G-Fuel Vs Coffee (The Better Decision)

G-Fuel is hardly one of its kind. It’s an energy drink marketed for gaming that promises to give you a boost, concentration, and the energy you need to fuel up your day and if you’ve seen previous articles about G-Fuel, you’ll know that they definitely deliver.

Similarly, coffee is a drink specifically fueled up with caffeine that’s consumed with the same goal: for fuelling and energizing. With two options that function mainly the same, which is the better option for energizing?

Between the two, G-Fuel definitely contains a lot more caffeine ergo a lot more boost and concentration. Along with that, it offers nitrifying ingredients that can help the body’s function.

So let’s dive into the details, continue reading.

Ingredients in G-Fuel Vs Coffee

Energy drinks are fueled up with main ingredients including sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and caffeine.

Evidently, G-Fuel contains both calories and carbohydrates with higher caffeine content and a sugar replacement. Coffe on its own contains no calories, no carbohydrates, and no sugar as these are added in later on.

Now let’s put them side by side to have an idea of a healthier drink according to your preferences.


Coffee has zero calories

G-Fuel Coffee
25 calories0 calories
Calorie comparison between G-Fuel and coffee

Calories are important in a way to provide you energy, but they can cause weight gain too if taken up the excess and not burned properly.

Now G-Fuel is a gaming drink purposed to give you energy, calories determine the energy you will be getting from a drink or food, if you can burn the calories you take up during gaming, you can easily opt for G-Fuel.

You can gain extra weight if there’s no way of burning calories.

Otherwise, being lazy and still opting for a drink with this many calories can result in prominent weight gain, however, you can also opt for a cup of coffee, which has zero calories in it.

Coffee can help you give a boost mentally and physically and help you build up your endurance. It can provide you with the ultimate concentration and alertness that you may need while gaming.

Now let’s look into the carbohydrates content.


Coffee has zero carbohydrates in it.

G-Fuel Coffee
5 g0 g
Comparison of carbs between G-Fuel and Coffee

Carbohydrates are yet another form of calorie that provides you energy but causes weight gain.

If you’re an adult who loves gaming but you live an exceptionally active lifestyle apart from gaming, G-Fuel can be your best partner. Its calorie and carb content can help you fuel your day to the full extent.

Living an active lifestyle, or being a gym enthusiast can be hard and requires a lot of mental and physical strength, this way G-Fuel can be a tougher and better pick.

However, if you tend to be on a weight-loss journey or on a strict calorie diet, you can easily opt for a cup of coffee, which will not only refresh your mood but makes you more concentrated and alert.

Now let’s dive into the sugar content of both drinks.


Both, G-Fuel and Coffee are sugar-free drinks.

G-Fuel Coffee
0 g0 g
Sugar comparison between both drinks

Sugar has no health value and is only used by the means of adding sweetness to something as food and drink. Now a drink having sugar in it can lead to a sugar crash or spike in blood sugar levels.

Sugar increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

This sugar crash can affect your gaming ability and can make you feel tired and fatigued, the only way to avoid sugar is to consume it within the limits or go sugar-free.

Talking about within the limits, the American Health Association has given a list of limits for specific ingredients, for sugar, it says the men should consume no more than 37g, for women it’s 25g, and for children, it’s 19g.

This limit is kept to avoid potential overdose which may lead to health effects such as:

  • Tooth decay
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Headache

Now the best part is both of the drinks are sugar-free which means you won’t be experiencing any sugar crashes or any of the health effects mentioned above.

Now if we move on what will the drink especially G-Fuel taste like if it won’t be having any sugar, well I have your answer to that, this drink has artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste.

Let’s look into the artificial sweeteners in a bit more detail.

Artificial Sweeteners Used

G-Fuel uses two types of artificial sweeteners in its formulation.

G-Fuel Coffee
Artificial sweeteners used by G-Fuel

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that don’t spike blood sugar levels and they don’t even cause any sugar crashes.

There are two types of artificial sweeteners labeled by the FDA as Nutritive and Non-nutritive.

Sucralose is a high-intensity,zero-calorie, non-nutritive sweetener, which is 600 times sweeter than actual sugar so only a small portion of it is needed.

Acesulfame potassium is 200 times sweeter than table sugar and is also calorie-free just like Sucralose. The good thing is both of these artificial sweeteners have been declared safe to be consumed for humans by the FDA.

Now if you’re someone who can’t adjust to the strong, bland, or nutty flavor of coffee, you can opt for G-Fuel in that case, which has artificial sweeteners to enhance its flavors.

Now let’s look into the most important ingredient found in both drinks.


G-Fuel has way more caffeine in comparison to coffee.

G-FuelBrewed Coffee (8 oz)
150 mg70 mg-140 mg
Caffeine comparison between coffee and G-Fuel

Caffeine is often found in plant sources like tea leaves, cocoa beans, and coffee naturally. But it is also included in energy drinks as they tend to claim increased brain activity.

Caffeine can be addictive.

Caffeine works by blocking off the adenosine receptors, which makes you feel sluggish and tired. However, it is important to stay within the limits and not to overdose on caffeine as it can cause health side effects such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Dehydration
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm
  • Headache
  • Lack of concentration

Now to avoid these side effects the FDA, says a healthy individual can have no more than 400mg of caffeine daily.

If you look at G-Fuel, it has about 150mg of caffeine in a single serving, which is a great amount to give you a boost mentally and physically and the good thing is you can even have two serving of this drink a day and still stay within the advised limits.

In terms of coffee, if we talk about the most common coffee that is made in Us or Europe is the Brewed coffee, it is made by pouring hot water onto the ground coffee beans. This one cup of brewed coffee contains about 70-45mg of caffeine or about 95mg on average.

This amount of coffee in terms is not a bad option to give you a boost and improve your concentration, if you’re not looking for other nutrition sides, you can have a brewed coffee as your best pick.

But in my opinion, morning coffee is perfectly fine to fuel your day.

Nutrition facts G-Fuel Vs Coffee

Now that we have compared the main ingredients between G-Fuel and Coffee let’s look if they serve any nutrition or not.

The nutritional elements that many energy drinks are composed of are vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids.


Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin comparison between G-Fuel and Coffee

Vitamins are essential macronutrients needed for the body to function properly.

G-Fuel is rich in vitamins and contains some of the B vitamins too. The B vitamins play an important role in maintaining the health and functions of the body, they have a direct impact on your cell metabolism and brain function.

Vitamins help cover the deficiency.

While the extra Vitamin as E and C prevent coronary heart function, support the immune system, and help in the growth, development, and repair of body tissues, respectively.

Whereas coffee only contains 2 types of B vitamins in it, so if your diet is not rich in vitamins you can opt for extra nutrition through G-Fuel.

Let’s look into the minerals and electrolytes content.

Minerals and Electrolytes

Minerals and electrolytes in Coffee and G-Fuel

Minerals and electrolytes are necessary to replenish the lost electrolytes due to sitting at the same place and gaming for hours.

Now energy drinks have a great inclusion of these but here G-Fuel has only one element which acts like a mineral and electrolyte both.

Sodium helps keep the water and fluids balanced in the body. It is important to keep the muscles and nerves working. It activates the thirst mechanism which makes you drink more water that keeps you hydrated.

However, coffee takes the lead by being the drink with the inclusion of magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is required for functions such as energy production or glycolysis.

Here are more reasons why you should have magnesium added to your diet:

Check out this video to know more about the deficiency of magnesium.

Whereas Potassium is a type of electrolyte that helps your nerves to function and muscle to contract. Although sodium is beneficial on its own, both these ingredients have important roles on their own that you might want to consider in choosing.

Now let’s look into the amino acid content.

Amino Acids

(The Energy Complex)
L-Citrulline Malate
N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI
Velvet Bean Seed Extract
(The Energy Complex)
Glutamine Acid
Aspartic Acid
(The Focus Complex)
Adenosine-5-Triphosphate Disodium Salt
Toothed Clubmoss
Aerial Parts Extract
Bacopa Leaf Extract
Amino acids comparison between G-Fuel and coffee

Amino acids are important to detoxify the body. Here, G-Fuel has its amino acids divided into two fractions, one is energy complex and the other is focus complex.

Whereas coffee only has an energy complex with 3 amino acids in it.

The energy complex of G-Fuel consists of Taurine, L-Citrulline Malate, Glucuronolactone, Velvet Bean Seed Extract these help to support nerve growth, lower cholesterol do and reduce body fight.

The focus complex tends to provide you with ultimate focus, concentration, and alertness throughout the day.

Comparison of Flavors

Flavors are something that makes people attract, they should be sweet, sour, mint, or bland. It should be something that should refresh your mood and mind at once.

Now in terms of flavors, G-Fuel has a pretty wide range of flavors that you can choose from here are some top flavors that I’m going to mention.

  • G Fuel PewDiePie
  • G Fuel Sour Blue Chug Rug
  • G Fuel Hype Sauce
  • G Fuel FaZeberry
  • G Fuel Tropical Rain
  • G Fuel Blue Ice
  • G Fuel Ragin’ Gummy Fish
  • G Fuel Snow Cone
  • G Fuel Bahama Mama
  • G Fuel Strawberry Banana
  • G Fuel Watermelon
  • G Fuel Rainbow Sherbet
  • G Fuel Strawberry Shortcake
  • G Fuel Battle Juice
  • G Fuel Sonic’s Peach Rings

Flavors of Coffee

However, you can consume coffee in anything, it is widely used around the world mostly in espresso or cappuccino, but ill mention some other ones below just for you to have an idea of how you can consume coffee.

  • White Coffee
  • Cafe Latte
  • Cafe au Lait
  • Cafe Breva
  • Cafe Macchiato
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Black Coffee
  • Brewed coffee
  • Dry Cappuccino

Besides these, coffee is a versatile drink that can be turned customized in a multitude of ways. You can easily use coffee with milk, honey, or brandy to have your own flavor.

Comparison of Price

In terms of pricing, you can have G-Fuel in tubs which can give you around 40 servings for $35.99, this means one serving can cost you around $.89. At this rate, G-Fuel can be cheap with all those nutrition.

In terms of coffee, it can range from $5 to $50, depends wherever you buy it from and the brand.

Check out this article for a deeper discussion on G-Fuel.

Final Thoughts

G-Fuel is itself a great energy drink for gamers, it gives you a good amount of boost that can help you concentrate. It has more nutrients than coffee and if you don’t have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals this is your pick.

However, if you want to go calorie-free, carbohydrates-free, and sugar-free, with a small amount of caffeine you can opt for a coffee. Brewed coffee is the most common way US citizens and Europeans prefer coffee.

It has around 95mg of caffeine per serving which is an adequate amount if you’re looking for something with fewer withdrawal side effects for later.

Having said that keep in mind, that coffee can be added to multiple substances such as milk, honey, brandy and this can change the number of calories and carbohydrates you would be gaining.

With this, if you have a diet rich in minerals and vitamins, then coffee can be your perfect partner to fuel up your day.

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