of caffeine per serving and different vitamins and minerals in the blend that focuses on the specific needs of your body such as the Nootropics and eye health-focused ingredients.

Listed below are its prices and stores that can cater to your curiosity. You can also check out this article to know more about the supposed leader in gaming energy that is Gamersupps GG.

GamerBulk$44.99 (100 servings)
Gamersupps GG official website$35.99 (100 servings)
This table shows where you can get Gamersupps GG at the best prices (online)


Energy drinks are usually consumed to increase the outcome of mental performance, alertness, attentiveness, energy, etc.

Energy can be beneficial and have side effects simultaneously. One of the main ingredients of energy drinks, caffeine, can be the cause of concern for most people. It depends upon the consumer’s caffeine tolerance that which energy drink will suit them best.

It’s also best to stick with your body tolerance and seek medical attention if you are or if you think you developed food allergies that may be present in an energy drink brand.

In my opinion, buying energy drinks online is better than going to the store as it saves time and energy and also sometimes money as some brands offer a lot of deals on online shopping. Rogue Energy, Advocare Spark, Zipfizz, and Gamersupps GG, in my opinion, may just be your best bets as they perform great at a reasonable price.

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