Best Energy Drinks for Intermittent Fasting (Good To Know)

Intermittent fasting has gained popularity over the years. People do it for reasons like losing extra pounds and taking advantage of its health benefits.

And it’s also crucial to know that intermittent fasting can be harmful to your health if not done the right way. The word fasting may also sound scary but jeopardizing your health is much scarier.

I have put together a list of energy drink powders that you can consume without breaking your intermittent fast. This is an eating pattern where you choose particular times of the day to eat called an eating window, and a fasting window where you eat little to nothing at all.

Personally, the best drinks for intermittent fasting are Rogue Energy, Gamersupps GG, and Zipfizz Energy Drink.

If you’re new to either powdered energy drinks or intermittent fasting, maybe even in both, I highly suggest sticking around before purchasing anything. So if you’re ready to learn, then let’s go!

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern wherein you have certain windows where you are permitted to consume food. This helps your body tap in its stored energy that is converted into body fat, allowing you to shed some weight off after some time.

Intermittent Fasting, or IF for short, is usually observed by countless religions such as Islam and Buddhism while also being one of the most popular ways of losing weight. Its infamous detail is its 16-hour fasting time.

Moreover, this eating pattern boasts of three popular methods which are:

  • The 16:8 method where you are only allowed to eat within an 8-hour window and fast for the remain 16,
  • The alternate-day method where you skip meals for a certainn day but consume it the next day, and finally;
  • The 5:2 method where you only consume 500-600 calories for two consecutiv days and eat normally for the next five ones.

What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

When we’re eating nothing at all our body begins to feed itself on the nutrients that are already stored in it. This is where the many advantages of intermittent fasting come into play which are:

  • weight loss
  • lowers the threat of type 2 diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance.
  • better heart health and cognitive function
  • prevents cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • decreases inflammation in the body

Intermittent fasting is also used to elevate the conditions of those with cardiovascular disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. Others may also experience improved glucose control, better endurance, and finer sleeping patterns, among others.

Can you consume sugar when on an intermittent fast?

No, it is not recommended to consume sugar during your intermittent fasting as it defeats the purpose of what you’re practicing. Taking sugar during your eating window can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels and a crash later on.

Even if you’re not observing a diet, limiting the quantity of your sugar intake is the best idea as it is dangerous for your health if consumed too much. In fact, the AHA has recommended that men should only consume 36 grams of added sugar while women are capped at 25 grams.

Needless to say, consuming something with high sugar content while intermittent fasting will be detrimental and may even lead to cravings and eventual breaking of this eating pattern. Some of the food with added sugar are processed meat, trans fat, and refined starches, which you should avoid during your fast.

Can you consume any calories during an intermittent fast?

Yes, it’s alright to consume calories during an intermittent fast as long as you don’t exceed the less than 500 calories limit for women and 600 calories for men. Exceeding this limit will lead to breaking your fast. 

For comparison, the average woman can consume up to 2,000 calories while men can have 2,500 per day. And since your body may have accumulated too many calories and turned it into body fat, intermittent fasting can help your body utilize it.

I personally think sticking to food and drinks with few or zero calories are your best options. It’s also effective to consume small amounts of food every few hours rather than consume a lot during a meal or two.

It’s also important to mention that your main priority is giving your body ample energy and hydration despite your current eating pattern.

Is it fine to consume caffeine during an intermittent fast?

Yes, you can drink caffeine during an intermittent fast. The recommended drinks for intermittent fasting such as coffee and tea even contain caffeine.

Black coffee is the most common source of caffeine, which this study revealed that it can be beneficial for intermittent fasting like improving brain functioning and decreasing inflammation. However, I personally suggest that you shouldn’t consume caffeine more than the recommended amount which is up to 400 mg per day as breaching this limit can lead to problems such as insomnia, nervousness, dehydration, rapid heartbeat, headaches, etc.

Energy drinks, especially its powdered variation, are also a good option since there are brands that are either sugar-free or sugar-free, maybe even both! EDs contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and caffeine altogether that may help you better.

Can you consume artificial sweeteners during an intermittent fast?

If you’re someone who is really strict when it comes to diet it is the best idea to avoid any artificial sweeteners while on an intermittent fast to make sure that it doesn’t break. However, these sugar substitutes enable those who are new to intermittent fasting to slowly but surely get used to the process.

Artificial sweeteners are initially used as better options than table sugar as using small amounts can go a long way. The FDA also approves of their usage, which you may spot on various brands that claim that they are sugar-free.

You can also check out this Youtube video to familiarize yourself with these sugar substitutes:

Should you consume artificial sweeteners?

What can you drink for energy while on an intermittent fast?

Black coffee is the most popular beverage for intermittent fasting.

Water is typically your best friend during intermittent fasting. It doesn’t contain any sugar and calories which could disrupt your current eating pattern but still manages to energize and hydrate you throughout the day.

As stated early, drinking coffee is allowed while fasting as long as you don’t add any sugar, cream, and milk. The caffeine per serving will surely provide you with energy for a few hours or so.

Other beverages that contain caffeine are tea and energy drinks. With that being said, your tea of choice should also not also contain any other ingredient so as not to break your fast.

Energy drinks, on the other hand, need to be thoroughly checked since there are those who don’t want artificial sweeteners and can be caffeine-sensitive as well. In my opinion, you should always check a brand’s supplemental fact and ingredients sections before purchasing so as to know if the product meets your preferences.

Are there any advantages of drinking energy drinks on an intermittent fast?

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are advantages to drinking energy drinks during an intermittent fast as long as its low-calorie and sugar-free.

It’s also worth mentioning that the best time to consume an energy drink is right before beginning your fast or during your fasting windows. As you’ll be consuming little to no calories, you will feel weak and exhausted, so consuming an ED during these times of the day may elevate that experience.

If you ever hit the gym or decided to work out during an intermittent fast, then energy drinks can be a source of energy for your workout. This will provide the extra energy you may need during such a strenuous activity.

Best energy drinks for intermittent fasting

The criteria for picking the most appropriate ED brands you can rely on during intermittent fasting largely depends on their calorie and sugar content since these two ingredients can easily break your fast if not heavily regulated.

Powdered energy drinks are personally the best option during fasting since it allows you to fully control how much are you going to consume or may need throughout the day.

Below is a table for a brief summary of some brands and their sugar and calorie contents per serving.

Energy Drinks Sugar Calories Price
Gamersupps GG0g 0$0.30
Rogue Energy 0g0$0.90
Zipfizz Energy Drink 0g20$2.25
This table gives information about teach brand per one serving.

Gamersupps GG

Gamersupps GG was initially made for people in the E-sports industry, but people have been recognizing its prowess as one of the best brands in the market. Gamersupps doesn’t contain any calories, carbohydrates, and sugar while sporting 100 mg of caffeine per serving.

Vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes also enable your body to perform better. The most prominent ingredients are Vitamins B12, B6, B7, D3, and C which are more likely to support you on a daily basis despite the lack of calories and natural sweeteners.

So if you’re looking for a brand that is proven to be effective by those who can sit and play for hours on end, Gamersupps GG may just be for you.

If you’re already decided to buy Gamersupps GG, read my detailed guide on where to buy here.

Rogue Energy

It doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle you have, Rogue Energy will perfectly fit into it!

A sachet contains 175 mg of caffeine which sits on the fairly high side of the caffeine scale. Moreover, it also has essential vitamins and minerals that team up with electrolytes such as Sodium for better bodily performance.

If you want to go for something lighter than the classic, Rogue Shake holds 130 mg of caffeine per serving and Rogue Hydration 0mg in one serving while also opting for the 300 mg caffeine-inducing Rogue Extreme.

So if you want a drink that you can instantly include in your daily life, you may want to check Rogue Energy out!

Zipfizz Energy Drink

If you mention a powdered energy drink in a tube, people will most likely mention Zipfizz. It’s so popular in American households that even anyone may just recommend it to you.

Its mobility is commended to this day, allowing people to take it anywhere and have a container in case you don’t use up the whole thing in one sitting. Zipfizz is sugar-free but does contain 20 calories per tube which you might want to re-visit before purchasing.

Zipfizz also has a variety of flavors you can choose from. This brand may just be your best bet if you like to consume your drink anytime and anywhere.


Intermittent fasting offers multiple benefits such as weight loss, decreasing the risk of developing diabetes type 2, good for the heart and brain functioning. There are three different methods of intermittent fasting: the 5:2 method, alternate-day fasting, and 16/8 or time-limited eating.

Coffee, tea, and water are the most popular beverages when it comes to this eating pattern. However, the ED industry has been releasing calorie-free and sugar-free options that you can consider using.

It’s always important to check what you will put in your body as countless ingredients can easily break your fast. Powdered EDs give you this advantage as you can access its contents and how much do you want to use upon serving.

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