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Summary: Focus and vigor are perfectly balanced in X-Gamer. People can exercise more regularly and perform better because of it. It contains nutrients that will revive your body and increase mental clarity, including Multi-Vitamin Complex and Multi-Vitamin Complex.

Did you realize it? Australia is now receiving X-Gamer shipments.

Like G-fuel, X-Gamer is a dietary supplement with a “concentration and energy formula” that promotes better stamina, energy, and reflexes.

Of course, the critical ingredient in X-main Gamer is caffeine. The most widely used psychoactive substance in the world, caffeine, provides X-Gamer its kick.

Each serving should contain 200 mg of caffeine, roughly the same as two cups of quality filter coffee. It also consists of amino acids that help a variety of purposes.

It has taurine, an amino sulfonic acid that is naturally present in meat and fish and is added to energy drinks for unexplained reasons, just as Red Bull.

It is thought to enhance mental and physical performance, but the existing research isn’t entirely consistent.

Let’s go right into the X-Gamer review and discover if it’s genuinely something you should buy.

X-Gamer Brand

The X-Gamer energy drink is one of the mainstays of the gaming business. Those who take this dietary supplement report feeling more robust and more focused while playing.

I assume its cheerful, carefree character also contributed to its fame. It also contains several substances that improve concentration and productivity.

Knowing that X-Gamer won’t make you feel bad allows you to unwind.

If you are not accustomed to consuming large amounts of caffeine, proceed with caution and keep your daily intake to no more than two doses, or perhaps just one serving, for relaxation.

Nutrition Facts Of X-Gamer Australia

Check out the table below for more details on X-nutritional Gamer’s profile.

NutrientsAmount Per
Serving (10g)
Energy31 calories
Vitamin E3.2mg
Vitamin B60.6mcg
Vitamin B126.8mcg
Pantothenic Acid2.4mg
Nutrition Facts Of X-Gamer Australia


The energy drink X-Gamer has 31 calories per serving.

Energy drinks made with X-Gamer contain fewer calories than those made with conventional sugary energy drinks.

According to the National Health Service, our daily calorie consumption should be between 2000 and 2500. You will consume extra calories depending on your age, gender, lifestyle, and height.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can use an X-Gamer energy drink to complement your low-calorie diet.

If you participate in a rigorous exercise program or multiple daily activities, you may need to eat more calories to maintain your weight and energy levels.


Image of donut; a sugary dessert.
Sugar can give you serious health issues at excessive consumption

The X-Gamer recipe contains no sugar.

You would not need to worry about the awful sugar fall. Males should consume 36g of sugar per day, while females should consume 25g, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

If you consume too much sugar, you could develop several health issues, such as weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cavities, high cholesterol, liver disease, etc.


The two main vitamins included in X Gamer are B6 and B12. Energy drinks frequently contain B vitamins, but X-Gamer stands out since it also has vitamin E.

When taken orally, the B vitamins (B6, B12) all improve metabolism and increase energy.

Vitamin E is a nutrient essential for maintaining your blood, brain, skin, reproductive system, and vision health. Vitamin E also has antioxidant qualities.

Vitamin niacin may help lower cholesterol, ease arthritis symptoms, and enhance cognitive function when taken as a supplement.

Ingredients In X-Gamer Australia

I won’t mention them all here for the sake of simplicity; instead, look at the list below, and I’ll address the more significant elements afterward:

  1. Malic Acid
  2. Ascorbic Acid
  3. Citric Acid
  4. Taurine
  5. Caffeine
  6. Maltodextrin
  7. Flavorings
  8. L-Carnitine
  9. L-Tyrosine
  10. Sucralose
  11. Vitamin E
  12. Vitamin B3, B6, B12
  13. Dextrose Monohydrate


Taurine is a chemical compound related to other amino acids and is necessary for numerous metabolic processes in the body.

It is well known that taurine has antioxidant effects. Long-term taurine supplementation may impact the body, although these consequences are not yet recognized.

Taurine supplements are increasingly routinely taken by athletes trying to improve performance. There are conflicting results regarding how taking taurine improves post-workout recovery and lessens muscle damage.

Informative video about Taurine

Nootropic Formulation

The X-Gamer pill includes nootropic ingredients, including L-Carnitine and L-Tyrosine, which you should be aware of.

L-carnitine has a positive impact on cognitive function and aids in weight loss. L-tyrosine concurrently improves mental clarity and helps keep the mind bright even when no sleep exists.

Caffeine In X-Gamer Australia

Image of coffee powder, a source of caffeine.
Caffeine comes from Coco Beans that are produced in abundance in Brazil

Caffeine is a widely used element in many energy beverages, including X-Gamer. One 10g sachet of X-Gamer has 200mg of caffeine. Over 400 mg daily is the maximum amount of caffeine that should be eaten.

Having said that, unless you are sure you won’t be consuming any other caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee, I advise against taking more than two sachets daily.

It is advised to limit your intake to one cup of caffeine, especially if you don’t drink much of it, to prevent overdosing or developing a tolerance to it.

The following, among others, are negative consequences of a caffeine overdose:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Headaches
  3. Insomnia
  4. Restlessness
  5. Rapid/abnormal heart rhythm
  6. Dehydration
  7. Anxiety
  8. Liver Pain
  9. Kidney Stone

Caffeine tolerance means that as you use caffeine more regularly, its effects become less noticeable.

The product contains caffeine, which kids should not consume, pregnant women, or anybody with underlying medical conditions.

I think it’s essential to summarize it here, even though it’s not listed in a product’s nutrition data. Don’t worry; I’ll check the ingredients carefully, and caffeine will surely be there.

Flavors And Taste Of X-Gamer

At X-Gamers, a wide variety of flavors are offered.

  1. Sun Beam
  2. Bluenitro
  3. Razzberry
  4. Mega Mango
  5. Black Metal Berry
  6. Nuke Fusion
  7. Horus
  8. Hyper Berries
  9. Dr. Beast
  10. Sour Cherry Twist
  11. Cape Town
  12. King of Banana
  13. Powercrush
  14. Hydrastorm
  15. Nightshade
  16. Zomberry

After witnessing all those distinct flavors, you must have felt sick. Not to worry; I’ll cover a couple of them below. Here is a list of the ones I’ve tried and either liked or didn’t like.

Consider the flavors Fuzzberry and Zomberry, for instance. They have a berry-inspired flavour. But the strength of each varies.

You can also choose their banana flavor, which will taste like the candy you used to consume as a child. It makes me happy and nostalgic.

The taste of nightshade is the least appealing to me since it tastes like bitter grapefruit.

Where To Buy X-Gamer Australia?

Price of X Gamer Australia.
Price of X Gamer Australia

The price of a tub of X-Gamer energy drink varies depending on where you get it. Due to the 60 servings per tub, each box is less than one dollar in price. A 600g tub would cost $56.53.

The bulk of available energy drinks is pretty reasonably priced per serving. As a result, the X-Gamer energy drink is quite affordable.

X-Gamer energy drinks are sold on Amazon, XGaming, Fish Pond, and their official website.

To locate the best prices on these websites, you’ll need to conduct some research. Double-checking the shipping cost and delivery window before confirming your transaction is advisable.

Alternatives To X-Gamer

Celcius On-The-Go

Image of Celcius On the Go.
Celcius on the go has high caffeine content

The drink you always go for whenever you need an extra energy boost is Celsius On-The-Go. A stick of Celsius On-the-Go can be dissolved in 12 fl. oz. of water.

With 200 mg of caffeine per serving, it can aid in accelerating digestion and fat burning. Because Celsius On-the-Go only has ten calories per serving, it is used by many athletes and supporters.

The fact that Celsius is vegan-certified is fantastic. Moreover, Celsius On-the-Go is vegan. So, if you’re vegan, you may be sure that the beverage will meet your requirements.

Ghost Gamer

Image of Ghost Gamer.
Ghost Gamer is sugar-free

One such brand is Ghost Gamer, which has 0 calories and 21g of carbohydrates, and 4.2g of sugar.

It is made with nootropics that improve focus and reaction time, making it ideal for games when winning or losing is on the line.

For every two scoops of Ghost Gamer, you get 150mg of caffeine, which can be a lot if you’re caffeine sensitive.

Their target audience typically spends at least an hour or two in front of a screen, so adding Cognizin Citicoline is also a considerable advantage.

It demonstrates their interest in promoting physical wellness and lowering the likelihood of illnesses brought on by gaming.


  • The main ingredient in X-Gamer that gives you an advantage is caffeine. Although there is a good quantity of caffeine, I suggest you only have one daily dose.
  • For a lengthy game session, one serving of X-Gamer is typically sufficient to provide you with a notable improvement in performance and attentiveness.
  • A multivitamin complex and nootropics are also included, which are good for your memory and general brain health.
  • More than one meal can give you headaches and worsen your performance. On the other hand, if you limit yourself to one serving, you can perform at your peak.
  • It is easy to purchase on their website and Amazon. It isn’t that expensive considering its size, which is about 600g; but, if you are price careful, it may look expensive.

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