Ghost Gamer vs X-Gamer (Which Ones Tougher)

Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer both are drinks for the gaming industry. They claim to be formulated for gamers and are marketed towards gamers.

Being on the top of the gaming industry, both energy drinks have quite amazing ingredients to offer. While being head to head for being the best drinks for gaming, the question arises: which one is tougher of them?

You’ll find that in most of these comparisons, X-Gamer has more, whether in calories, in caffeine, in vitamins, and in flavor.

Let me put the detailed analysis of both energy drinks side by side, this way you’ll know which drink is tougher and worth it.

Nutrition Facts on Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer

Energy drinks are fueled up with sugar, caffeine, calories, and carbs to provide you with the ultimate energy drink effect.

Between the two, X-Gamer has a lot more to offer in quantity and in caffeine. Ghost Gamer tries to match up but sparingly.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of those ingredients.


X-Gamer has way more calories than Ghost Gamer.

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
0 calories31 calories
Calorie content of both drinks

Calories determine the energy you’ll be getting from the food you consume. They can cause certain weight gain if not burned properly after consuming since any excess is stored by the body.

If you’re on a strict calorie diet, Ghost Gamer being a zero caloric can be your best bet. Whereas if you live an active lifestyle besides gaming, X-Gamer is a good option to go for since these calories will also contribute to your daily caloric intake and fuel you in your workout.

Now that we know Ghost Gamer has a plus point of being zero caloric, let’s look into the carbs that both drinks give.


Ghost Gamer being zero caloric takes the lead here too by having fewer carbs than X-Gamer.

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
Carbohydrates comparison of Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer.

Carbohydrates are considered another form of calories, which can provide you energy but cause weight gain. The good thing is you won’t be getting a lot of carbs from both of the drinks. Although it’s questionable why X-Gamer felt the need to add carbs when they already have calories.

You just need enough carbs to fuel your day, as too much of this nutrient can cause CVD and risk of mortality.

In order to make people aware of how many carbs should incorporate into their daily diet, the DGA states that carbohydrates should take up to 45 to 65 percent of your daily diet which means if you’re consuming 2,000 calories per day 900 to 1,300 of them should come from carbohydrates.

With that, X-Gamer’s inclusion isn’t all that big, and Ghost Gamer remains a benefit for having none at all.

Now that we have learned about the carbohydrates content, let’s move forward to sugar content.


Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer both are sugar-free energy drinks.

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
Both of the brands are labeled as sugar-free

Sugar provides just enough boost to fuel you up but it causes sugar crashes when the effect eventually wears off, therefore sugar has no nutritional value and is only used for taste purposes.

Sugar is also closely linked to a lot of health complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Sugar has no health benefit.

Luckily, both of the drinks are sugar-free which means no issue of crashes or spikes in blood sugar levels can happen.

This is a great benefit since overdosing on sugar can lead to potential health side effects such as:

  • Hunger
  • Bloating
  • Jitters
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • High blood sugar
  • Diabetes

To avoid such side effects the AHA has recommended a daily dose for men to be 37g for women to be 25g and for children under age 6 to be 19 grams.

But being sugar-free doesn’t mean a compromise on the delicious taste. These drinks use artificial sweeteners to work up instead of sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners Used

Both of the brands use a single sweetener known as sucralose.

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
Comparison of artificial sweetener used by both brands

Artificial sweeteners are way better than sugar in terms of their advantages, such as they don’t spike blood sugar levels, or cause any crashes and weight gain if consumed within the limits.

Sucralose, also known as Splenda or Stevia that are popular brands that carry the sweetener, is a zero-calorie, high-intensity sweetener that’s 600 times sweeter than table sugar.

Here is a video on how the absorption and metabolism of Sucralose take place:

Video discussing the metabolism of sugar substitutes.

Comparison of Caffeine

X-Gamer is more caffeinated than Ghost Gamer by a large margin.

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
Caffeine comparison of both drinks

Caffeine is the core ingredient of all energy drinks no matter the audience they’re marketed to. It gives a good metabolism boost and is easily accessible since it’s often found in cocoa beans, tea leaves, and coffee.

It works by blocking off the adenosine receptors, which makes us feel energetic and alert.

X-Gamer is comparatively more caffeinated than Ghost Gamer, which can be a plus if you’re caffeine tolerant and need that much of amount to feel its maximum effects.

In addition, X-Gamer’s calories and carbohydrates will add to this boost so you can expect a great amount of energy and concentration.

Caffeine can be addictive.

However, keep in mind that the FDA has recommended a daily dose of no more than 400mg of caffeine for a healthy adult.

This means a single serving of X-Gamer a day can cover half of the daily limit recommended and another serving is highly discouraged.

Therefore, if you have a low caffeine tolerance and want to avoid severe withdrawals side effects, you can opt for Ghost Gamer as it has just enough caffeine to give you the perfect boost you need.

Ingredients Ghost Gamer Vs X-Gamer

Now that we have discussed the main ingredients that make up the energy drink, let’s look into the nutrition that this drink is giving us to be sure which is a tougher choice.

Here, you’ll find that X-Gamer offers a lot more vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids which is a huge downer for any Ghost Gamer enthusiast.


Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
Vitamin B6VitaminB6
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin EVitamin E
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Vitamin Comparison between Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer

Vitamins are some of the specialties included in energy drinks. If you have a diet low in vitamins, these drinks have got you covered.

X-Gamer takes the lead here by being the drink having more vitamins than Ghost Gamer.

X-Gamer has 7 of the B vitamins in it. These vitamins are essential in boosting energy and helping in cognitive functions.

Vitamins are an essential macronutrient.

Whereas, Ghost Gamer has only 3 of the B vitamins making it a downfall for the brand. That is a lot of benefits that Ghost Gamer is failing to offer.

Now that we know about their vitamins, let’s look into the minerals and electrolytes in the brands.

Minerals and electrolytes

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
Minerals and Electrolytes in Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer

Both brands use minerals in their formulations and the common mineral is only Zinc, the only one that Ghost Gamer has decided to add.

While you’ll be gaming for hours sitting at one place, you can become dehydrated. These minerals and electrolytes help in replenishing your fluids and give you the energy to keep you at your best game.

X-Gamer has plenty of minerals and electrolytes compared to Ghost Gamer, and it consists of special minerals too such as Lutein which is also known as eye vitamin which can be beneficial for gaming.

This big lack of nitrifying ingredients puts Ghost Gamer in a questionable state of being a good drink for gaming or not.

Now, let’s look into the amino acids to see if Ghost Gamer can take its pace back.

Amino Acids

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
L-Carnitine tartrate
Amino acids comparison between both brands

Clearly, X-Gamer has more amino acids than Ghost Gamer. Yet again another disappointing category for Ghost Gamer.

These amino acids range in function from protein build-up, to nerve growth, and even an increase in cognitive performance.

Thus far in the comparison, you can see how much Ghost Gamer lacks in its formula. Despite both being geared towards gaming, X-Gamer has made the extra step to take into consideration their audience’s overall health.

Other Ingredients

Ghost Gamer has some other ingredients that X-gamer doesn’t, lets take a look at that:

Ghost GamerX-Gamer
Cognizin Citicoline
Raw Coconut water powder
AstraGin Root Extracts
Natural caffeine
Special ingredients in Ghost Gamer.

Ghost Gamer has some special ingredients which no other drink has.

This section covers benefits such as boosting your overall mood or promoting gut health. However, I personally find this a sad attempt to make up for the great lack in other aspects of their formula.

Arguably, X-Gamer didn’t find the need to add special ingredients since their overall formula is in top shape.

Which energy drink is tougher?

In my opinion, X-Gamer is clearly the tougher drink, with more caffeine, zero sugar, and a lot more vitamins and minerals than Ghost Gamer.

This drink is the better option to give you the maximum boost. It can be your best pick if you don’t eat food that is rich in vitamins. It also supplicates you with a good amount of calories and carbohydrates which an active lifestyle can help regulate.

Check this out for more information on X-Gamer’s formula.

Comparison of Flavors

A small variety of flavors can be a deal-breaker if you’re picky and indecisive. Let’s see which brand helps us decide what options they have.

You’ll find that X-Gamer keeps on giving with their wide selection, and Ghost Gamer remains disappointing with lesser options.

X-Gamer Flavors

In terms of flavors, X-Gamer has 21 different flavors you can choose from. Now that is a big range to select from if you’re extremely picky and can’t make up your mind.

  • X-Tubz Hyperbeast
  • X-Tubz Hyper Berries
  • X-Tubz Nightshade
  • X-Tubz Nukefusion
  • X-Tubz Cape Town
  • X-Tubz Powacrush
  • X-Tubz Steve‚Äôs Apple
  • X-Tubz King Banana
  • X-Tubz Hydrastorm
  • X-Tubz Black Metal Berry
  • X-Tubz Zomberry
  • X-Tubz Post Melon
  • X-Tubz Dr. Beast
  • X-Tubz Horus
  • X-Tubz Bluenitro
  • X-Tubz Fuzzberry
  • X-Tubz Mega Mango
  • X-Tubz Sour Cherry Twist
  • X-Tubz Sun Beam
  • X-Tubz Sakuragi
  • X-Tubz Gummilicious

The only downfall I’d note here is their flavor names which are difficult to anticipate the taste of. Hopefully, their product descriptions can properly detail the taste of these flavors so you’ll know what to expect.

Ghost Gamer Flavors

In comparison, Ghost Gamer has only 7 flavors at the moment.

  • Ghost Gamer Peach.
  • Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry
  • Sour Patch Kids REDBERRY
  • Warheads Sour Watermelon
  • Swedish Fish
  • Sonic Cherry Limeade
  • Sonic Ocean Water

In their limited options, they’re similar to X-Gamer in their indirect flavor naming which can make it even more difficult to choose from.

Comparison of Price

Price can be a huge deciding factor when it comes to buying luxuries. You want to invest your money into something that’s worth it.

In this aspect, X-Gamer is proving to be the cheaper option with more servings.

Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
$49.98 (40 servings)$35.00 (60 Servings)
Price comparison of Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer

There is clearly a huge difference between the prices for X-Gamer and Ghost Gamer.

X-Gamer gives you more servings for a lower cost, which means a single serving comes at about $0.5 only, whereas Ghost Gamer gives a single serving for $1.2. It isn’t that expensive but compared to X-Gamer, it’s definitely a wide margin.

Where can you buy Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer?

Buying in stores is very convenient.
Ghost Gamer X-Gamer
Ghost Gamer official websiteX-Gamer official website
GamersBulk (UK)
A table showing where you can buy Ghost Gamer and X-Gamer

Buying online can sound convenient, as it can only be a click away. But it takes more time for your drinks to arrive and costs you an extra penny for the shipping.

You can easily satisfy your cravings by hoping to the nearest store and getting your favorite drink. Unfortunately, that option isn’t available for either of these drinks so purchasing either will have to accommodate both waiting time and shipping costs.

Luckily, their websites are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Check this out for purchase information on X-Gamer.

Here’s an article for purchase information on Ghost Gamer.

Final Thoughts

This started off with the expectation that it’d be a head-on fight but it’s been apparent that X-Gamer is better in many aspects.

I personally think, if you have a high caffeine tolerance, X-Gamer is the best choice for you. It’s got zero sugar, with the added benefit of its plethora of nutrients. It’s also a lot more affordable with a wider variety of flavors.

The only thing you have to keep in mind are the calories you consume from X-Gamer, don’t forget to burn those, or you’ll gain some weight without you even noticing. It’s also best to consume within the recommended daily limitation to avoid any health complications.

As for Ghost Gamer, if you’re low on caffeine tolerance, and appreciate the zero calories and carbohydrates, it’s not that bad of a drink on its own, although I wouldn’t put it up against X-Gamer again.

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