Celsius On-the-Go vs Mixt Energy (Right One for You)

Celsius On-the-Go is marketed as a fitness drink whereas Mixt energy is popular for the gaming industry with great taste and function. Not all energy drinks are created equally, some might have more nutrition than others.

But which one works for what purpose?

Well, Celsius is focused mostly on energizing you while giving you some nitrifying benefits along the way, whereas Mixt comes with a considerable amount of energy, with a lot less nitrifying inclusions.

Here we are going to compare two energy drinks to figure out which one can be the perfect fit for you. Dive deeper into the details with me :

Nutrition Facts Celsius On-the-Go vs Mixt

Every energy is packed with nutritions such as calories, carbohydrates, and sugar.

Between Celsius and Mixt, the former has more in inclusion and in quantity. Whether in calories or in caffeine, even in vitamins, Celsius is dominating in numbers.

Mixt is calorie-free and has lesser caffeine which is a great lack of energy-boosting factors.

Let’s look into it in more detail.

Comparison of Calories

Mixt Energy is a calorie-free drink.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
10 calories0 calories
Calorie comparison of Celsius and Mixt energy

If you are on a strict calorie diet, you’d want to opt for Mixt energy as your drink. The number of calories depends on how much energy you will get from the drink.

It is important to keep a tab on your calorie intake as too much of it can turn into stored fats and result in gaining weight.

However, if you live an active lifestyle and would want more energy to fuel, Celsius On-the-Go is a good catch with only 10 calories per serving, which tome is not that big of a deal even on a strict diet.

Now that we are aware of caloric content let’s take a look at carbohydrates content.

Comparison of Carbohydrates

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Carb comparison of both drinks

Carbohydrates are another form of calories, it gives you energy but if taken too many it can result in weight gain.

Here again, if you’re on a strict diet you might want to stop and think for a second if you want those extra calories or not. My advice is to go for Mixt energy as it has zero carbohydrates.

Being labeled as a fitness drink, Celsius is not a bad choice with 2g of carbs which can be considered equal to none. As a fitness enthusiast, you can easily lose those extra carbs.

However, if you’re sitting in the same spot for hours without any movement because of constant gaming, Mixt can be your partner.

Now that we have learned about the carbohydrates content in both drinks, let’s head over to sugar content.

Comparison of Sugar

According to the FDA, any product containing less than 0.5 grams of sugar per serving can be labeled as sugar-free.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
0 g0 g
A table of sugar comparison

Sugar has no nutritional value, therefore brands have started going sugar-free. Due to this, you will be experiencing no sugar crashes after caffeine withdrawal.

Too much sugar can be injurious to health.

According to AHA, the daily intake of sugar for men is 37g, for women is 25g and for children under six years is 19g.

This is recommended so that you can keep a tab of your intake to avoid overdose which can result in potential side effects such as :

  • Irritability
  • Hunger
  • Bloating
  • Jitters
  • Dizziness

To me, this is great news. In this category, you can choose either of the drinks mentioned above.

But sugar-free doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste. The brands have started using artificial sweeteners to make the drinks tastier and sweeter.

Artificial Sweeteners Used

Artificial sweeteners don’t spike blood sugar
Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Acesulfame Potassium
Artificial sweeteners comparison

Celsius On-the-Go has uses two artificial sweeteners, whereas Mixt uses only one artificial sweetener. These sweeteners have been declared safe by the FDA to be used by humans.

Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, calorie-free, and is a non-nutritive sweetener. Erythritol on the other hand is only 70% sweeter than sugar. Acesulfame K is only 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Now that we have learned how these energy drinks are sugar-free and use artificial sweeteners, let’s dive into caffeine content.

Comparison of Caffeine

Caffeine gives a boost to your mental performance.

Caffeine is a natural stimulating agent which stimulates the brain and central nervous system. Caffeine can be addictive so, you should always take measures while consuming it.

Although this is still the biggest deal-breaker in any energy drink. Let’s see how they compare.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Caffeine comparison of Celsius and Mixt

Evidently from the table above, Mixt Energy has less caffeine than Celsius On-the-Go. This could be beneficial in the case that you want to have another serving or even half to up your boost.

Celsius’ caffeine content is cutting it too close to the limit that a daily serving of one is just enough.

According to the FDA, healthy individuals can have no more than 400mg of caffeine daily.

This is advised to prevent overconsumption as it can lead to potential health side effects such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Shakiness
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea

In my opinion, 100 to 150mg of caffeine is enough to provide you the boost you want to improve physical and mental performance in this case, you can opt for Mixt Energy.

But if you have high caffeine tolerance and want to feel maximum effects you can go for celsius, but only one drink per day.

Ingredients Celsius On-the-Go vs Mixt

Now that we have talked about the main ingredients let’s discuss a little about the ingredients such as vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals content that these powdered energy drinks bless us with.


Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Vitamin B6VitaminB6
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin comparison of Celsius and Mixt

Vitamins are essential macronutrients taken in small quantities. Celsius has 6 types of B Vitamins which help in creating new blood cells and help the body convert food into energy and maintain healthy skin and brain cells.

Vitamin is added in small quantities

Clearly, Celsius On-the-Go is taking the lead here, with Mixt only having 3 types of B vitamins lags behind. Vitamins are known to enhance and boost your cognitive functions.

However, if your diet is rich in vitamins you can exclude looking into this part of energy drinks.

Now that we have learned about the vitamins in the drinks, let’s look into minerals and vitamins.

Minerals and Electrolytes

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
A comparison of minerals and electrolytes

Celsius yet again takes the lead. Mixt energy has a downfall when it comes to minerals and electrolytes.

Minerals and electrolytes are important to replenish your electrolytes when you’re dehydrated. The sodium helps regulate your thirst mechanism hence making you feel an urge to drink more water to keep hydrated.

Amino Acids

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
A table of amino acids

Taurine helps with the function of your heart, brain, and nerve growth. Tyrosine actually helps boost alertness level, focus, and attention.

Both of these amino acids are good at performing functions in your body, but if you can have two benefits with one, why not go for it.

Other Ingredients

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Citric AcidCitric Acid
Acesulfame Potassium
Natural FlavorsNatural and Artificial Flavors
Silicon Dioxide
A table showing Celsius and MIxt Energy Benefits

Citric acid is used to preserve food for long hours. Acesulfame Potassium is also an artificial sweetener that can be paired with others to provide more sweetness.

Comparison of Flavors

Brand flavors are often an important consideration in making a purchase. Some brands with a wider selection can get overwhelming, while some have just enough to pick and choose from.

Both of the drinks have curated a wide variety of flavors:

Celsius On-the-Go Flavors

There are about 12 flavors of Celsius in the market.

  • Celsius Sparkling Strawberry Guava
  • Celsius Sparkling Peach Vibe
  • Celsius Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear
  • Celsius Sparkling Orange
  • Celsius Sparkling Kiwi Guava
  • Celsius Sparkling Wild Berry
  • Celsius Sparkling Watermelon
  • Celsius Sparkling Grape Rush
  • Celsius Sparkling Cola
  • Celsius Raspberry Acai green tea
  • Celsius Peach Mango Green Tea
  • Celsius Grapefruit Melon

Mixt Energy Flavors

Mixt has a total of 9 different flavors that you can opt from easily.

  • Mixt Energy Fruit Punch
  • Mixt Energy Watermelon Rush
  • Mixt Energy Rainbow Candy
  • Mixt Energy Sour Slurp
  • Mixt Energy Starfruit Blast
  • Mixt Energy Orange Sherbet
  • Mixt Energy Grape Popsicle
  • Mixt Energy Blue Raspberry
  • Mixt Energy Fresh Lemonade

Comparison of Price

Pricing is a matter of concern for most.
Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
$16.63 (14 Servings)$29.99 (60 Servings)
Price comparison of Celsius and Mixt Energy

Price is a huge deciding factor for anyone, You wouldn’t want to waste money on things that are not worth it. You will be willing to have good quality and quantity for a reasonable price.

Based on the price, Mixt Energy per serving costs $.49, which is a lot cheaper than Celsius On-the-Go which costs $1.18 per serving.

Where to Buy Celsius On-the-Go and Mixt Energy

You can buy these formulas online and in stores too.

Buying from stores can be more convenient
Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Celsius original websiteMixt original website
A table of authorized sellers for both brands

Buying online can be convenient for you, but you receive your order after some days and the shipping cost comes in extra. It’d be preferable if you can just grab one in a store nearby. This is a benefit only Celsius can offer.

If you generally don’t leave your house anyway and won’t mind waiting, Mixt is a good choice as it’s open in two online stores.

Here’s a helpful article about purchasing Celsius.

Which energy drink is good for you?

Mixt energy can be on good terms if you want to go for just enough caffeine for a good boost. It’s sugar-free, calorie-free, and uses only one artificial sweetener: Acesulfame K. If you’re not too worried about vitamins, then Mixt can do you justice.

In terms of availability and nutrition, Celsius definitely takes the cake. Celsius has a good selection of vitamins and minerals and is available in stores.

The bottom line is their goodness relies on what benefit you’re looking for, and how willing you are to purchase them in their instances.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Celsius and Mixt have their own benefits and your pick is dependent on which of these you want to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Celsius is a good formulation of nutrition and vitamins especially, but it has a high quantity of caffeine so you might want to look out for that if you’re not caffeine tolerant.

Mixt, on the other hand, is affordable, with a decent amount of caffeine for boosting your mind. Between the two, Celsius definitely has more nitrifying benefits which I’d say strongly outweighs Mixt on its benefits for any health-conscious drinker.

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