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Can You Drink GamerSupps GG Energy Every Day? (Details)

If you’ve read my previous articles about GG Energy, you’d know that it’s actually a decent drink packed with nutritious stuff.

But can you drink it every day and be okay? Let’s answer that immediately.

You can safely drink a serving of GamerSupps GG Energy every day. It has a moderate amount of caffeine at 100 mg per serving alongside brain-boosting nootropics. It’s sugar-free and calorie-free. It also serves an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals for your daily dose of micronutrients.

Find out how GG Energy is safe for everyday consumption by going through its components. Read on to learn more.

GG Energy Nutrition Facts

Back of the GG Energy sachet
NutrientsAmount per 1serving
Carbohydrates (Sugars)0 g
Carbohydrates (Organic erythritol)<1 g
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)100 mg
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)100 IU
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI)5 mg
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)200 mcg
Vitamin H (as Biotin 1%)100 mcg
The n.r.GG Nootropics Blend (Proprietary)159,000 mcg
Caffeine100 mg
L-Theaninenot specified
L-Tyrosinenot specified
Choline L-Bitartratenot specified
Phosphatidylserinenot specified
Luteinnot specified
Natural Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus Pluvialis)not specified
Coenzyme Q10not specified
Acai Berry Extract 4:1 (Euterpe oleracea)not specified
Mangosteen Extract (fruit) (garcinia mangostana)not specified
Goji (Lycium Barbarum) Berry Extractnot specified
Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) Root Extractnot specified
Nutrition Facts indicated on the back of GG Energy 160g tub.

Are there any calories in GamerSupps GG Energy?

GG Energy doesn’t contain any calories.

A calorie is a unit used to measure the energy in the food and drinks you consume. And while you need it to function properly, it’s easy to overconsume this nutrient because it’s almost always present in your meals and snacks. Going for zero-calorie food and drinks can help you manage your daily consumption of calories.

As you all know, too many calories contribute to developing obesity and diabetes.

GG Energy being calorie-free is actually great for an everyday beverage, not to mention if you’re trying to keep your current weight.

GG Energy is calorie-free!

Are there any carbs in GamerSupps GG Energy?

GG Energy is a carbohydrate-free energy drink.

Like calories, carbohydrates are also a source of energy, and they share many health risks as well. Carbs are commonly found in food such as bread, pasta, and certain vegetables and fruits. These foods may be regulars in your daily diet which means consuming too many carbs in a day is always most likely to happen.

Resorting to a carb-free energy drink every day can help you manage your total carb intake in a day.

How much sugar does GamerSupps GG Energy have?

GG Energy doesn’t have sugar in its formula.

Instead, GG Energy uses artificial sweeteners. They are Organic Erythritol, Sucralose, and Acesulfame K. These are low-calorie but high-intensity sweeteners so you don’t need them in large amounts to taste as sweet as sugar.

Sugar-free food and drink taste just as sweet as sugar is always good news ain’t it? Medical experts have been warning you about the danger of sugar consumption in your health so better reduce your consumption as early as now.

I’m personally appreciative of how energy drinks evolved from being sugar-loaded to being sugar-free—yet still taste sweet as if it’s got sugar—making drinking energy drinks today less scary.

How much caffeine does GamerSupps GG Energy have?

GamerSupps contains 100 mg of caffeine—a very safe level of caffeine for an energy drink.

Daily consumption of 400 mg of caffeine at most is believed to be a safe amount, as per the FDA.

If this is what the FDA suggests, then you’re too far from caffeine overdosing with GG Energy. GG Energy’s 100 mg of caffeine can already stimulate your central nervous system with reduced risks of experiencing side effects.

So in terms of caffeine content, GG Energy has an ideal amount that is suited to be an everyday energy drink.

If you’re used to caffeine, however, this may be a bit lower in content. With that amount per serving, you can simply up the number of scoops you got to two at the maximum to get the boost you want while still being within the limit.

GamerSupps GG Energy Ingredients

Let’s now go over the rest of the components GG Energy has. These are nitrifying ingredients whose inclusions are what make Gamersupps GG a good beverage option.


Vitamins can be taken daily.

Vitamins are essential components that your body needs for the normal growth, development, and functioning of your cells. GG Energy has a few of them:

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamins B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

By drinking GG Energy every day, you get a daily dose of the enumerated vitamins above with benefits that include a boost in metabolism, support in the immune system, as well as cell growth and development.

Minerals and Electrolytes

GG Energy also has minerals and electrolytes to support a lot of functions in your body.

  • Potassium
  • Zinc

Potassium helps regulate the fluid in your body while Zinc helps maintain your immune system.

These two nutrients are a great addition to your daily nutrient supply.

Amino Acids

Other nutrients that are good to have are amino acids. These organic compounds combine to create protein and GG Energy has two of them.

  • L-Theanine
  • L-Tyrosine

Amino acids like L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine are blended with caffeine to make it work better in terms of cognitive and energy boost.


Antioxidants have a lot of benefits to offer but it is popularly known to fight against free radicals that damage your body cells making you vulnerable to different types chronic diseases. Fortunately, GG Energy has many of them in its formula.

  • Organic Coffee
  • COQ10
  • Acai Berry Extract
  • Goji Berry Extract
  • Ginseng Root Extract
  • Mangosteen Fruit Extract

Most of these are superfoods and natural making them great for daily consumption.

If you’re looking to know more about these ingredients, check out this handy article I’ve got that’s got all the information you may need.

Other Ingredients of Gamersupps GG

Here you’ll find the food additives included in the GG Energy mix. Food additives are responsible for keeping a product fresh, looking, smelling, and tasting nice.

Watch this video to learn about Food Additives and what they’re for:

A video explaining Food Additives’ role in your food and drinks.

Here’s what food additives Gamersupps GG has:

  • Citric Acid
  • Organic Erythritol
  • Malic Acid
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Silica
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame K
  • FD&C Blue #1

These ingredients came in last in the ingredients list which means these are the ones that contribute the least in the formulation of GG Energy. In case you didn’t know, ingredients are listed in order of predominance.

So you can have the peace of mind that you’re not overconsuming these preservatives.

Can you drink GamerSupps GG Energy every day?

Yes, you can drink GamerSupps GG Energy every day. It has a safe amount of caffeine, it’s calorie-free and sugar-free which is good if you’re on a weight loss diet.

It has an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more to maintain your body in its optimal state.

You can definitely make this your everyday energy drink, but remember to keep your consumption in moderation and never drink too much.

Gamersupps GG still contains a considerable amount of caffeine, and having too much can lead to a caffeine overdose. Its caffeine content is customizable but be wary of the daily limit of 400 mg.

I suggest adding half a scoop and see how that works for you, before adding an entire scoop.

How much is too much? Let’s answer that next.

How many servings of GG Energy can you drink per day?

Having one serving of GG Energy per day should be enough to keep you awake and alert. That’s your safest number of consumption.

But, in my opinion, if you have a high tolerance for caffeine—let’s say you’re used to drinking highly caffeinated beverages every day—going for two servings of GG Energy should still be fine. After all, the FDA suggests that your safe limit of daily caffeine consumption is up to 400 mg.

If you want to be extra sure, you can opt for half a scoop and see how that works for you, then work from there.

Is GamerSupps GG Energy bad for you?

No, it’s not. Gamersupps GG is just like any consumptive product. It is well-meaning on its own as long as it’s taken responsibly.

But if you will abuse your consumption, it can be. Remember that GG Energy is a caffeinated beverage, and let me remind you that caffeine is a stimulant and also a psychoactive drug that when abused can result in an overdose.

A few side effects include:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • indigestion
  • muscle spasm
  • nervousness
  • dizziness
  • headache

Other side effects that may require immediate medical attention include:

  • hallucination
  • vomiting
  • seizures
  • increased blood pressure
  • rapid heart rate
  • trouble breathing

In rare cases, a caffeine overdose can occur. Read about the death of an American Teenage boy due to excessive caffeine intake here.

While these sound scary, they can be prevented by consuming GG Energy drinks in moderation. Consider your other sources of caffeine, too, such as coffee and soft drinks.

Is GG Energy healthy?

Gamersupps GG is a check for a good beverage option

Although it advertised itself as a healthy alternative for an everyday drink, Gamersupps GG isn’t created to be a health-focused beverage. This is, again, an energy drink.

What you can rely on is that Gamersupps GG Energy is packed with nutrients that your body needs to function and help you deliver your daily tasks with ease and speed.

It’s also rich in antioxidants—mostly superfoods—that help fight against free radicals, which also equates to strengthening your immune system.

It doesn’t contain calories, carbohydrates, and sugar which is helpful if you want to maintain a healthy weight.

Can one energy drink a day harm you?

No, it can’t! In fact, a drink a day is the recommended intake.

Drinks are often formulated with the daily recommended intake of their ingredients in mind, making sure that anything included is just enough for a day’s bodily function.

This includes caffeine, calories, sugar, and other nitrifying inclusions in the formula. All you have to do is make sure these ingredients are well within the daily limit and you’re good to go.

Most drinks, including Gamersupps GG, contain vitamins, nootropics, and antioxidants that are beneficial to the body when consume so you’ll be just fine having a drink a day.

GamerSupps GG Energy Flavors

GG Energy has a total of 13 flavors to date. I’m hoping they can add more to this in the near future. Here they are:

  • Guacamole Gamer Fart
  • Pineapple Cocktail
  • Waifu Candy
  • Misfits Melon
  • Mango Meta
  • Citrus Lemonade
  • Blue Razz
  • Dragonfruit Punch
  • Acai Blueberry
  • Sour Apple
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Strawberry Burst
  • Lemon Limeade

The best-tasting one in my opinion would be the Pineapple Cocktail flavor. It’s tasty and I can really tell the pineapple in it and its sweetness is tolerable. I like the balance between the sweetness and sourness in this one. There’s no bitter aftertaste, too, so I would highly recommend it.

The least of all, I would say the Citrus Lemonade flavor. I think the sour taste was overkill—tastes really awful even though I normally enjoy sour flavors. This one’s hard to mix as well and took time to dissolve with water. But that’s just me. I’ve seen quite a few positive reviews about this flavor on Reddit, so go ahead see for yourself.


One serving of GamerSupps GG Energy is enough to boost your energy and focus. However, if you have a high tolerance for caffeine, going for two servings in a day should still be alright.

A serving of GG Energy contains 100 mg of caffeine, it has brain-boosting nootropics and is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that work together to help you deliver high performance be it in gaming, workouts, a business presentation, or studying.

If you’re on a weight control diet, a serving of GG Energy can be a great addition to your everyday eating plan because it’s calorie-free, carbohydrate-free, and most of all, sugar-free!

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