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Buy G Fuel New Zealand (Every Thing You Need To Know)

Summary: With only 25 calories, 0g of sugar, and 150mg of caffeine, G Fuel New Zealand Powder also contains sodium, the B vitamin complex, and niacin.

The G Fuel formula is made to help you feel more energized and to speed up your recovery after exercise.

You’ve probably heard of G Fuel if you play video games.

This energy drink company is well-known in the gaming community and sponsors at least a dozen YouTube channels.

G Fuel is promoted as a clean, nutritious substitute for energy drinks with lots of added sugar.

Gamma Labs developed G Fuel as a 100 percent clean, healthy, and natural substitute for the sugar-heavy energy beverages now on the market.

They have created a delicious, sugar-free energy beverage that is said to increase energy while also improving focus and hydration.

They have 11 delectable flavors to choose from, each of which is offered in one of three formats: G Fuel in cans, G Fuel in powder tubs, or G Fuel in sachets.

In this review, I’ll be open and honest, and my objective is to inform you about G Fuel.

G Fuel Brand

G Fuel is a natural energy drink produced by Gamma Labs. Their first objective was to provide a pure, healthy replacement for sugar-filled energy beverages.

We were searching for an energy beverage that could live up to the high expectations of even the busiest and most active lifestyles.

It will take between 10 and 15 minutes after ingesting the entire serving of G Fuel for the intended benefits to manifest.

The increase in vigor and concentration might endure for 4-6 hours!

The best part is that G Fuel doesn’t cause a crash when its effects wear off, unlike sugary energy drinks.

If you’re wondering if G Fuel is sold in New Zealand, you can buy it there as well as from other online retailers like Amazon and Ubuy.

Nutritional Facts Of G Fuel New Zealand

Gamma Labs G Fuel New Zealand is a delightful energy beverage made from powder that will assist your active lifestyle without the excessive sugar level found in most energy-boosting formulas.

It is pure, tidy, and natural.

It comprises 19 different fruit extracts, all of which are high in antioxidants, and sugar-free flavors.

Did I also mention that each beverage is fat-free, has only 25 calories per serving, and contains various vitamins and B vitamins?

Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates5g
Vitamin C250mg
Vitamin E15IU
Vitamin B-610mg
Vitamin B-12425mcg
Ingredient quantity in G fuel New Zealand


Per serving, G Fuel provides about 25 calories.

G Fuel’s formula is a great alternative, especially if you’re watching your weight, as each serving only has 25 calories.

Although the calories in G Fuel make up a very little fraction of your daily calorie limit, you shouldn’t gorge yourself on it.

It should be mentioned that consuming more calories than your body needs each day could have negative health effects.

The average adult male consumes 2,500 calories, whereas women consume 2,000 calories.

Excessive calorie intake could lead to:

  1. As the stomach swells, push it up against other organs.
  2. Encourage the secretion of more hormones and enzymes by your organs.
  3. Heartburn might result from hydrochloric acid from your stomach backing up into your esophagus.
  4. Belly swelling


Image of fruits; a source of vitamins.
Fruits are a good source of vitamins

G Fuel has 250 mg of vitamin C, which is more than the 65 to 90 mg daily allowance for adults but far less than the 2,000 mg maximum.

Ascorbic acid, which is a component of vitamin C, aids in tissue growth and protection. Additionally, it is one of the many antioxidants that maintain your body disease-free and healthy.

Eight important elements collectively known as the B vitamins function in several organs and physiological processes. Even though they can cooperate in the body, each one also performs its special tasks.

Let’s have a look at their functions:

Types Of VitaminsFunctions
Vitamin CIncreases system protection, improves mineral absorption, improves brain function, enhances vision, and prevents the development of cancer.
Vitamin B-6The body’s cells can communicate with one another and use metabolic processes to transform the energy found in carbs, lipids, and proteins into a form that can be used by the body.
Vitamin B-12Aids in the metabolism of amino acids, the breakdown of lipids and carbs, the development of the brain, and the immune system.
Vitamin B-3It supports DNA synthesis, brain and neurological function, lipid and protein metabolism, and the production of new red blood cells.
Types Of Vitamins and their functions


G Fuel is sugar-free! G Fuel substitutes artificial sweeteners, which outperform table sugar.

The phrase “sugar-free” must seem pleasant to you.

Even though G Fuel doesn’t include sugar, it still has a sweet and wonderful flavor.

Where does the sweetness come from, though? Artificial sweeteners offer a solution.

G Fuel uses acesulfame potassium and sucralose as artificial sweeteners in their formula.

I can tell you why G Fuel doesn’t utilize sugar and instead opts for artificial sweeteners.

These healthy natural sweeteners are much better than sugar and contain no calories.

G Fuel uses artificial sweeteners that are FDA-approved and one hundred times sweeter than sugar.

Ingredients In G Fuel New Zealand

I won’t mention every component of G Fuel here for the sake of simplicity; instead, have a look at the graphic below, and I’ll go through the more significant components below:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Added Sugar
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Electrolytes
  5. Taurine
  6. L-Carnitine
  7. Glucuronolactone
  8. Citric Acid
  9. Artificial Flavours
  10. Potassium


The antioxidant compound in G Fuel helps to maintain a healthy balance of free radicals and defends your body’s cells.

Antioxidants are also present in the diet, particularly in fruits, vegetables, and other entire foods made from plants.

Several vitamins, including vitamins E and C, work well as antioxidants.

By extending shelf life, antioxidant preservatives are also essential in the manufacture of food.

Antioxidant-rich beverages may provide:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease
  2. Reduce prostate cancer in men
  3. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  4. Improves vision
  5. Improves memory and cognitive function
Informative video about antioxidants


The amino acid taurine is naturally present in the human brain, heart, and skeletal muscles.

Energy drinks with taurine have become increasingly popular over time, which has led to a lot of studies on how they affect exercise.

Despite the conflicting findings, some studies point to the possibility that taurine supplementation could enhance athletic performance.

It is unclear what the long-term effects of consuming taurine-rich energy beverages and the suggested dosage will be.


Image of a glass of water.
Water is the key to hydration

Hydration is aided by the electrolytes, minerals, and potassium and sodium bases in G Fuel.

It contains 70 mg of sodium and 85 mg of potassium, two powerful electrolytes that give your body the proper amount of hydration for fluid balance and aid in blood pressure control.

Potassium reduces the risk of strokes while lowering blood pressure and salt sensitivity.

Sodium supports healthy muscle function and helps to maintain steady blood pressure and fluid levels.


The L-carnitine molecule is created in the human brain, liver, and kidneys.

It enhances the body’s ability to turn fat into energy.

L-carnitine is necessary for the heart, brain, muscles, and many other biological systems to function correctly.

Long-chain fatty acids are the primary energy source during light to moderate activity.

During exercise, L-carnitine has been claimed to protect muscle glycogen and increase fat oxidation.

If this is true, a person’s body weight is anticipated to decrease as a result of the hypothesized conversion of fat into energy.

Thus, the best L-carnitine-containing beverages for weight loss.

Additionally, it encourages fat burning, which enhances the body’s capacity to produce more energy.

Caffeine In G Fuel New Zealand

Image of coffee beans;  a source of Caffeine
Coffee Beans!

Each serving of G Fuel has 150 mg of caffeine, which is more than enough to keep you alert before a busy day.

Some people have bad opinions about caffeine.

They have completely missed the point because they are so terrified of caffeine.

Caffeine is not harmful and is not likely to have long-term negative effects on health. However, caffeine overdose does.

When significant quantities of this poisonous and lethal xanthine alkaloid are taken, caffeine overdose ensues.

I hope you’ll pay attention when I advise sticking to the daily caffeine intake of 400 mg as indicated by studies because you don’t want it to happen.

Some negative effects of caffeine overdose are:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Sweating
  3. Heart Disease
  4. Live Failure
  5. Kidney Stones
  6. Anxiety and Depression
  7. High Blood Pressure
  8. Chronic Headaches

Buy G Fuel New Zealand

Template exhibiting Price of G Fuel New Zealand.
G Fuel can get a bit hefty on the pocket

Yes, when I bought G Fuel for myself in New Zealand, I overpaid for seven drinks. Taxes and delivery costs are both included in the total price.

G Fuel is a wise choice due to the richness of its constituent ingredients.

Although it should only be drunk in one glass due to the strong caffeine content.

Along with a few other online retailers like Amazon, u-buy, and others, you may get G Fuel through the official website.

A 40-serving tub will cost about 56.79 New Zealand Dollars.

Is G Fuel New Zealand Bad For You?

Having G Fuel occasionally should be safe as long as you are pretty healthy and don’t have any pre-existing medical concerns.

G Fuel functions best in moderation and when you have something to concentrate on, just like every other energy drink and caffeinated beverage.

There is a reason why so many individuals consume coffee continuously throughout the day.

Of course, moderation is the key to any positive encounter with an energy drink.

You should be fine as long as you don’t consume excessive amounts of G Fuel frequently.

Check out the video below for a more detailed look at G Fuel and other energy drinks for gamers.

Video about G Fuel along with other energy drinks

Things I Like About G Fuel New Zealand

G Fuel Energy Drink is a powdered energy drink that contains much more ingredients and nutrients per serving than canned G Fuel.

Things I like about G Fuel are:

  1. Rich in vitamins
  2. Zero Sugar – Doesn’t contribute to weight loss
  3. High energizer
  4. Tastes delicious

Alternatives To G Fuel New Zealand


Image of Zipfizz energy powdered drink.
Zipfizz has a moderate dose of caffeine

A reviving, healthy, and delicious energy drink powder is called Zipfizz.

This is due to the product’s lack of sugar, low-calorie count, and moderate 100mg per 11g tube caffeine level.

The main draw of this energy supplement is its abundance of essential minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins, all of which aid to keep you healthy and energized.


Image of Glytch.
Glytch is rich in vitamins

Glytch powdered energy drink is sugar-free and packed with nutrients, including vitamins B6, B12, C, and E.

It has a long list of substances that have been shown to protect the eyes against macular degeneration and dangerous light rays.

The Glytch Energy Drink contains 175 mg of caffeine.

You are only allowed to drink one can of Glytch Energy Drink per day, so keep that in mind.

Two cans of coffee are almost as much as is advised for daily consumption.

Its flavors are all unique, and I enjoy the majority of them.

Some have a fruitier flavor, while others have a sweet-sour flavor profile.


  • G Fuel New Zealand¬†is a terrific energy drink since it has a delectable flavor, exceptional energy-boosting qualities, and a variety of flavors to keep consumers interested. There are some disadvantages, nevertheless, that you shouldn’t dismiss.
  • Even though G Fuel powder has 150 mg of caffeine per 7g of powder, the amount of caffeine in a 12- to 16-ounce cup of water is too high for an energy drink.
  • However, you need to be mindful of when and how much G Fuel you consume each day. You’ll be alright as long as you don’t overdo it.

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